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February 10, 2022 | 2032 & Knowing Your Enemy

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Our computer has projected this tumulous period where governments fall and the last 13 years would be dominated by political chaos. All of this is very stressful indeed. However, that does not mean that the future is bleak and that life as we know it will end. Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison on February 8, 1786: “[T]hat insult and war are the consequences of a want of respectability in the national character.” This is precisely what has been happening with cancel culture shutting down all opposition and to “insult” anyone who dares to object. This leads only to war or civil unrest. This is how the Marxists acted, killing over 200 million people or more than 10% of the world’s population at the time, which was 1,600,000,000.

However, because it was concentrated in Russia and China, the loss of life in Russia during the Great October Revolution was minimal. On the night of October 24, 1917, Bolshevik Red Guards began to take control of key points in the Russian capital which included the railway stations, telegraph offices, and government buildings. By the following evening, they controlled the entire city with the exception of the Winter Palace, the seat of the Provisional Government.

What came next was the “storming of the Winter Palace,” which became the event recognized in history as the climactic moment of the October Revolution. However, back then as today, these zealots thought overthrowing the existing government would be a walk in the park. That proved to be the easy part. Bolsheviks took power therefore in a coup and then strengthened their positions through elections to the Soviets. They were imposing their draconian actions, just as Schwab’s Agenda 2030 is today, without the consent of the majority of the people. There was no respect for individual liberty.

Over the next three years, the Bolsheviks who rebranded themselves then as Communists would have to win power in a bloody civil war to forcefully impose their economic theory of Karl Marx upon everyone, just as Schwab is doing today, which will also lead to blood in the street and civil wars. The Bolsheviks had to win to reestablish order in a country that had descended into anarchy brutally also controlling the present with the same canceled culture.

This ruthless implosion of Marxism and the rejection of freedom led to civil war. By the time of the revolution, the Russian Empire collapsed and various regions began to separate declaring their independence such as Finland, Poland, Southern Russia, Ukraine, Ural, and Siberian far-East.

The White Russians, the anti-Communist freedom supporters, had no choice but to resist and thus initiated the civil war in 1918. To ensure that there could be no return to monarchy, that is when they killed the Czar and his entire family to leave no heirs. The Romanov Dynasty, which had ruled Russia for three centuries, came to an abrupt and bloody end in July 1918. Nicholas and his family had been held under house arrest for more than a year following the October Revolution. They were executed brutally by Bolshevik soldiers.

There was foreign assistance by both German and Entente forces. Japan and the US also took part on the side of the White Russians, however, it was minimal. By 1919 the goal was to help the White Russian forces in the civil war, but when the Whites collapsed the forces were withdrawn by 1920, whereas Japan did not withdraw until 1922. The failure of the White Russians was really the result of war fatigue and the horrors of World War I, and then in 1919, the collapse of commodities prices and the onset of a deep economic recession. The total death toll has been estimated at 10 million.

It was Stalin and his Great Purge taking the food from Ukraine where he caused another 7 million deaths through starvation. The event that set off the Great Purge took place in 1934 with the assassination of Sergei Kirov, who was a prominent Bolshevik leader. That sent Stalin into a paranoid fit. He is said to have outright sent at least 750,000 people to be executed during the Great Purge, which took place between about 1936 and 1938. Like Trudeau attaching labels to the truckers to cast them as evil people, Stalin did the same. Stalin used terms, such as “fifth column,” “enemy of the people” and “saboteurs” to describe those who were sought out during the Great Purge. He executed Kondratief for saying to say that communism would not last because everything moved in cycles. A tyrant will ALWAYS label his opponent as a criminal of some kind. In total, it has been estimated that Stalin killed 20 million people who died in labor camps, forced collectivization, famine, and executions. This is the true face of Marxism that Schwab is celebrating. The World Economic Forum, to me, I believe is the real terrorist organization that makes Bin Laden look like a kindergarten strategist.

Because serfdom was not abolished in Russia until 1861, the common people owned nothing. So Marxism sounded attractive. They had nothing to lose as people do today. Thus, going after the aristocrats seemed like a just cause. Consequently, the left welcomed the Revolution as the start of a new era, with harmony and equality for all people. They were also inspired by the slaughter of millions of soldiers during the First World War, and thus the October Revolution seemed to offer an alternative—a government ruled in the interests of the common people that would ultimately produce a communist utopia.


I am laying out the game plan, for if we understand what Schwab’s army will be doing, it is up to us to resist and defeat this agenda. The mainstream media is under control and they will do everything to support Schwab against the people. Some are just following orders on a me-too basis, which other organizations like the London Financial Times are up to its neck in Communist philosophies. We must know our enemy, how he thinks, and his objectives.



There is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is on the front of an oncoming train. This will also be an incredible OPPORTUNITY to remake government the same way the Founding Fathers followed their victory with the American Revolution. This time we once more get to recreate government and the world we want to leave our children and grandchildren.

This is why they call anything that exposes the truth a CONSPIRACY THEORY so they do not have to answer the issue. Instead, they just slander the problem. The object is to keep us unaware, and thus unprepared for the real agenda.

I will be doing a report on post-2032 and the opportunity this presents. Yes, there must be some chaotic times we must navigate through, but in the end, we get to try a new form of government developed from the past mistakes of all those who have gone before us.

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February 10th, 2022

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One Comment

  • CrashDavis says:

    look, Martin, you have been insightful and interesting for many years but its getting wacky. It’s not just the mangling of the english language, (e.g. saying the implosion of Marxism when you clearly meant ‘imposition’ of Marxism on Russia) its the goofy analogs.
    Schwab is not a Bolshevik and his playbook is Hitler’s not Stalin’s. He is an exact replica of Adolph Hitler’s 3rd Reich. Schwab and Soros are imposing the 4th Reich building on Hitler’s 3rd Reich start. They both literally worked for Adolph Hitler’s regime in their first ‘jobs’ and they worship Nazi government (Mussolini – who invented this shit – defined it as “the merger of government and corporate (monopoly) power” screwing the blue collar, poor and middle class (which is exactly describes the WEF, and the Great Reset, and the current US system (with government-sponsored and government-owning monopolies like GOOGL AMZM and FB running the Nazi censorship and obedience show).
    Schwab’s family ran forced labor camps for Hitler with the Wyss family. Do I have to spell it in crayon for you?

    Sure, AOC is a Bolshevik but the Dem and Repub-Corporate-Monopoly Nazis have that Stalinist bitch on a leash (while pretending to be an ‘ally’ )- just like Hitler did with Stalin until the knife came out)..
    But CIA-Mormon-Mafia-Chief Romney, Klaus Scwhab, Soros, the CIA, the Bush family of satanists, Hillawitch, Schumer, the banksters the FED the EU and ECB are all 100 percent pure 4th Reich Nazis who want to expand Hitlers vision of a monopoly/government bureaucracy that runs the globe in a ‘New World Order/ Great Reset Nazi takeover. There is nothing Marxist about corporate-monopoly-FED partners running a Hitler revival. If you want to ‘know your enemy’ know that Marxists and Nazis have the same end goal of a handful of elites enslaving everyone else, but Nazis market their con to the upper middle class to take power by falsely claiming to be their pal, while Marxists con blue collar rubes that they are for the little guy. Both classes are dumb as a box of rocks (and suicidally selfish) and fall for it.
    At this point, you would not know a Bolshevik or a Nazi if you tripped over one. Comparing Schwab to Lenin is moronic.
    Go look at Germany circa 1936 and you would have a replica of AmeriKa (and Schwab’s vision) today.
    And it is not just this article that is troubling. Each missive is more incoherent than the last.
    Just retire and stop the mangled english porridge of cluelessness and leave your legacy intact.

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