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Eric Hadik began studying & trading the futures markets in the early-80’s - eventually providing his analysis & trading strategies to multi-national oil companies & top-20 banks. In the 90’s, while continuing to trade, Eric consulted dozens of gold & silver miners & manufacturers - before founding INSIIDE Track Trading and providing similar analysis to institutional & individual traders. His work has been featured in IBD, WSJ, Barrons, on CNBC and most recently at Forbes. His trading approach begins with extensive cycle & wave analysis, then honed by specific technical indicators & trading signals (which are reserved for his subscribers). Radio - Stealth Market Correction Radio - Market volatility ahead?

March 21st, 2019 | Gold, Oil, Cryptos Radio - US Dollar Under Pressure? Radio - Is Netflix a market barometer?

November 15th, 2018 | Gold, Oil, Stock Market Cycles Radio - War Cycles – 40 Years and 80 Years

Insiide Track - The intra-month trend pattern was expected to be a determining factor in October – projected to help trigger a sharp decline from Oct. 3 into Oct. 17 in equity markets. To understand that, it is important to first grasp the intra-month trend indicator and what it signifies.

Insiide Track - Though not a major currency, the Ruble is also showing signs of bottoming – at least on a 1 – 2 month basis (Crude related?).

August 23rd, 2018 | Canadian Dollar Convergence

Insiide Track - Similar to the US, Canada has been experiencing economic growth and developing inflation in recent years – prompting repeated interest rate hikes and expectations for at least one more in 2018.

Insiide Track - Volatility is increasing as the US enters new trade battles by the week. The latest, with Turkey, is reinforcing the favorite target of reciprocal trade wars – American tech products. Those battles have also had the secondary effect of driving the Dollar to new 2018 highs. And that has driven another market complex – Gold […] Radio - Copper, Oil, and Housing

Insiide Track - As discussed in the preceding two Bridges (Yuan Rising in the East – I & II), the Chinese currency – the renminbi or yuan – plays a critical role in international trade, particularly with/against the US Dollar. And, according to many sources, it has been manipulated for over a decade to obtain a serious advantage.

Insiide Track - A well-known trading adage advises ‘Buy the Rumor, Sell the News’ – summarizing the principle that markets are driven by expectations (as opposed to realizations). When an expectation takes hold, traders pile in to a specific market in anticipation of the bullish – or bearish – impact it will have.

Insiide Track - GOLD & SILVER accomplished a myriad of significant things on June 14 & 15… some of which should have far-reaching implications.

Insiide Track - As equity markets draw nearer to their late-June (5-month) cycle high, the potential for a peak and reversal lower grows exponentially greater.

Insiide Track - Many other examples have occurred on diverse levels (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) – reinforcing this merging of parallels & paradox.

Insiide Track - The DJIA is in a far less bullish set-up but could see a quick rally into next week. That is the week when the weekly 21 High MARC is most likely to catch up with – and potentially overtake – current price action. At that point, it would become more of a negative factor.

Insiide Track - This sell-off is occurring as Silver nears the mid-point of a decisive cycle that helped pinpoint the late-Jan. 2018 peak. That cycle – a 9.25 – 9.5 month or 40 – 41 week cycle – was cited multiple times in Dec. & Jan. and projected focus to Nov. 2018, when a subsequent high is expected. […]

April 26th, 2018 | Gold: Bullish vs. Bearish Radio - Oil Market

April 14th, 2018 | Date of Aggression

Insiide Track - In the late-1990’s INSIIDE Track began a discussion on an uncanny cycle that has impacted America since her founding and has timed momentous, empire-shaping events dating back for millennia. Among other things, this date has timed: First shot of Revolutionary War First shot of Civil War Start of Spanish/American War Failure of Bay of Pigs Invasion. That date […]

April 5th, 2018 | The Rally

Insiide Track - Equities began the week by diving right toward weekly 21 Low MARC support, briefly spiking below weekly support while bottoming just above monthly support. The S+P also attacked & held its daily extreme downside target (HLS) on April 2 – portending a reversal higher in the ensuing days.

Insiide Track - STOCK INDICES remain weak and at risk of another wave of selling. They fulfilled a pair of daily Cycle Progressions and a pair of daily sell signals by dropping into March 26 and then rebounding.

Insiide Track - And now it appears that equity markets are slowly getting ‘spooked’ by these fears and the continuing validation of them.

Insiide Track - On a yearly basis, the 2000 peak came 18 years (two 9-year cycles) from the 1982 low. The biggest surge began in Jan. 1991 (initiation of Persian Gulf War I air assault) and lasted for 9 years… similar to the current move since March 2009. That 1982 low came 9 years from the early-1973 peak […] Radio - Energy markets and weather converge in “perfect storm”

February 16th, 2018 | Dollar Setup & Yen Breakout

Insiide Track - At the end of June 2017, as the Dollar Index was turning its monthly trend down, it also turned its monthly 21 MAC down while closing below the low of that channel. That triggered the accelerated drop into early-Sept. 2017. All that, however, was just the first leg down – when normally correlated markets ignore […]
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