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Sean is the natural resource analyst. You can read his thoughts on gold, oil and other natural resources at

The Edelson Institute - The Bedouins have an old saying that goes: “Once the camel’s nose is in your tent, the rest of the camel can’t be far behind.” Folks, the camel’s nose is in your tent. Maybe you didn’t even know you were camping. But I’m speaking metaphorically. That camel is inflation. His nose is in your tent. […] Radio - China vs. USA, and Tesla

The Edelson Institute - I have nothing against homebuilders per se. I wish them well. But the chart is painting a forbidding picture. If you own them, you might consider exiting or at least hedging those investments. Just look at the SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (NYSE: XHB). The babbling heads on CNBC have pounded the table on this one recently, […]

The Edelson Institute - There is a crisis moving toward the oil markets now, like a crocodile hunting a bunch of swimmers at the beach. It barely makes ripple on the surface of the water. But man, can it bite. I’ll explain. You know that President Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are in a war of words. First, […]

The Edelson Institute - The market hates gold right now. Hates it! I’m OK with that, though. That’s because gold and gold miners are going to pull off a massive rally when you least expect it. Let me show you two reasons why. This shows that short positions in gold are at a record high. That’s according to the […] Radio - Trump, Uranium, and Newspapers

The Edelson Institute - The trade war is on. Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong! And while President Trump is handing out heaping helpings of tariff tough talk to Mexico, Canada and Europe, he’s saved his special ire for China. This could affect your investments a lot. I’ll explain. President Trump just announced another 10% hike on $200 billion […]

July 9th, 2018 | Markets and Tariff Wars Radio - What ever happened to the anticipated Gold rally?

The Edelson Institute - Man, I love catching a big move early. And there’s a metal that is just making a turn out of a long, brutal bear market right now. It’s not gold. It’s not platinum. Nope, this metal glows in the dark. It is still moving slowly, like a giant rousing from a deep slumber. Investors who […]

The Edelson Institute - When it comes to gas prices, you can’t blame consumers for not knowing whether they’re coming or going, due to all the geopolitical problems bubbling to the surface. But there IS good news, at least here in the short term, for the 31 million Americans hitting the road this holiday week. And for the rest […]

The Edelson Institute - Gold prices traded sideways for the first part of the year, and have been rolling downhill slowly since May. It’s very disappointing for gold bulls. Worse than that, it’s boring. But this also may be a setup for some extraordinary gains. Why? Because gold’s snooze-walk to lower prices not seen since late last year is […] Radio - Harley Davidson feeling the heat of tariff wars

The Edelson Institute - Oil markets have seen a bull market in bearishness recently, with one market wag after another coming out to call a top. The prices of oil-leveraged companies didn’t wait, falling hard and fast. And now, you have a great opportunity … to go long those very same stocks. Here’s the scoop … Russia and Saudi […]

The Edelson Institute - The histories of North America’s rushes for gold and silver are filled with outrageous stories and larger-than-life characters. And here’s one you haven’t heard before: A massive silver rush, one that was started by a wild fox. It’s an incredible tale ripped from the pages from history. But it holds lessons for today’s investors. Let […]

The Edelson Institute - My family loves the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, and pirates in general. We live in Florida, which doesn’t have areas named “The Gold Coast” and “The Treasure Coast” for nothing. Ye deadly lass bears a little likeness to a real pirate. What I really find interesting is the economics of piracy, I’m talking about […]

June 10th, 2018 | Dust in the Wind

The Edelson Institute - A huge bull market in commodities suddenly takes a downturn. Equities are getting clobbered. The nation is groaning under insurmountable debts after the banks throw caution to the wind. Some people say the market is over-regulated — others that it’s not regulated enough. And weird weather is making headlines — in fact, some people think […]

The Edelson Institute - El Dorado … Cibola … Quivira … these are all fabled “lost cities of gold” that fired up the imaginations of explorers who pursued their dreams to the four corners of the Earth. These cities only existed in the fevered imaginations of storytellers. But there was a real city of gold … or at least, […]

The Edelson Institute - The U.S. seems to be getting more involved in the Middle East all the time. There are many reasons why, but any cynical analyst will tell you that control of oil resources is at the heart of the matter. I’m a history buff, so I can tell you that Uncle Sam isn’t the first to […]

The Edelson Institute - Gold rushes in Canada have all the exciting elements of one of the old pulp action-adventure novel. Greed, bloodlust, native Americans, Chinese prospectors! For example, let’s look at the Cariboo Gold Rush. When I say “Cariboo Gold Rush,” you may say “What?” Most people have forgotten what was the most exciting event of its day. […] Radio - European Banking Crisis and Geopolitics

The Edelson Institute - Martin asked subscribers for their views, hopes and fears. And many of you wrote in. Some of those questions seem better suited to me. So, I thought I would field them here. And it gives me a chance to answer questions on gold, dividends, and more. Colby N. writes … I have a membership in Supercycle […]

The Edelson Institute - You can’t turn on the TV without hearing that stocks are overpriced by this or that metric. Well, let me tell you, there is a market right now that is priced in pennies compared to where it is going to be down the road. And investors with steel in their spines will want to buy […]

The Edelson Institute - Man, the prices at the pump are soaring. Why is that? Isn’t America pumping more oil than ever? What the ding-dang is going on? Well, I’ll explain not only why gasoline prices are high, but what you can do about it. First, you know oil is a global market, right? It gets pumped and shipped […]

The Edelson Institute - There is a metal on the launchpad right now. And I’m not talking about silver or gold. Those both look good … but this metal could be even hotter. I’m talking about copper. Copper is said to have its “Ph.D. in economics.” We call the metal “Doctor Copper” because it takes the pulse of the […]

May 15th, 2018 | Marijuana Merger Radio - Record S&P 500 company share buy-backs
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