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January 16, 2024 | World Economic Forum is Greatest Threat to Humanity

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Schwab WEF Control Everything

Klaus Schwab is a notorious control freak. He is applying that trait to the entire world. His World Economic Forum has issued its 2024 “Global Risks Report,” where he has now declared that the NUMBER ONE threat to humanity is no longer war and Russia’s invasion of a pretend sovereign state, terrorism, or even disease after pushing that the entire world had to be vaccinated in the last fake pandemic.

Schwab UN

Schwab has even now reduced his prior NUMBER ONE threat to humanity and climate change to NUMBER TWO to promote his one-world government with the head of the United Nations in charge, eliminating democracy and any right of the people to vote.

WEF_The_Global_Risks_Report_2024 Chart

WEF_The_Global_Risks_Report_2024No, now the NUMBER ONE threat to humanity is any disagreement with this WEF agenda, which he has now classified as “misinformation and disinformation.” It is this misinformation and disinformation that is polarizing society. As they write in their report:

“Emerging as the most severe global risk anticipated
over the next two years, foreign and domestic
actors alike will leverage Misinformation and
disinformation to further widen societal and
political divides.”

Naturally, that means the only hope for humanity is now CENSORSHIP and the end of free speech. The report shows just how, step by step, we are losing all of our freedoms. As the WEF report states:

“Persistent false information (deliberate or otherwise) widely spread through media networks, shifting public opinion in a significant way towards distrust in facts and authority. Includes, but is not limited to: false, imposter, manipulated and fabricated content.”

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Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Bureau has been attempting to expand its personal information on every person and their property through its mandatory American Community Survey (ACS). They also sought to expand the questions to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and the mental health of individuals in each household, in addition to any disabilities whatsoever. Many see this as another assault on our personal freedom and privacy that these additional questions amount to intimidation tactics to force people to respond by compelling speech in violation of the First Amendment and violates the right to privacy from government intrusion under the Fourth Amendment.

CBDC Cover

Add to this the elimination of paper money and forcing upon society these Central Bank Digital Currencies denied any right to vote if the people want this or not. Governments will implement total control, and this is all because, in 1913, they passed the 13th Amendment that allowed direct taxation, which the Founding Fathers prohibited. This has now evolved to their desperate quest to know everything about everyone, and if we found a $10 bill in the parking lot and did not notify them, here is your 50%.

A former board member of the WEF, then the head of the IMF, and now the head of the European Central Bank, admits there will be controls on CBDCs. I reported back in 2021 that the Bank of England proposed that digital currency should be programmable. A mother should be able to block her child from spending money on candy. If mom can do that, then Big Brother can do it on a grand scale.

Marx Revolution

Nixon Kitchen Debate 1959 1959Anyone who has read Marx can feel the hatred between the lines of anyone who had more than he did. He never understands humanity, and once you remove the human quality of curiosity, all advancement ceases to exist. This is what brought down communism. It was perhaps best illustrated by Nixon’s famous Kitchen Debate with Khruschev, showing how American living standards advance only because of private innovation.

I was one of the top three market makers in gold going into 1980. The IRS walked into my operations and arbitrarily declared me to be a bank. They said because the constitution had said that gold was money, I was a bank, and the fine would be $50,000 per transaction of $10,000 or more. I asked if they just wanted the keys to my business. They said no; they realized I did not know I was a bank. They came in and began auditing every transaction. I saw them pulling out names of even $3,000. When I asked, I thought this was $10,000 and up; they said if I did not want any trouble, “keep your mouth shut!” The next day, they came in with trucks and took all my records. I sent in money for my taxes in 1980, guessing what I probably made because I had no records. When I said I could not file my income tax, I was told they were auditing over 3,000 of my clients, and that took precedence. When I finally got my records back, they fined me $500,000 as a late filing fee. When I objected, they said I never asked if my account could come to their office.

I retired from the business. I did not want to be harassed every year, and the risks were far too high once they declared me to be a bank totally arbitrarily. That would NEVER have occurred under the Constitution, which prohibited direct taxation. They keep expanding their demand and power. I received a refund check from the IRS for about $100,000 one year. I deposited it. A year later, they charged me interest and penalties because I should have known it was their mistake. They are NEVER accountable for their mistakes. If you call the IRS and they tell you whatever and you follow it, if it was a mistake, that is still your fault, and you will be charged interest and penalties.

Einstein Curiosity

The income tax will destroy Western Society just as direct control killed Communism. This is what 2032 is all about. A friend who grew up in East Germany thought his father was going mad after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. His father got his Stasi File and learned everyone he thought was his friend was rating him to the government. He came home and started punching holes in the wall and pulling out hidden microphones. Until he died from there on, he refused to speak to anyone other than his immediate family.

End of the World

There is a light at the end of the tunnel that inspires hope. Yes, the next eight years will be chaotic – sorry about that. But ALL GOVERNMENTS FALL often by their own corruption – suicide. The more draconian they become in this desperate question to retain power, the higher the probability this will all come crashing down.

Germany Farmer Protest at the Brandenburg Gate


What is taking place in Europe is the direct result of Marxism since it also embraces total control of society in every aspect with regulations. When these morons imposed sanctions against Russia, they never realized that they would be not just cutting off their own economic growth. Still, they would permanently divide the world economy between US vs THEM.

Germany Scholz extremists farmers

Not only did the sanction backfire on especially Germany, but then they embraced Ukraine, the most corrupt government on the face of the Earth, and then stood by while the Neocons instructed the Ukraiunians to blow up Nord Strem. Oh, how they were going to bring Russia to its knees. The problem was it brought Germany and Europe to their knees. The German government headed into recession and lost almost 20 billion in euro revenues, and then they listened to the WEF and pushed at full speed into Climate Change. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the farmers extremists, unleashing wider discontent. Again, because of the sanction on Russia, the government was moving to end the fuel subsidies for farmers all because Germany has supported Ukraine.

Those in government are career politicians, so they will always see the world through their own self-interest. As long as there are career politicians, we will never have a government of the people by the people. The farmers have no right to protest as far as those in power see it behind closed doors. They should just shut up and obey whatever they command.


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These absolute morons have turned against agriculture, and the farmers have brought Germany to a standstill as in the Netherlands. This will only become a major issue as the stupidity of those in power is hurling Western Society to the brink of its own doom, just as Communism fell because of its own inability to function rationally or efficiently.

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January 16th, 2024

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