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David Skarica

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David Skarica Founder of Addicted To Profits. Our niche is in the resource sector of investments. If you are interested in this sector, Addicted to Profits offers an unprecedented perspective of precious metals. Addicted to Profits takes a unique contrarian approach to market prediction. Our linchpin is in the fundamental analysis of stocks. We search depreciated commodities, conduct honest research and make successful predictions which often results in explosive investments. Radio - Will Silver be the next target for charged up day traders?

January 20th, 2021 | Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Energy Radio - Could Crypto’s be vulnerable to government crack downs? Radio - Capital Gains Tax, Cashless Society Radio - Will markets continue to rise? Radio - Brazil, Russia, Political Favorites Radio - Are Japan and Asia in better positions for recovery than the US? Radio - Even the richest sports leagues hurt by recession Radio - Are some industries doomed? Radio - Why Warren Buffett is getting into Gold Radio - What happens when government aid stops? Radio - Will continuous stimulus lead to stagflation? Radio - What happens to markets when Government aid runs out? Radio - Canada loses Fitch AAA credit rating Radio - US Fed continues emergency spending powers Radio - So called re-opening of economy really isn’t much Radio - US Fed and Negative Interest Rates