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February 4, 2021 | Could Silver Short Squeeze Be Targeted Again?

Record Margin Debt, Gold, Day Traders

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September 24, 2020 | Throne Speech, Higher Taxes, and The Queen

November 28, 2019 | Wexit, Conservatives, PPC, and Antifa

July 18, 2019 | Gold Finding New Wings

Financial Insecurity in the Oil Patch

June 6, 2019 | How Successful Has Trump’s UK Visit Been?

  • Michael Rivero – Journalists in Australia now under government attack

June 6, 2019 | Canada Winning in the US-China Trade War

Canada the Most Tariff Free Developed Nation

February 18, 2019 | People’s Party of Canada vs. The Establishment and Political Elite

  • Maxime Bernier – Maxime Bernier to campaign in Burnaby South by-election.

December 19, 2018 | Trudeau Government vs. Free Speech

June 13, 2018 | Trump, North Korea, Iran, and Trudeau

June 12, 2018 | Trump, North Korea, G7 and Real Free Trade

May 1, 2018 | Trudeau Supports Free Trade With Europe But Not Within Canada?

April 13, 2018 | Pipeline or No Pipeline – Trudeau, Horgan, Notley

Trump tariffs not protectionist but trying to bring fairness into trade

March 9, 2018 | Tariffs in Long Run Not Helpful?

Can Bitcoin pull itself out of its doldrums?

May 5, 2017 | This Week in Money

  • Ross Clark Nasdaq and S&P 500 Hit Record Highs
  • Maxime Bernier – Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate Talks about his Economic Vision for Canada, Privatization, Lower Taxes, and Free Trade both Internationally and Provincially.
  • Danielle Park – Debt Bubbles
  • Douglas Mason & Robert Middleton, on Company Showcase – CEO and Company’s Geophysicist present Brunswick Gold Property. With a similar geological setting as the Borden Discovery and the Bell Creek Mine in Timmins, and gold assays from grab samples of up to 32 grams Au, the Brunswick Property is poised for initial drill program in May. Read the latest News.  View the Company Presentations. Questions?  Email Rainy Mountain Royalty Corp. or Phone Shareholder Relations: 604.922.2030 ext. 2

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