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Is an American author of books and articles on economic and financial subjects. He is the founder and president of Agora Publishing, and author of the daily financial column, Diary of a Rogue Economist.

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – We are on our way to the future. Not that we know what will happen, but we’ve been looking at the broad patterns of history. Most likely, they will repeat themselves… and surprise everyone. Over the last few days, we’ve looked at three of them. First, stocks go up and down in […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Stocks went nowhere yesterday. Congress and the White House didn’t get anywhere, either, in their attempts to resolve the shutdown impasse. With 10 inches of snow on the ground, nowhere seemed like the right place to go. And nowhere is where most people end up anyway. But our aim is to go […]

January 8th, 2019 | Trump Is Trapped

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE – Stocks advanced a little yesterday. Investors were said to be hopeful about the upcoming trade talks with the Chinese. With a little luck, President Trump will talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the ongoing trade war. He’ll announce a big victory – just as he did following talks with North Korea last […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Wow… another big up day for the Dow on Friday. The index had climbed 747 points, or 3.3%, by the time the closing bell rang. Analysts credited a strong jobs market and a weak Fed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said that last month, twice as many jobs had been created […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – We looked back yesterday. Today, we will look ahead. As we will see, the past casts its shadow over the future. Bloomberg is on the case: Key Fed Yield Gauge Points to Rate Cuts for First Time Since 2008 Some of the most accurate gauges of economic health are pricing in lower Fed […]

January 2nd, 2019 | What We Learned From 2018…

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Yesterday, we awoke to the sound of sirens. After a week at the family farm, we had come back to the city for New Year’s Eve. But hardly had the new year begun when the echoes of the old year filled the streets and alleyways. Over the holidays, a mental defective had […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - What should you do if you are running out of time and money? This is the question we get from readers over 50… over 60… and sometimes, over 70. We baby boomers were famously saying “Na… na… na… Live for today.” Now, it’s tomorrow. And many of us – often through no fault of our […]

December 21st, 2018 | What to Do When Stocks Fall

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The last days of 2018 are dwindling down. Today, the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon, in the Northern Hemisphere. And stocks continue to sink.   Partial Shutdown One reason cited for the continued selloff on Wall Street was the looming “shutdown” of the federal government. The Washington Post is on […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Well, we were wrong. We figured the Fed would pause now. Instead, it went ahead with its rate hike and suggested it would pause in 2019. This was widely expected by the markets, if not by us. Early yesterday, investors guessed – as we did – that the Fed would back off. […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - Does anybody really know what time it is Does anybody really care If so I can’t imagine why We’ve all got time enough to cry – Chicago BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – We got ahead of ourselves yesterday. We were waiting for the big Fed announcement on a rate hike. But what happened? No trumpets. No bells. […]

December 18th, 2018 | The Fed Has the Shakes

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Another big down day for the Dow. Yesterday, the index took another 2% hit… But, in keeping with our Advent Season optimism, if wealth is a burden, investors must have breathed a sigh of relief; they had $600 billion less of a burden at the end of the day than at the […]

December 14th, 2018 | How the Country Goes Broke…

Bill Bonner's Diary - DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – We’re down in Florida to meet a new grandchild. It’s a different world down here – different from Ireland, Maryland, France, Argentina… our usual haunts. Florida is flat. And barely above sea level. If the North Pole keeps warming, much of South Florida will be underwater soon.   The people here […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – First, Bloomberg reports that: U.S. government debt is on track this year to rise at the fastest pace since 2012, as a stronger economy fails to keep pace with the wave of red ink that’s rising under the Trump administration. Total public debt outstanding has jumped by $1.36 trillion, or 6.6 […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Yesterday’s trading was inconclusive, like an argument between a husband and wife that has been going on for years. Sellers opened with an attack that sent the Dow down 500 points. Buyers defended themselves… forcing the Dow back up to end the day with nothing decided, one way or the other. But […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Whatever good was done by the Trump/Xi trade war truce in Buenos Aires was likely undone by what was done in Vancouver Airport earlier this month.   Bogeyman Program The U.S. stock market warmed to the idea of a ceasefire last Monday morning. Then came word that the U.S. government had arrested […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The historic powwow at the G20 in Buenos Aires last weekend could turn out to produce some positive results. At least the Chinese and the Americans are thrashing around. Maybe they’ll knock down a trade barrier or two by accident. But the good news this week is that nothing much happened on […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The show went on! And, as we predicted, The Donald claimed victory… and stocks went up. When we left you on Friday, Mr. Trump was on Air Force One. He was on his way to the G20 in Buenos Aires to decide the fate of the world. At least, that is the way […]

November 30th, 2018 | Trump Will Claim Victory

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – This is the big day. The music starts. The lights go on. And the curtain rises… And there, on stage, President T. is scheduled to meet with China’s leader and decide the fate of the world economy. Yesterday, Mr. Trump raised expectations of a deal with the Chinese. From Bloomberg: President Donald […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE – We spent a delightful, long Thanksgiving weekend in the country, entertaining children and grandchildren. Not once did we open our laptop computer or look at the headlines. But now, it is another workweek, and we’re back on the job. As usual, we are looking at dots… and wondering how they got to be […]

November 21st, 2018 | When This Happens, Buy Stocks

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Today will be an interesting day. After falling the last two days, stocks should bounce. And the futures market says they will. But now, we will see what the speculators are really thinking. Will they want to go away for a four-day holiday with the stocks they’re holding? Or will they want […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Mr. Market must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. CNBC reports: The Dow fell 395 points to 25,017. The S&P 500 dropped 1.7 percent to 2,690 as the technology sector pulled back 3.8 percent. The tech-heavy Nasdaq lagged, falling 3 percent to close at 7,028 as Amazon […]

November 19th, 2018 | Life Happens When You’re Away

Bill Bonner's Diary - Thy love afar is spite at home. – Ralph Waldo Emerson BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Another week. This one should be slow… with many people off for Thanksgiving. But you never know. The old-timers say the days before a holiday are especially indicative of the market’s mood. Traders don’t like leaving themselves in danger while they’re […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - DUBLIN – We’re in Dublin… en route to the USA for the holidays. Dublin is a vibrant, lively city. Not especially elegant, unlike Paris… and not especially dynamic, unlike London… Nor is it especially huge and imposing, like New York or Chicago. Instead, it is a comfortable, charming, livable place… with many restaurants, hotels, and […]

November 15th, 2018 | Stagflation, Here We Come

Bill Bonner's Diary - What I’ve learned at the Federal Reserve is a new language which is called “Fed speak.” You soon learn to mumble with great incoherence. – Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan DUBLIN – Alan Greenspan is alive and well. Aged 92, he was on TV yesterday telling viewers that “unless they get control of the […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – “The whole thing is a giant fraud,” was perhaps too much for an unprepared audience to take on. Your editor, in trying to explain why the U.S. money is “fake,” had perhaps bitten off more than he could chew… at least in the context of a panel discussion in Ireland on cryptocurrencies. […]
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