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March 16, 2023 | Darwin Stupidity, Globalists Exposed, Depopulation, Strippers

Golden Jackass is the site of numerous important mega-forecasts related to the degradation and destruction of the global financial system, the diverse forecasts range from the housing bust in 2007, the mortgage bond bust that followed, the insolvent US banking system, the Dubai debt bust, the Southern European sovereign bond bust, the USTreasury false rally, the extended QE to Infinity policy, and the spread between the COMEX gold price and the real world physical Price of Gold, next the Petro-Dollar demise and the Gold Trade Settlement platform arrival, with the new BRICS Gold Central Bank, and climax USGovt debt default.

Gold, USD, Bank Collapses

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Archives March 16th, 2023

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  • tom says:

    Some truth , a lot of garbage , I am also a victom to listen to mr willy, sorry to see Howestreet do the same , just for listening power purposes. Some very good analists you have on your web, why spoil it, you are down graded in my opinion.

    • Joanne says:

      Having been a listener to Jim Willie for over a decade, he has been exceptionally accurate. The list of accomplishments is long, and if not known already, worth looking up. I know I am thankful for his wisdom and knowledge.

  • sheepletard says:

    Very interesting point on SVB Bank with the cartels. Let’s do the math: 2 million illegals paying mandatory average fee of $10,000 to Cartels = $20000000000000 Like $20 Billion… so where do they store that $$?

  • tom says:

    Forgot to mention, so I do not forget H, PLW, / pilotlite willy, /hope I win.


    Jim is colorful no question. I was an early adaptor of his site, and predictions and comments which at the time seemed outlandish years ago have proven correct. Don’t completely disregard his comments..

  • Rachael Ann says:

    Mr. Jim Willie is my favorite source of info … astounding accomplishments … additionally, he is one of our sacred warriors fighting for the survival of humanity; I like to have gratitude for them. They are putting their lives on the line, working to save humanity.

  • JP says:

    I think someone needs to correct Jim Willie – Armstrong is NOT AT ALL saying the Fed is raising rates to stop inflation. Jim has repeated this a few times, saying Armstrong got that totally wrong. Not sure where Jim is hearing this, but it isn’t from Armstrong.

  • Logan says:

    Jim maybe there feeding children parts to put fish we eat I guess it might be best to catch from the ocean the fish farms are a great target for children parts feedings

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