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July 25, 2023 | Ukraine is a Disaster, Putin is the Moderate, & Truth is the Victim

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, At first, I questioned why you were more pro-Putin than the media. But given your reliable forecasting and being renowned for your sources, I kept an open mind. Whilst it is becoming clear that Putin has been going after the people who wanted to nuke and totally invade Ukraine, the media seems to overlook that agenda of invading all of Ukraine. Yevgeny Prigozhin disagreed with Putin on only protecting the Donbas. Igor Girkin, who advocated the invasion of Ukraine, was also arrested. The press even tried to pretend that China’s Xi warned Putin not to use nuclear arms in Ukraine when he was against it. Putin did tell the leader of Chentna that a nuclear on Kyiv was off the table. I can see what you have been pointing out. Putin has been the moderate.

Now the British press is admitting that Ukraine is a disaster. The WSJ also just came out and said the United States knew Ukraine was not up to this offensive. I must say, you and your sources are better than anyone out there. Your comments that you had dinner at Trump’s place when he was president and wanted to exit Afghanistan because he was anti-war were very interesting. You actually have the contacts, not conspiracy theories.

I just wanted to say that now I value your comments more than anyone else.

Keep up the good fight. I hope Scotty does not beam you up just yet.


REPLY: Thank you. My sources are renowned because they all share the same passion for truth. We all work together, sharing information that is off the grid so-to-speak. We all understand how we are being manipulated by the media, which I am so disappointed in for not being independent. The mainstream media was supposed to protect our liberty – not sell it to the highest bidder. News to them has become opinion – not fact.


I feel sorry for all of those who have been brainwashed to hate Trump, for they have been manipulated into being supporters of World War III. When Iran shot down an unarmed and unmanned American drone, Bolton was pushing for the US to attack Iran. As I have said, he would bomb Canada for one Russian. He is a hateful Neocon. Trump said no. It was not manned, and it was unarmed.

John Bolton would have started another war over a drone. The Neocons have launched all of these actions against Trump BECAUSE they know if he ever got back into the White House, they would be fired or perhaps even put on trial. As I have said, if they did this outside of Washington, they would be charged criminally for hate crimes.

I have met many heads of state. I am the longest person ever held in civil contempt for refusing to turn over the source code to Socrates. I have stared these people in the eyes face to face. What I write is not a conspiracy or just an opinion – it is a fact. I was asked to covertly invest $10 billion to take over Russia back 1n 1999. They blackmailed Yeltsin in their attempt to rig the 2000 Russian election. That is why Yeltsin turned to Putin, who was a nobody – not a politician, not a communist, and not an oligarch. I was in the middle of all of this shit. I know what happened.

They threw me in with the terrorists from the World Trade Center, all to prevent me from communicating with my lawyers while they took them away. They threw me into solitary confinement and took all my legal preparation away so they could sift through it all to see what my defense would be. They even tried to kill me, but I survived to their dismay.

You do not know what these people will do to ensure they win. They own Wikipedia, which is now joining the agenda to shut down all dissent on climate change, for that is in the works for the next lockdown when civil unrest rises. I feel sorry for the people who actually think elections are not rigged. Wait for 2024. We will see massive civil unrest, for it will become obvious what they are doing to the world.


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July 25th, 2023

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