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September 22, 2021 | COMMENTS on the Future

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.




COMMENT #1: Hi Marty,

It does not feel like we are winning at all here in Canada. In Ontario, as of today, the unvaxxed cannot go to a restaurant, concerts, gym or any indoor event deemed by the ‘authorities’ as not essential. Soon enough, we will not be able to buy a loaf of bread without the vax passport.

What surprises me is that small business associations or civil rights groups are not filing lawsuits to stop this. They just play along and say nothing we can do, sorry.

When I ask retired people why they took the jab, they mostly say: so they can travel (non of them have done any traveling anyway, since Trudeau locked the borders Iron Curtain style). When I ask the young why: they say to get it done with, so they can go about their lives. Nobody takes it for health reasons nor thinks about health risks. I know a man in his twenties, who was in the hospital for a week with Myocarditis after taking the vax. A medical doctor told me they treat it with Tylenol, so it’s ok, it’s all safe, take the vax.

We are being imprisoned one illegal mandate at a time. Politicians are acting as if the Charter of Rights was null and void and any rights we have are irrelevant. No one here in Canada is willing to stand up to this and openly say basta! There is some fussing, but it looks more like controlled opposition, to make us move swiftly along to the next stage than anything we could call ‘winnable’.

‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’


REPLY #1: I fully understand what you are saying. But even those vaccinated who were lied to that this is one time like a polio shot as a kid and took the shot to be able to travel or for other non-health reason, these people complied but were not deathly afraid of COVID. They are not fully indoctrinated and they will revolt when they realize that these people will demand regular COVID shots forever and they are not interested in allowing the total freedom to travel.

COMMENT #2:  Hi, Living in Sweden it’s just insane watching the COVID responses around the world.
The hospitals here aren’t even allowed to ask nurses or doctors if they are vaccinated, the same goes for all government employees. It’s funny that old socialist Sweden is now the land of the free.

REPLY #2: I fully agree. The majority of the world is in chaos all because the politicians have bought into the Schwab agenda 2030 and see more power in their hands and ending democratic election. It truly is instance but they know the vast majority of people are just sheep.

COMMENT #3: I like your optimistic tone this morning, but Europe is lost and Canada just re-elected Trudeau. Germany will elect socialists and ecologists, which is even worse than Merkel. Macron will be next to be reelected, the entire system is bent to make it happen. They are spending like crazy to bribe the people, people are hypnotized by the media’s bullshit, kids up to 30y old by the Marxist, woke and climate alarmists posts on social media, with no understanding about the difference between militant opinions and real facts. There is no way the majority of people will open their eyes by spring next year to throw Macron out. Not looking good at all for the next 5 years IMHO. So you’re right on one point, it will be violent, but we will suffer greatly until 2027 with taxes, vaccines and lockdowns, and all the unexpected consequences.


REPLY #3: Their objective to rule the world is absurd, the dreams and fantasies of academics. They will not come into play. Their window for this takeover of the world closes by the end of 2022. We have panic cycles in politics around the world in 2022-2023. This has never before shown up on our model since the 1930s. There was a previous period of Revolutions of 1917–1923  which was marked by revolutions in Russia and Germany. The larger German Revolution ended monarchy there but there was also and its offspring, like the Bavarian Soviet Republic, the Hungarian Revolution, and the Biennio Rosso revolution in Italy. There were many other smaller uprisings, protests, and strikes that were a result of losses economically from World War I in Europe. Before that, the Panic Cycles appear in 1844-1849, which marked the first communist revolution of 1848 in Europe.

The world is NOT ready to surrender all its rights. When the people begin to way up and understand that the COVID passports are PERMANENT, then you will see the contagion of a broader uprising. This is why the EU is now pushing for an EU army where it will send in Italians to crush Germans etc. They will use the natural division among Europeans against them to retain power. The censorship and cancel culture is the same as the Nazi Book Burnings. Anything the speaks against the propaganda of the state must be canceled.

Pope Francis is now denying access to the Vatican without a COVID pass? What happened to the teachings of Christ and defending the condemned? Let he without sin cast the first stone?

sJHopkins 2025 pars-pandemic-scenario

They are already putting out plans for COVID response and the Pandemic into 2025-2028. Hello, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee because they outlaw that as well.

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September 22nd, 2021

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