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August 8, 2021 | COVID Pandemic Can Never End Because 50% of People Have Been Vaccinated

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Nearly 50% of those who have COVID in Israel were fully vaccinated. The significance of this overlooked detail is that getting vaccinated will NOT STOP COVID. This means there will NEVER be a return to normal – it is impossible. A staff member went to a party in Miami and returned with the Delta COVID. At 25, she was sick with mild flu symptoms for 3 days – end of the story. The media continues to terrorize people and New York City has decreed that UNVACCINATED can not go out to dinner or go to any play. But is COVID is among the vaccinated, then what is the point?

More importantly, COVID is a respiratory virus. All attempts to create vaccines for coronavirus have failed. Most important is that such respiratory viruses come in the fall for that is when exposure to sun declines (Vitamin D). Because we have had a surge among vaccinated people in the middle of summer, this is a serious WARNING that this virus is highly unusual and the vaccines are c creating a serious health issue.

This is very important to listen to because the information coming from the NIH, CDC, etc, is tainted and this is all supporting the agenda of Bill Gates and they are not protecting the people because they look to Gates for additional funding. Ther FactCheckers are not independent and CNN has already been caught saying that they create FEAR because FEAR sells! Researches in UK and Italy have found that Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%. Nevertheless, the bureaucracy is fulling in the hands of Gates and they are rejecting any attempt to help people that compete against their vaccines.

When Emperor Aurelian came to power, he sent in his troops to confront the bureaucrats in Rome who debased the coinage because they were robbing the treasury of silver. In the process, 7,000 people died in this battle against the bureaucratic corruption that invested Rome. This will come to that one day. The corruption in these agencies is off the charts.



From the very beginning, Gates has been pitching that the vaccines will eliminate COVID-19. This has been proven to be completely false. So why are we locking down economies, and destroy our future because of a virus that is the equivalent of the flu? Gates and his vaccine companies in which he has a HUGE financial interest are dominating our future and if he benefits by just $1 per shot for the world, that is $7 billion+. Ther are pushing booster shots now around the world be use they are not working so you just keep them coming. Now they are saying you may need 5 shots. This is like medieval medicine. Keep bleeding you until you die and blame the disease. He stands to make far more money than anyone ever in history.

Worse still, this virus was most likely engineered and as such, it is mutating rapidly. Just as there has been over-use of antibiotics and the emergence of diseases that defeat all of our antibiotics, what Gates has been pushing as vaccines are already becoming ineffective. A number of models considering the rapid mutations imply that the dynamics of the spread of a vaccine-resistant strain in the population are increasing dramatically. This may pose a greater risk than COVID come 2022. It is unlikely that there will be any success to developed new vaccines to meet every new mutation. There are others starting to look at this issue of new mutating strains that are already resistant to Gates’ miracle vaccines.

What has been unleashed on the world by those seeking to BUILD BACK BETTER to alter the world economy for climate change,  just may have opened Pandora’s Box and set free upon the world an engineered virus that is far more capable of mutating faster than any before it. Only time will answer that question.





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August 8th, 2021

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  • Theo Groenevelt says:

    Hello and good morning from Calgary.
    1; the original virus had a survival rate of 99.74% of those under the age of 80…that could be seen as early as June-July 2020.
    2; Ivermectin and hystoxychloroquine were both TRASHED – Fraudulently so by the very person who instigated Gain of Function efforts with this gene sequence: FAUCI
    along side of GATES, he is just as responsible for the INSANE Fear Mongering so as to steer the Entire Planets Population of sheep towards the real DANGER inherent in this PLANNED outbreak – faux non-vaccines. Treatments designed to significantly lower the severity of symptoms with a bonus of making said person a STEALTH SUPER SPREADER. incredibly and inherently EVIL.

    I would note that the first CovSars type vaccine that utilized the S spike protein, Ace2 Receptor & Ace Domain was in 2000 for Canine corona virus. I’m pretty sure that any “animal testing” done then showed clearly as they have since, that they do not work and end up killing the animal…100% of them.

    I would argue this is PRECISELY what was intended.. by those who have pushed planetary de-populaton since Maurice Strong (a Rockefeller protege), was spewing his BS back in the 60’s.

    Look no further than to todays crop of Uber Global Capitalists (National Socialists IMO)
    The Old gang of Rothschilds, Rockfellers, MOrgan, Bush Family, Ford and the newer adherents Obama, Clintons, Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros to name but a few.

    EVIL INCARNATE the lot

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