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Sean is the natural resource analyst for Weiss Group. You can read his thoughts on gold, oil, cannabis, uranium and other natural resources at

The Edelson Institute - I have three investable ideas for you. But before I tell you about them, I want to give you a little context first. This past week, Congress and the White House passed a $2 trillion “rescue” bill for Wall Street and the broader economy — $6 trillion if you include all the new lending the […]

The Edelson Institute - The rally in the broad indices has been excellent this week. Wanna know what’s rallying even higher? Gold. And miners are outpacing both gold and the S&P 500 by 4x and 6x, respectively. Here’s a chart of the performance of the S&P 500, gold and miners over the past five days. It shows miners’ massive […]

The Edelson Institute - What a week! And Thursday was the worst. The bears charged down Wall Street as the Dow Jones Industrial Average swooned 2,352 points — 9.9%. Now, many investors running around and pulling out their hair. They’re wondering: “Was that it? Was that the end of the panic? Is it time to buy?” In my view, […]

The Edelson Institute - Rising fear of COVID-19 has sent the stock markets skidding lower … and gold soaring higher. The best is yet to come for gold. But buddy, you better start paying attention to silver. I’ll tell you why. Here’s a chart of gold, silver and the S&P 500 since Feb. 19.   You can see  gold […] Radio - US Fed emergency rate cut

The Edelson Institute - My mom was one of 13 children. Many of whom had oodles of kids themselves. So I’m not exaggerating when I say I have a LOT of relatives. One of them is Chris Thomas, my cousin Penny’s son. Chris moved to China right after he graduated college. He met a nice girl there, Stephanie Li. […]

The Edelson Institute - I’m getting your questions and hearing your concerns loud and clear. And the biggest question I’m getting is: “Is it too late for me to buy gold?” And I understand why this is a concern. Gold has rallied more than 10% since late December. And it just hit a seven-year high! Surely, it’s too expensive […]

The Edelson Institute - With all my talk about the “War Cycle Convergence” … you’re probably wondering: Which markets will outperform … and which ones will get pounded? As I said before, this new convergence of War Cycles will also coincide with the last stock market boom of our lifetimes — a boom that too many ordinary investors will […] Radio - Gold Mining Juniors surging

The Edelson Institute - This year, we’ve seen major Canadian players fall short of expectations, and face-plant spectacularly while doing so. Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) saw its share price tumble down as much as 86% from its 52-week highs before recently bouncing. And it’s not the worst example. CannTrust (NYSE: CTST) dropped 92% from its highs. Sheesh! But you know what? There are […]

The Edelson Institute - There is a big squeeze going on in gold miners right now. The last time this signal showed up, gold miners went soaring by 51%. The blast-off hasn’t happened yet. But if you get in before the blast-off, you could be in for a heck of a profitable ride. I’m talking about the squeeze in […]

The Edelson Institute - Governments and businesses around the world are coming to grips with the coronavirus. Is the fear overdone? Sure. But I’ll tell you one thing: The government reaction to the coronavirus practically guarantees higher gold prices. Let’s start with my view that fears of the coronavirus are overdone. I must be mad, right? The virus has […]

The Edelson Institute - I’ve mentioned the converging of war cycles a few times before. Forgive my repetition, but I want to make sure you guys know what’s coming … and have time to prepare! One way to ride the storm is by getting into gold. This historic safe-haven commodity is skyrocketing. Over a recent six-month period, gold outperformed […] Radio - Gold, Oil, Marijuana, and the WHO

February 2nd, 2020 | Why You Must Go for Gold NOW!

The Edelson Institute - Gold continues to power higher. In the short term, it’s fear of the Coronavirus. But this “Asian contagion” just masks deeper fundamentals lining up to power gold higher. I think we can all agree that gold is in a bull market. That seems apparent. While other investments are crumbling as traders run for cover, gold […]

January 28th, 2020 | War Profits Are A Comin’!

The Edelson Institute - I think I threw you for a loop last week when I said this: This new convergence of War Cycles will also coincide with the last stock market boom of our lifetimes — a boom that too many ordinary investors will miss out on due to bad advice and even blind panic. When wars break out, investors’ […]

January 21st, 2020 | The WAR ‘Convergence’

The Edelson Institute - “Everything here is boiling, and the explosion is near, but it will be very violent … people no longer have anything to lose. We lost everything and thought we would at least get some gains, but we were delusional. Our homes and livelihoods were destroyed, we were displaced, and we lost our family and friends. […]

The Edelson Institute - One industry fell so hard last year, it’s like it was pushed out a high-rise window. Recently, it was down 57% from its March 2019 peak. Individual names in the industry fell harder — 70% … 80% … 90%! The carnage was terrible. And as Baron Rothschild famously said, “The time to buy is when […]

The Edelson Institute - I showed you over the past few months how China’s on a mission — a “100-Year Marathon” — to replace America as the last, greatest empire in the history of mankind. Well, have you noticed China’s STOCK MARKET lately? It’s soaring! And yet, it’s going unnoticed. That’s because many are hesitant to invest in China. […]

The Edelson Institute - It looked like America was at the brink of war with Iran, with missiles flying in both directions. As fear spread, gold surged to a seven-year high. Then the two nations stepped back. “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned,” President Trump said. My take: Don’t breathe […]

The Edelson Institute - The face-off between the U.S. and Iran is sending seismic shockwaves through the Middle East. We don’t know how this conflict could play out. But one likely winner is China. Iran’s terrorist ways have left it friendless in much of the developed world. But China doesn’t care. China will shake the hands of any dictator, […]

The Edelson Institute - Are you feeling bullish on gold and silver for 2020? Most people aren’t. Most people sat on their hands in 2019 and ignored the rally in metals … and the red-hot rally in great mining stocks. So, let me give you five fascinating facts about gold and silver for 2020. We’ll look back. We’ll look […]

The Edelson Institute - The story of gold, along with the story of all metals on earth, begins 4.6 billion years ago. That’s when a giant star — a real colossus — burned through its last joules of fuel and erupted in a burst of raw energy and heavy metals. The star was composed primarily of hydrogen with a […]

The Edelson Institute - Early one Sunday morning, Taiwan scrambled its interceptors. Two Chinese J-11 fighter jets had just crossed the “median line” … entering the island’s airspace. Despite warnings, they continued their incursion for a full 10 minutes — unusual compared with past episodes. Nationalist Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen — seeking re-election in 2020 — ordered a “forceful […]

The Edelson Institute - Christmas is a season for many things … and it’s also a time for commodities. No, I don’t mean the jewelry you’ll inevitably buy your sweetheart. I’m talking the old-time commodities: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those were the gifts of the Magi to baby Jesus. In one form or another, these commodities or their replacements […]
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