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June 22, 2023 | UN’s Plan to Rule the World – The Summit for the Future & End of Individualism

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Klaus Schwab is a control freak in how he runs the World Economic Forum. Make a single mistake and you are in trouble. Schwab seeks perfection and he is taking those ideas and seeking to indoctrinate the entire world. He has his young global leaders infiltrating governments around the world as we saw in New Zealand and Trudeau who has been a one-man invasion to utterly destroy Canada once and for all and seeks to terminate its energy production.

But behind all these efforts and slogans that you will own nothing and be happy which has sent Blackrock off into buying private homes with the objective to own everything and fulfill Schwab’s agenda ensuring the average person will own nothing, Schwab’s agenda is far more sinister than most realize. He is perhaps the worst Marxist in history for he is strategically assaulting our way of life knowing that pushing the WOKE equality agenda has a specific goal of dividing society into groups to fight among ourselves while he and his authoritarian lords are scheming against everything that makes worth living and to terminate our independence and even our human rights.

Schwab’s plan is now being fully adopted by the United Nations. They have embraced the system developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is outlined in three new policy briefs from the UN titled, “A Global Digital Compact, Reforms to the International Financial Architecture, and The Future of Outer Space Governance.

The sinister goal is to advance the United Nations as the new world government. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s “vision for the future” is ultimate control and the daring scheme to monitor everyone just as Schwab does inside his WEF. This is Officially titled “Our Common Agenda,” where Guterres’ “vision” is to be given the green light in September 2024 during an event dubbed, “The Summit for the Future.” The UN describes this goal to control the entire world as “an open, free, secure and human-centered digital future.”

From the very beginning, the United Nations has seen itself as eventually becoming the one-world government power. They rejected the idea of freedom and viewed that they needed to control society for “unrestricted individualism is equally erroneous” so we are to be treated worse than a student in high school who must ask permission to go the bathroom.


The United Nations/WEF wants now to not just create a Digital ID for every person on the planet, but eliminating all paper currency means that every person on the planet must also have a bank account.  Schwab and the United Nations now want all Digital IDs linked with the bank or mobile money accounts. They argue that this will improve the delivery of social protection coverage and serve to better reach eligible beneficiaries. At the same time, it will track every individual on the planet. Do we donate to their opposition and have our accounts frozen like Trudeau did to anyone who donated to the Truckers?

They claim that Digital technologies will eliminate crime. How do you pay a prostitute or buy illegal drugs? But how do you pay the 16-year-old girl who just babysat your kids when you and your wife went to a show? So the homeless who are mentally ill will probably be imprisoned if they do not have a bank account – for their own safety of course. In the town I grew up in, we had what you called a bag lady. She pushed her shopping cart around and slept in doorways. When people found out she had a son who was a doctor in the next town, they were outraged. When she died, there was over $200,000 in cash in that shopping cart. Still, she preferred the homeless life.

Both Schwab and now UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres both speak in lock-step about basically regulating the global digital future and they see themselves as those on top who do the regulating of the scum people beneath them. We are no longer human beings, but we are seen as a plague of rodents, and the herd needs to be thinned out.

Of course, Schwab and his WEF along with the United Nations are all UNELECTED organizations seeking to rule the world using phrases such as “international cooperation” and Schwab’s favorite “stakeholders” who will come to surrender all our rights to them all so they can advance principles, objectives, and actions that they see as their globalist agenda to rule the world.

This digital future as envisaged by Schwab and the United Nations is going to be quite the opposite of open, free, or human-centric, however. You cannot have “unrestricted individualism is equally erroneous” and it must be one policy fits all. Is this not what Kiev is trying to impose on the Dondas outlawing their language and freedom of religion? This authoritarian UN “vision” for a future global financial system, is supposed to be harmonized the entire world with Schwab’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The problem is that communism collapsed because all advancement of society comes from the ground up – not from centralized authoritarian control.

This became self-evident in the 1959 famous kitchen debate between Nixon and Khrushchev. The entire advancement of everything came from human innovation and curiosity. Those are qualities that are not possible by the government. Nevertheless, all the lessons that Marxism failed are overlooked because these people seek absolute control over our lives. The world is to be ruled by something they call “the apex body” they intend to establish. Both Rome revolted in 509BC and overthrew such a body as did Athens in 508BC.

After Athens revolted and established Democracy in 508BC overthrowing what the UN and Schwab want to recreate – the Thirty Tyrants. Athens eventually collapsed in 404BC – two 51.6-year ECM cycles later. Nothing lasts forever. The Thirty Tyrants were the dream of Sparta. Athens was conquered by the ancient Communist State – Sparta, which never issued coins keeping with their rejection of private property just as Schwab is proposing and Blackrock is carrying out – you will own nothing and be happy.

Sparta rejected individualism just as the UN and Schwab’s WEF and they never issued coinage using these spit iron rods. This is the same agenda that Schwab and his WEF, the United Nations, and all Schwab’s young global leaders are pushing for – the elimination of all paper money and moving to digital where they can control every aspect of our entire lives.

The key actors here would be the UN chief, as well as the Group of 20 (Tyrants), the Economic and Social Council, and “heads of international financial institutions” which will establish complete and ultimate control over everything. This is the bottom line “vision” of the United Nations and their “Global Digital Compact.”

What they are conspiring behind our backs and mainstream media will NOT explain, is their sinister and evil objective to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered by them and subordinated to this unelected group of self-anointed bureaucrats.

Where is Joe McCarthy when we really need him? Schwab and the United States are actively seeking to subordinate the United States and are actually planning this future scheme and do not give a second thought to any negative impact, for they care nothing about individual rights, only their desire to control civil society on a global scale.


These ideas that always support their authoritarian world rest on the fallacy that a one-world government will end the war. That is nonsense. Just look at Rome and you will see many civil wars and revolutions within a one-world government. Here is the form President of France stating openly that the entire idea of creating the European Union was to create a one-European government to end future wars.

As I have explained, Schwab is strategic. He is forming key alliances always to further his personal view of a new world order under the theories of Karl Marx.  Schwab’s WEF has just partnered with a leading biometrics company to advance its own agenda to digitize humanity. Swedish biometrics company Fingerprint Cards has taken a big step into the WEF’s New Champions Community, an assembly of mid-sized enterprises.


Schwab wants to track absolutely every person on the planet and this is behind his promotion of biometric forms of digital ID and claims the technology would serve as a new great steward of humanity to eliminate inequality. We are to allow someone so sinister to be able to hack our minds to create “social inclusion?” Schwab’s Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, who when the history books are written on this endeavor, will perhaps go down alongside Hitler’s Dr. Josef Mengele (1911-1979) where Hitler sought to also create the perfect race.

This Dr. Yuval Noah Harari admits that the tyrants of history lacked the technology to hack humans but it now exists. Charles Burgeat, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Fingerprint Cards, actually said:

“As a proud member of the WEF New Champions Community program, we want to be recognized as a purpose-driven company that contributes positively to the changes needed to operate in the new digitalized world. By joining this Community, we look forward to brainstorming and exchanging ideas with peers, and bring our expertise of the biometrics industry.”

Fingerprint Cards have been losing money and it hopes by adopting the WEF agenda to hack individuals, it will become profitable. The idea is you cannot use a phone or access any bank account without your fingerprint.

Schwab does not believe in Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. He does not understand why Marxism collapsed because it rejected not just religion, but also humanity. The individual was to be eradicated and children were taught that the biological parents were not real – the state was their true parent.

Individualism is evil. We are to be zombies that are nothing more than biological robots. Even the movie ‘The Matrix’ created a fictional world in which people still made choices. Schwab does not believe that we can be trusted to make our own decisions. To those who have been conditioned to just hate Donald Trump, look at this next clip from the London Financial Times. This explains that it was in 2016 when Trump was elected that they all came to the conclusion that we could no longer be trusted to vote. Democracy suddenly became Populism and it had to be eradicated. You now see this agenda of Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations and what they are really seeking to eliminate – your independence.

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June 22nd, 2023

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