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June 30, 2021 | Election Fraud

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

COMMENT: Martin,

I am an election manager (coordinator) in —- and I have been observing the election fraud situation.

In the states that are at issue, there were stark similarities.  To even think that one day, lots of people woke up and used the same techniques is stupidly naive.  In my estimation as a Washingtonian, the 2020 Election was a massive racketeering that had bad actors behind it and a great deal of money involved and Trillions of Dollars at stake.  We never had such a massive election fraud.

As a Washingtonian, the obvious answer is the Deep State and at a minimum, the coordination by the CIA, which is a Black Ops.

If you followed Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.  You see the same pattern.  An Italian computer systems engineer, one of the top in the world, gave an affidavit in a Naples, Italy court that he was “summoned” to the US Embassy in Rome and given orders to upload new algorithms to the Dominion machines to fix the election.  I do not recall reading who gave him the orders, but CIA and State come to mind, especially when Giuliani said that if he had been running State, as he desired, he would have fired the top 10%, who were Obama loyalists.

In short, the Deep State.  All of these were people, who should have been indicted, but for a Justice Department, which was infiltrated by the Deep State.  In short, if Trump had done nothing more than clean the deep Washington sewer, he would have had time for nothing else.

The Scuttlebutt out of Arizona, is that the fraud was massive.  I suspect that Governor Ducey was complicit, as he has refused to sign election reform legislation, even in the light of reports of terrible election misconduct, to the degree that the Arizona Senate has hired a company to do a forensic audit of the voting machines.  Cyber Ninjas has now finished over half of the 2.1 million ballots.

The Democrats and Rinos have done everything they can to discredit the Kinematic audit, but at this point, enough has been completed to paint a dreary picture.

This is not a matter of smart politicians, as you allege.  It is fairly clear that China was involved, that Soros was involved, that Hillary (Perkins Coie) was complicit, that the CIA was involved and I would guess other large players such as the Pharmaceutical Industry threw in its lot.  I strongly believe that Obama was behind this and Biden certainly knew about this and is fearful that as the Fraud emerges, his role will eventually be uncovered.

One would think that all of this would be of interest to the Department of Justice, eh?  One would be wrong!

The Republicans cannot pull this because they are not unified and do not control the levers of power.  Here in New York, we are a solid Democratic State where the population is.  All you have to do is realize that the children are being brainwashed by Teachers who are members of the Teachers Union.

In short, this is a battle for America and unless Section 230 is repealed and NY Times vs. Sullivan is reversed, things will only get worse.

If Jovan Pulitzer was offered $10 million to walk away from the audits, you can just imagine what judges and politicians have been offered.  My guess is that untraceable bitcoins are the medium of  exchange.

You did not mention in your blog, but it would have been appropriate, that at the very last minute, when the full forensic audit was to begin in Georgia on May 28th, the Judge postponed it for a month.  How convenient!  That trick almost worked in Arizona but was thwarted by an honest judge stepping in.

If you think I am a conspiracy theorist in this, you are darn well correct.  I lived through almost twenty years of an actual criminal conspiracy in Brooklyn and I can tell you that the Democrats control the levers of power including the Courts and without money to fight corruption, one will have a hard time staying in the game.

It would not be possible for a country-wide election fraud on this level to be conducted by the Republicans without control of the courts, the CIA and the Justice Department and FBI.  Obama weaponized these Agencies and stayed in Washington, which in itself is unprecedented.  In short, Obama is now pulling the strings in the White House with the complicity of the Media, the Press and Big Tech.  The COVID virus is nothing compared to the Democrats.

One of the comments in another blog was the allegation that a Biden brother in law “owns” Dominion.

I strongly question that.  However, I found that of the two people listed as principal owners, one I found to be very very close to Obama.  I also found that a Chinese Securities firm UBS, was located across Sixth Avenue in NYC from Dominion and that UBS “loaned” Dominion $600 million between 2018 and October 2020.  Also, UBS is controlled by CCP members.  That information should be of interest.  The plot thickens.  A Blumberg video of Ruby Freeman in Georgia, when slowed down, clearly showed that in the course of her managing the counting of the “mail-in” ballots, she had in her hands a large mailing envelope with the letters “S F”.  That just happens to be the Fedex of China.  (The video of this was in a recent blog of Jovan Pulitzer and I would think, should have been shown to the Judge in Georgia, along with the video of the same Ruby Freeman pulling out those ballot-stuffed suitcases from under a table after the monitors left.)

Thus, in your recital of Georgia corruption, you only touched the very tip of the corrupt peach.

REPLY: Everything I have seen behind the curtain points to massive fraud. This was absolutely critical to the Schwab consortium. He already controls Europe and the head of the IMF, as well as the European Central Bank, are on his board as was the head of the EU. This was strategic to get rid of Trump for he was standing in the way. The CIA delayed the release of the Kennedy papers until April 2021 when they KNEW Trump would be gone. Trump allowed that date after the election assuming he would win.

This is not about Trump v Biden. That is so unimportant. This has been a global agenda for they KNOW in their minds the reason Marxism failed the last time was because they did not have the USA and Europe as well. If the entire world was a Marxist government, they have argued for decades it would have e worked. The audits will come out after the summer. The left will scream foul and the mainstream press has already decided it is a Trump fraud. The criminal charges against Trump’s company are propaganda FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES.  They could not indict him because they would have to actually prove something. Going after his company is nonsense but it is all so they can slander him for any election should he dare try to run again. I would not put it past them if they tried to make sure he dies of some disease by 2024.

This is even beyond money. This is about total power!

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June 30th, 2021

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