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April 10, 2017 | Trump Duped Into Missile Attack?

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High stock prices before Labour Day a warning sign

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June 1, 2016 | Flashing Sign – Markets Peaking

Dip in Gold and Silver should not put off investors

May 23, 2016 | Was EgyptAir 804 accidentally shot down?

  • Micheal Rivero –¬† Cancer cures big pharma doesn’t want you to know about

May 2, 2016 | $20,000 A Plate Political Dinners in BC

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April 9, 2016 | Uptick Rule – The Solution?

Larry Reaugh – Renewable Energy – Electric Car batteries President and CEO of American Manganese Inc

March 29, 2016 | Questionable if Big Government Spending Stimulates Economy

 Record low investment in crude

January 19, 2016 | World Wide Shipping Collapse

US Dollar cools as Yen heats up

October 17, 2015 | Killing Junior Markets

Thomas Caldwell – Regulation Imbalances will kill Canada’s Junior Markets causing job loss and long term poor economic activity. Listen to interview on our You Tube Channel