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July 1, 2021 | The End

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The RCMP constable, Justin, was kind.

“I know it wasn’t just a flag,” he said, staring at the empty, void wall of the wee bank. “Not to you.”

Overnight, vandals and thieves cut the cords supporting my Peace Tower prize, ripped it down and stole it. Maybe the flag’s in the harbour now. Or burned. Or waiting to show up as a trophy on a #cancelCanadaDay social media post.

On Monday the crew installed it, the fourth year this banner has graced my building. On Tuesday anti-Canada, pro-Indigenous folk took to Facebook to call me a racist and ‘white privileged’ for having a flag displayed. On Wednesday cardboard protest signs emerged. Yesterday afternoon young women came into my private office to call me a ‘settler.’ My corporate email was jammed by others – all women, coincidentally. Their demands to have the flag removed came with a veiled threat. This, from Joelle…

Do the right thing. Issue the apology. I promise you taking it down and reneging on your stance will be less harmful than keeping it up.

Of course, the flag stayed. Even after I received an email from a Town official. Take the flag down, please, it requested.

We hope that you will understand that such an image, at this particular moment in time, is harmful for members of our community. In light of this the Town has paused Canada Day celebrations.

Never, I replied, would I have imagined the Canadian flag would be considered a ‘harmful image’. I stood my ground. Others at Town Hall were caught in this political squeeze. Tensions rose. And the flag stayed.

This morning by eight it was gone. Cords severed. Bits of the flag remained overhead where it had been ripped off the mounting screws. Considerable effort would have been required, as the flag is (was) at least thirty feet across and took four men to install.

The RCMP came. Photos and emails were handed over. Cpl. Justin went down the street looking for possible video footage. I stood there, empty, betrayed and saddened. I am sure it was as the protestors wished. Erasing, cancelling, toppling, burning, defacing and bullying are their tools – to make everyone think as they do. Such irony that they believe this is the path to diversity, inclusiveness and reconciliation.

I posted this on the door.

The Flag.

Early on Canada Day the national flag which was on this building over the last few days, and had flown above the Peace Tower in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, was torn down and stolen. The flag is large, historic, irreplaceable and carries a great deal of meaning.

Many people have wanted to cancel Canada Day for reasons we all know. That is understandable, and it’s their right not to celebrate.

It is not their right, however, to prevent others from believing what they do, loving their country, feeling gratitude for living here and working for a better future. Nobody has the right to steal from or intimidate others.

Canada is a jewel in the world. Not perfect, by any means. Those who use violence and bullying tactics, from burning churches to toppling public statues or stealing a cherished flag, make us less perfect.

This is a sad day for me. As the vandals had hoped, I am sure. May they find perspective later in their lives.

Garth Turner
Owner of this building
In the service of Canada

Some things cannot be erased. It is not the end.

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July 1st, 2021

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One Comment

  • Michael Lyon says:

    Dear Mr. Turner: Welcome to the world of government by petulant children. You may ask the RCMP to search the locale most thoroughly as there should be some incriminating evidence: i.e., bubble gum wrappers or even old movie ticket stubs for “Dumb and Dumber”. Children with acne are unusually suspect.

    Sympathetic in Arizona

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