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July 4, 2023 | Russia Accuses US of Preparing for Biowarfare via Mosquitos

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

This story seemed far-fetched when first public, but now we know the extent of Bill Gates’ plan to modify mosquitos. We have seen a resurgence of once dormant viruses at the precise time that Gates’ allowed Oxitec to release diseased mosquitoes into the environment. Russia has repeatedly said it has information that the US is planning to drop diseased mosquitoes on Russian troops.

The head of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops, Igor Kirillov, first reported that the US had plans to drop mosquitos on the battlefield via drones. “The flooding of Kherson region planned by the Kyiv regime can complicate the situation, including with regard to arbovirus infections,” Kirillov said. “After a drop in the water level, it is possible to form foci of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, primarily West Nile fever.” He further stated that the US has patented a drone that would be used for this exact purpose. “The description of the patent emphasizes that the infected soldier is not able to perform the combat missions assigned to him,” he stated.

The US is already using drones to drop disease-ridden mosquitos on its own citizens. They claim that they are only dropping male mosquitoes that do not bite, but people are already falling ill with malaria after it was dormant in the US for 20 years. The United Nations also has access to these drones.

Spreading disease is against the Geneva Convention which protects soldiers against inhumane treatment during war. Nothing is fair during war, and the Neocons do not care about the men and women on the battlefield. The chance of this biowarfare tactic happening in the near future is high. Again, they are already infecting American citizens in this manner in plain sight.

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July 4th, 2023

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