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December 12, 2022 | The Hypocrisy Behind the Vaccines

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

COMMENT: Am I just outright stupid, or is something seriously wrong with the majority of people? Bill Gates had his summit on overpopulation and how this is a serious crisis. Yet then he claims he can reduce disease and save the population with vaccines. Gates especially seems to want to save humanity which he on the other hand says is the problem. Something is just not right.



REPLY: Look, the real problem is the media. We no longer have media organizations willing to actually report the truth on any of these political issues or ever do any serious investigation. Gates held a secret gathering to sell his agenda to reduce the world’s population. The Guardian reported that they are known as the “Good Club” which seems to be the same marketing ploy used for ensuring your death which they call life insurance. Fire, theft, and accident insurance are called by their proper name.

They could never sell “Death insurance” so they inverted the name by calling it life insurance and then everyone was willing to buy it. They have done the same thing with ABORTION. They flipped it from the extermination of a child arguing it has no human right until it is born, and they championed it as a Woman’s Right to decide her own body. Justice Ginsberg made it clear that it was NEVER about woman’s rights, it was all about reducing the population of minorities that Gates’ father championed Planned Parenthood and stuck his clinics in minority areas.

Here, they market themselves as the “Good Club” which can only mean one thing – this is the evil meeting that is more akin to a war room. The Guardian wrote:

The names of some of the members are familiar figures: Bill Gates, George
Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner. But
there are others, too, like business giants Eli and Edythe Broad, who are
equally wealthy but less well known. All told, its members are worth $125bn.
The meeting – called by Gates, Buffett and Rockefeller – was held in
response to the global economic downturn and the numerous health and
environmental crises that are plaguing the globe. It was, in some ways, a
summit to save the world.

It was at this meeting that Gates sought to get others to join him and his real goal of reducing the population using the 2007-2009 financial crisis as an excuse to get together despite the fact it was caused by overleveraged mortgages. Instead, Gates cleverly steered the meeting to his real objective global health issues such he blended with overpopulation and disease.

I find it unimaginable how you can be so obsessed with overpopulation and then want to create vaccines to increase the population. Worst still, not a single mainstream media has the guts to ever be a real media organization anymore.

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December 12th, 2022

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