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Sean Brodrick

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Sean is the natural resource analyst for Weiss Group. You can read his thoughts on gold, oil, cannabis, uranium and other natural resources at Radio - US Fed, QE, World Economic Slowdown

The Edelson Institute - The great director Martin Scorsese recently took some flack in Hollywood circles for his critique of Marvel’s superhero movies. You know, the flicks your kids or grandkids drag you to. In my view, “Thor” is funny. The first “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: Endgame” were pretty good, too. But these Marvel movies — ALL […]

The Edelson Institute -   There’s a problem with gold and silver. It’s not that no one wants to buy them. They have the exact opposite problem … The heavy-hitters on Wall Street are already backing up the truck. Here’s the little secret they don’t want you to know: They aren’t done loading up. I have two charts to […]

The Edelson Institute - One of the most important signals of a precious metals bull market is flashing “green.” And I want to make sure you don’t get left in the dust when the profit train rolls out. I’m talking about the gold-silver ratio. The price of gold divided by the price of silver. And boy, is it ever […]

The Edelson Institute - Have you seen the latest numbers on the U.S. debt? They’re insane! We already have a mountain of debt. Now, there are rumblings like a debt volcano is forming. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. budget deficit — the amount we add to the national debt every year — widened to $1.07 trillion in […] Radio - Microchip producers taking it on the chin

The Edelson Institute - On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. If this bill becomes law, it will make it legal for banks to work with cannabis companies, even though marijuana remains illegal on a federal level. To try to secure the SAFE Banking Act’s passage, the House included two sweeteners […]

September 22nd, 2019 | Give Spot Some CBD!

The Edelson Institute - Many people are using CBD now, for everything from soothing anxiety to managing pain from arthritis. Heck, CBD can even reduce seizures. Anecdotal evidence shows it helps with a lot of health problems. So these days, many pet owners are starting to wonder: If my pet is in pain, will CBD work for him or […]

The Edelson Institute - Cannabis stocks got kicked down the stairs for the past couple weeks, putting a red-ink endcap to a “blood in the streets” summer. But there are reasons to think a big rally is coming. And if history is any guide, it’s a surge you don’t want to miss. There are a bunch of things pinging […]

The Edelson Institute - A recent pair of tweets from President Trump is pushing the Federal Reserve into uncharted waters. Sure, that raises some risks. But there’s also the potential to ride a big wave of profits. First, here are the tweets …   In case you can’t read it, President Trump tweeted … “The Federal Reserve should get […] Radio - Cannabis, Lithium, Energy

The Edelson Institute - Did you see gold prices hit a new six-year high this week? Then they jumped on the slip ‘n’ slide to lower prices. That’s not a big surprise. What we should be watching is the trend, which is zig-zagging higher. This is a good time to look at some gold and silver charts. I think […]

The Edelson Institute - I want to share something with you. It’s about being wrong … and realizing you’re wrong. And what you should do then. Let me start by saying I’m generally an optimistic person. That comes from hanging around miners. Miners — gold, silver, copper, cobalt and their brethren — are the world’s biggest optimists. They get […] Radio - China placing restrictions on Gold imports

The Edelson Institute - Last week, my Supercycle Investor subscribers took six rounds of precious metals profits — 63.8%, 31.9%, 19.2%, 17% and 14.9% and 3.5% — and we just locked and loaded with more picks to ride the gold wave higher. Potentially MUCH higher. And you’ll want to get in now, because this megatrend is only picking up steam. (Click […] Radio - Congo Cobalt mine closure likely to up prices

The Edelson Institute - Gold is hot, and silver is hotter. And this upcoming week, they could both get hotter yet! I’ve got some eye-popping charts I’ll share in a moment. First, here’s some news you need to know. Last week, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi dropped big hints that the ECB is going to cut rates. The […] Radio - Silver positions for major move

The Edelson Institute - Silver is surging. Are you positioned to ride the coming rally? If not, don’t waste another minute. The good news is there is still time to get onboard. Gold and silver are heating up. Good silver miners and explorers will rise. Some will rise faster than others, as buyers come out of the woodwork and […]

The Edelson Institute - Good news for metal bulls: My intermediate target on gold is $1,609. And that’s just for starters. Longer term, gold could go much higher than that. Should you be buying miners? Yes! Why? Because miners are leveraged to the metal. If gold goes from $1,200 to $1,400, that’s a 16.6% move. But what does that […] Radio - Picking the right Gold stock very important

The Edelson Institute - A currency crisis … a superpower mired in an unconventional war … cutthroat capitalists preying on honest merchants … political activists mounting “tea party” protests … These scenarios sound like they’re ripped from today’s headlines. But these were the earth-shaking events that shaped the world of the American Revolution. The revolution still has lessons for […] Radio - Little confidence of quick US-China Trade War fix

The Edelson Institute - If you have a 401(k), IRA, or other tax-advantaged retirement account, you can get tax breaks that let you build your nest egg a lot quicker. But surprisingly, 6 in 10 working-age Americans don’t have one. They’re neglecting one of the BEST ways to grow their wealth. And if you’re one of the growing number […]

June 11th, 2019 | Social IN-Security

The Edelson Institute - Relying on Social Security for retirement? That could be the biggest mistake of your life. First, Social Security benefits have lost a whopping 33% of their buying power since 2000, according to a new report from the nonpartisan Senior Citizens League. And even though recipients saw a fairly generous cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in 2019, it […]
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