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March 11, 2022 | A Very Convenient Coincidence

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

QUESTION: You noted that the Pentagon rejected Poland sending planes to Ukraine showed they were not behind this drive. Is this just politicians?


ANSWER: Wars are always begun by politicians. Some for their ego to rule and conquer like Alexander the Great. Others do so out of retribution, such as Hitler, mixed with the idea of eugenics. Biden is now threatening to cut off all energy sales from Russia. There are no peacemakers here. All this is about escalating the situation, and nobody tells Zelensky to compromise. They KNOW that Putin cannot now back down. That is politically impossible. So is climate change, the whole goal behind the Great Reset, the real agenda here? They have gone so far that they pushed China and Russia into a stronger alliance, for China has to look at what the West is doing to Russia and must see that they will do the same to them. Thus, China has restated that Russia is its “strategic” partner. The three obstacles to the Great Reset were Trump, Russia, and China. This is a very convenient coincidence.

I have had very high-level discussions with those in politics around the world. Those who are unbiased and are witnessing what I see as deliberate are beside themselves. Nobody is stepping up to be the peacemaker here. This is very strange, for in the 40 years I have been dealing with governments around the world, NEVER have I witnessed the refusal to talk when the fate of the world is being held in the balance.

Where Cuba and Vietnam were clearly instigated by the military’s desire for war, I do not see that this time around. NATO and the Pentagon are trying to keep the West out of this mess. It is without question that politicians are pushing the world to the brink. The truth always comes out in the end just as 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination, and why Oswald tried to call a CIA operative from jail known as the Raleigh Call.

I have my suspicions, and this time it is NOT the military.

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March 11th, 2022

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