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June 22, 2024 | Consumed by Hatred

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Consumed by Hatred

QUESTION: How can such hatred be passed down the generations for so long? I have never experienced a family grudge against another, so it is hard for me to understand. Besides, neither side is completely innocent for them to claim such an injustice. Far from it.

I have 2 high school friends that I graduated with that are State Reps in local districts and neither of them would be able to answer the question of why is no one interested in peace. Let alone investigate any of the Neocons. Nonetheless, I do put questions and challenges out in the local political scene, like when the Covid mandates came out. But no one could give me a good answer. They just think my questions and protests are annoying.


ANSWER: That region retains hatred for generations. I believe it stems from the Eastern Rule of Law. In ancient Athens, if I killed someone in your family, you had the right of vengeance, and if you could not kill me, killing anyone else in my family, even the score. We saw a bit of that with the Hatfield vs. McCoys.

I was called by the old Yugoslavic government. They were talking about how their ethnic enemies had killed 600 of them and thrown them in a common grave. I thought I missed something in the news. When I asked when it was, they replied about 700 years ago.

As I have said, we had employees in Ukraine on both sides – Donestk and Kiev. When we had a conference in Greece, the one from Kiev would not take the shortest return flight because it connected in Moscow. You could NEVER bring a bottle of Russian Vodka to dinner in Kiev. That would be a huge insult. They insist that Kiev should now be spelled Kyiv because of their hatred of Russians.

bandera_torch parade

That is why the CIA protected Ukrainian Nazis who engaged in ethnic cleansing of Polish, Hungarians, Jews, and Russians.  The Ukrainians were so evil they even horrified Germans. They  cut babies out of a pregnant woman, put in a live cat, and stitched her up. All of these things are documented. Poland has come out and confirmed that Ukraine REFUSES to apologize for its “dark past” and the world is willing to go to nuclear war all for these people? When will the world wake up that the American Neocons are engaging in the same ethnic cleansing, for they claim roots in Ukraine and are persecuted by Russians? Naturally, some have not been indoctrinated, but you can have an intelligent conversation. But many were brainwashed with hatred just a Stalin taught kids that the State was your real parent and if your biological “caretakers” ever spoke against the State, they were to report them.

Even Zelensky, before becoming president, hid his Jewish background and joked about confiscating assets from Jews and Russians. This was the humor in Ukraine.
The hatred in that area runs very deep, and it has been taught for generations all because the borders have changed constantly. Talk to a 20-something Ukrainian, and they will tell you what the Russians did to them. It was a Bosnian Serb who, on June 28th, 1914, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife that instigated World War I all because of this ethnic hatred that is passed from generation to generation as the borders have constantly changed.

1683 Siege of Vienna MedalPanics 168301907

World War I was rooted in deep hatred. The Ottoman Empire was declining, contributing to the political destabilization of the region. For, if you recall, the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the siege of Viena in 1683 divided the region. That was the first financial panic I discovered on that list, leading me to the Economic Confidence Model.

Austria-Hungary held Serbia responsible and instantly declared war on July 28th against all Serbs. Russia then mobilized and came to Serbia’s defense. By August 4th, Germany, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom were all drawn into the war by alliances just like NATO today. The Ottomans joined the fight in November 1914.

NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

NATO should have been defunded and shut down in 1991. Its sole purpose was to defend Europe against Russian communism. When communism collapsed, so did the idea of expanding to defeat capitalism, as a good Marxist would advocate.

Economist Russia takes Europe

NATO has been fearful that the climate change agenda would strip money from it, and as I have said, internal documents have shown that it has sought to remain relative with a threat from Russia to invade Europe. Russia has no interest in conquering Europe. That was the days of Communism. Yet NATO has promoted war to keep its funding. Here are the Declassified Documents from the Clinton Administration. When communism fell in 1991, there were proposals that Russia join NATO. That is why there was a coup against Gorbachev by Russia’s Neocons, who saw it as surrendering to the West.

NATO Invites Russia 1991

NOBODY in the media is interested in peace. All they do is promote war. This is NOT going to end well, and the West will find that the center of the world economy will be lost, and this time, it will migrate to China. This is NOT my personal opinion. This is the forecast by the ONLY real AI computer with virtually a 50-year track record in geopolitics that has called all the elections and conflicts. The war would begin in 2014, and this war would start in Ukraine. I am 74. I get to leave this planet. So, I have nothing to gain or lose. My only regret is what I leave behind for my grandchildren because these evil people are consumed by their own hate and self-interest.

NATO will create World War III just like the alliances created in World War I. Nobody in the leadership role of any country dares even to question what is taking place. I guess we deserve what we get. It is just our time. No matter what I write or say, I cannot change our date with destiny.

Goring Herman on War

War is created by the Elite – never the people.

Hopefully, in 2032, we will learn from these mistakes and change things for the better.

We will not change society until we witness how these Neocons destroy it.


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June 22nd, 2024

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