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October 19, 2023 | Home Price Bear Market

Is the Canadian Government hurting the Canadian Dollar?

August 19, 2022 | The Solution to Inept Central Banks

Is Uganda sitting on the world’s biggest gold deposit?

October 5, 2021 | Toronto Housing Market Cools for 3 Consecutive Months

Investors Gobbling Up Ontario Homes is a Turkey Analysis

October 5, 2021 | Spillover from Evergrande Crisis, Home Prices, Mortgages

Junk Bonds, Tesla Sales, William Shatner Into Space

September 28, 2021 | Canadian Home Purchase Price Falls for 4th Month

CMHC failed to warn of pending House Price Tsunami

July 13, 2021 | Have BC Home Prices Really Jumped 22%?

Would lowering land transfer taxes boost the economy?

June 22, 2021 | Benchmark Price and Municipal Taxes

Homelessness a result of False Housing Analysis

June 8, 2021 | Do Slumping Sales Cause Rising Prices?

Government Grants and Loans to Home Owners

May 25, 2021 | Home Trading Cycles and Your Wealth

Causes of OSFI June 1st Changes

May 14, 2021 | Banks Raising Mortgage Rates and Vancouver’s Hot Home Market

Canadian Economy, Stress Test, Urban to Suburban

April 20, 2021 | A NO Budget Housing Budget

Protecting Yourself when Buying a Home

April 6, 2021 | Posted “Average” Home Prices Misleading

Should Realtors get $50,000 for a few hours work?

March 23, 2021 | Canadian Home Buying 1988-2007-2021?

Life Choices and Mortgage Rates

March 16, 2021 | Just 2 BC Cities Drastically Boosted Canadian Average Home Price

Ownership vs renting –  which boosts your financial outlook the most?

February 16, 2021 | Canada’s Median Home Price Remains Unchanged in 365 days!

Canada Breaks House Price Inflation Record in January

January 12, 2021 | 2021 Canada House Price Forecast Review

19% Mortgages have Arrived!

December 29, 2020 | Canadian Housing’s Year End Round Up

Great Opportunity in the Future Real Estate Market

December 1, 2020 | Why CHMC Pandemic Forecast Was Wrong

Government using flawed data for housing policies

November 24, 2020 | Does 2nd Lock Down Spell Housing Market Doom?

Mortgage to Equity Ratio Matters

November 3, 2020 | Don’t Buy Just Because of Low Mortgage Rates

Just one upper end home sale can skew entire market

October 6, 2020 | 50% Drop in Average Wealth?

1990 GTA Housing Crash Revisited!

September 29, 2020 | Real Estate Brokers Stoking Housing Bubble?

Can Bank of Canada Save Canada?

September 15, 2020 | $1.3 Trillion in Home Equity Wealth Gain?

Evan Siddall falls for the House Price Forecast Trap!

September 8, 2020 | The Truth about Canada’s Mortgage Deferrals

Questioning Average Price?

August 18, 2020 | First Time Home Buyers Matter!

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