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Ted Dixon

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Ted Dixon is co-founder of INK Research. INK stands for Insider News and Knowledge and through is Canada's first on-line financial news and research service providing investor insight into what public company executives and significant shareholders are doing with their ownership interests. Before starting INK, he worked at the Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group where his responsibilities included portfolio strategy and product development. He has also been an analyst at the Fraser Institute, a treasury specialist at the TD Bank and taught corporate finance at BCIT as a part-time lecturer. In the early days, he was a floor trader on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Radio - American insiders backing away from industrial investments Radio - Autos, Farms, Surrey, and Pipeline Bungling Radio - Marijuana, Oil, and Insiders Radio - Oil, Wages, and the Immune System Radio - Canadian economy doing better than Mainstream Media believe Radio - Oil Pipelines, Gasoline, Uranium, and Real Estate Radio - The Stealth Canadian Stock Market Radio - Canadian economy likely to do reasonably well Radio - Canadian Stock Market Out Performing US Radio - Why has the Canadian economy suddenly shrunk? Radio - Bank of Canada admits its inflation numbers are not accurate. Why would 21 % of Canadians give up their right to vote? Radio - What’s expected in BC, Canadian Budgets? Radio - Will BC Premier Horgan do a good jobĀ promoting the province in Asia? Radio - Canadian Venture Exchange up 66 % the past two years Radio - Canadian tax regime should be competitive with US Radio - BC Politics and Canada’s Finance Minister Radio - Trudeau tax, housing policies, ammo for Conservatives? Radio - AmazonĀ  1000 Jobs in Vancouver – Real High Tech or Just Grunt Work? Radio - A Sell Signal has Hit the US Industrial Sector Radio - Vancouver High Tech Workers Lowest Paid Out of 50 “Tech-Cities” Radio - Canadian stocks on an incredible run Radio - Tories handed the tools to be contenders Radio - How about Zinc and Copper with your Gold? Radio - What Insiders plan to do this month Radio - Hope BC NDP government will not kill economy
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