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August 2, 2023 | Hard Currencies – Fiat v Legal Tender

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.
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A man attempted to purchase strawberries with cash at an Aldi grocery store in the UK, possibly leading to his arrest. They want us to adjust to the cashless society that will implement globally by the World Economic Forum under its Digital Currency Governance Consortium. Some call cash “hard currency” to further differentiate it from the coming digital world of finance. Piers Corbyn, who happens to be the brother of British Labour Party leader Piers Corbyn, has gone viral for what many are calling an act of rebellion against the globalists.

The Aldi in Greenwich only accepts payments through the Aldi App. Aldi implemented this measure during COVID and never repealed it. Stores are commonly banning all cash transactions, and it is legal for them to deny cash. These stores may not realize that the WEF will soon implement one “globally coordinated approach to [digital currency] regulation” and their individual apps will be obsolete.

As for Corbyn, he placed his cash on the counter and left the store with his strawberries. People cheered as he left the store. Aldi employees called the authorities. “I’m offering exactly the right amount of money here,” he announced, “I’ve paid my legal tender.”

“Legal tender” is merely any form of payment accepted by law. So while the “hard currency” produced by the Royal Mint may be considered legal tender to some, the grey area here is that sellers do not need to accept it as a form of payment. So what was once a commonly accepted legal tender is now fiat, containing no intrinsic value without the backing of CONFIDENCE.

When the gold coin was money during the 19th century, it rose and fell in purchasing power no different than any paper currency. You cannot walk into a grocery today and pay in gold. People only accepted paper money because they knew others would accept it as a form of payment. Fiat is simply an arbitrary decree.

Governments are telling the people loud and clear that cash will be phased out. They are making us accustomed to the idea, gaslighting us into thinking digital is more convenient. The truth of the matter is that the day will come when they ask us all to turn in our “hard currencies” in exchange for CBDC. I applaud this man for his act of bravery and hope he was not arrested over a pint of strawberries.

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August 2nd, 2023

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