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Ted Dixon

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Ted Dixon is co-founder of INK Research. INK stands for Insider News and Knowledge and through is Canada's first on-line financial news and research service providing investor insight into what public company executives and significant shareholders are doing with their ownership interests. Before starting INK, he worked at the Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group where his responsibilities included portfolio strategy and product development. He has also been an analyst at the Fraser Institute, a treasury specialist at the TD Bank and taught corporate finance at BCIT as a part-time lecturer. In the early days, he was a floor trader on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Radio - US debt ceiling, Japan Yield Curve, Russia/Ukraine Radio - Still too early to say if “Insiders” had a decent year Radio - Even Mozambique beating Canada at LNG Radio - UK PM Liz Truss resignation – when politicians hit the “real economy” Radio - Value Investing Back Big Time Radio - Warning signs of a risky mining stock Radio - Canada’s stock market story different than US Radio - The Fed, inflation, recession Radio - Do Central Banks have the guts to tackle inflation? Radio - Will the Fed back off its inflation battle? Radio - Can crypto’s and real assets like gold work together? Radio - Sanctions making stock picks tricky Radio - More behind truckers protest convoy than just vaccines Radio - Inflation means keep an eye on your wallet Radio - Interest Rates, Battery Metals

November 30th, 2021 | Markets Showing Peak Panic Radio - Flight bans over latest Covid strain, overkill Radio - Energy front still looking hot Radio - Which Index Has Done Better Than the NASDAQ? Radio - Energy Market getting hotter

October 5th, 2021 | Oil and Gas Far From Dead Radio - What’s the future of cryptocurrency? Radio - Why crypto’s might be risky right now Radio - Central Banks, US Dollar, Geopolitics Radio - Trying to profit from inflation vs deflation forces Radio - Why Gold will remain strong Radio - Why BC could become a world crypto trading centre?
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