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June 29, 2021 | The Plot Thickens

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

COMMENT: Dear Sir, thanks for the messages at your blog. Today I heard from my daughter that during the European soccer championship a Danish player got a heart attack. That was broadcasted but not that two days before he got a corona vaccin. My grandson of 9 yrs wants to have a vaccination. Why? He is listening to the dutch tv news for the youth in which the doctrines of the government is taught to the youngsters. You are right claiming that what has taken place is a communistic variant. I get the association with the cultural revolution of Mao in which the youth were ordered to act against their parents just like now is happening under the flag of science which represents the truth. In Mao’s days it was another truth.
sincerely yours,

REPLY: The same was true behind the Berlin Wall. The youth were taught that the STATE was their true parent, and if their biological parents spoke against the STATE, they were to do their duty and report them. I find it ironic how the media is so willing to destroy their own future. It appears the warning which emerged from Stanley Milgram’s study is alive and well. The question arose of whether Germans were really different people to execute the Jews during WWII. His Obedience to Authority demonstrates that the media is no different and they too are blinding doing as told.

This is all taking place because of their fiscal mismanagement. This idea of borrowing, year after year, with no intention of paying anything back, is coming to an end. Instead of revising the monetary system correctly, they fear losing power. As such, they are forcing the Schwab solution of communism where you will ultimately “own nothing,” and only the elite will be in control (i.e., Big Tech).

The 5th edition of “Manipulating the World Economy” is about to hit the shelves of Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I included the COVID-19 virus plot in detail. They are doing this BECAUSE Keynesian Economics has failed. The management of the economy from central banks to the creation of debt is all imploding. This is their solution for fear that they will lose control. We will make an announcement once the book is available for purchase.


They know there will be civil unrest just as there was when these types of people tried to take over China and Russia. Back then, their ideas led to the deaths of over 200 million people. As long as these types of people retain power, we are the great unwashed, and the fewer the better. They will fail. They are destroying our very foundation of freedom using the canceled culture to silence all opposition. They will FAIL, but there will be a cost just as Hitler failed. The Holocaust-like policy is not just targeting the Jews — they are targeting everyone this time around.

Their view is that a little pruning of the tree makes it healthier — i.e., Eugenics.

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June 29th, 2021

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