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April 5, 2023 | Criticizing Government Leaders is now a Crime #MacronOrdure

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Free speech no longer exists. People are now scared to speak out against their government as if they were in the old USSR. Emmanuel Macron is an absolute tyrant and the French people have had enough. The protests in France over pension reforms receive little news coverage by design. The elite do not want the people to see how tyrannical governments across the world have become.

A French woman is facing criminal charges for simply speaking out against Macron on her personal Facebook page. “L’ordure va parler demain à 13 heures, pour les gens qui ne sont rien, c’est tjrs (sic) à la télé que l’on trouve les ordures,” the post read (translation: “This piece of filth is going to address you at 1:00 pm… it’s always on television that we see this filth”). French police went directly to the woman’s home to arrest her. “I asked them if it was a joke, I had never been arrested,” she said. “I am not public enemy number one.”

She has been charged with “insulting the president of the republic” and will face trial in June. She could be forced to pay up to 12,000 euros for saying the president was “filth” (other English translations say “garbage”) She did not incite violence or do anything other than post her views on social media. Clearly, the government wants to make an example out of this woman. Will the people of France be forced to frame pictures of Macron in their homes as they do with Kim Jung-Un in North Korea?

This innocent woman is claiming now that autocorrect changed “l’or dur” (“hard gold”) into an insult and is pleading for forgiveness. “I did make this post but I wanted to make a pun and write “hard gold,” the proof-check changed it and I didn’t proofread it before sending. Besides, I don’t even mention him.” French Politician François Ruffin denounced the trial by stating, “Soon the return of the crime against the crown?” In fact, insulting the crown was a criminal offense in France until 2013.

The French people are doubling down on their protests, and #MacronOrdure has gone viral on Twitter. We have seen countless world leaders across “free” nations do everything in their power to silence opposition. We are not free when our politicians can control our speech

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April 5th, 2023

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