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July 25, 2022 | It’s Not Safe Or Effective

James Quinn has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his 30 year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He earned a BS in accounting from Drexel University and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a certified public accountant and a certified cash manager.

Christian Szell: Is it safe?

Babe: I don’t know what you mean. I can’t tell you something’s safe or not, unless I know specifically what you’re talking about.

Christian Szell: Is it safe?

Babe: Tell me what the “it” refers to.

Christian Szell: Is it safe?

Babe: Yes, it’s safe, it’s very safe, it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it.

Christian Szell: Is it safe?

Babe: No. It’s not safe, it’s… very dangerous, be careful.

Marathon Man debuted in 1976, so a majority of people have probably never seen this movie or this terrifyingly sadistic scene. Szell is trying to make sure his bounty of diamonds obtained from his days at Auschwitz are safe. Babe has no idea what Szell is talking about. He is just trying to survive. But Szell drills into Babe’s tooth until he hits a live nerve, generating excruciating pain, before Babe escapes and outruns his pursuers. That scene has always stuck in my brain, and it strikes me as having enormous relevance in the wake of events over the last two years.

Szell probes Babe’s mouth until he finds a cavity and jams his instrument into it causing tremendous pain. He then then puts oil of clove on the tooth and it relieves the pain. He then states, “relief is comfort”. That is a perfect analogy to this covid cavity scheme. The powers that be lockdown the world, destroying small businesses and putting tens of millions out of work, then throw some stimmies and unemployment payments at those they have hurt and say, “relief is comfort”. Then they proceed to drill into a live nerve as their next act.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic — Open Health Care Clinic

The term “safe” has been bandied about with reckless abandon by our overlords, as they have sold the world a false bill of goods with these mRNA poison injections. Whenever I hear their putrid propaganda spewed by some athlete, Hollywood liberal, MSM bimbo “journalist”, or paid off medical shill, that the vaccines are “safe and effective” it’s like Szell drilling into a live nerve in my tooth. I want to scream in terror and make a run for it. I think our beloved mass murderer – Fauci – fits the bill as the Szell character in this story of corruption, deceit, greed, murder, and obfuscation.


Fauci is the highest paid government weasel on the planet; takes kickbacks from the drug companies for pushing their products; funded the bio-weapon released on the world in late 2019; has lied and deceived about the origins, effectiveness, and safety of the jabs; has effectively murdered hundreds of thousands by his actions; suppressed the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine because they worked and would eliminate the need for an EUA for the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J jabs; and continues to fear monger about a virus that is no worse than a bad cold for 99% of the people who catch it.

Newsroom | Anthony Fauci, M.D., '62: COVID Crusader

This corrupt soulless apparatchik is the self-promoting egomaniacal villain is this dystopian thriller. This grifter cut his teeth by utterly screwing up the government response to the AIDs crisis, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of thousands due to his pushing of the wrong treatment protocol, just like his fatal promotion of remdesivir as an effective treatment for Covid during this scamdemic. There is a good reason its nickname is “Run, Death is Near”.

It boggles the mind that this bootlicking troll with a Napoleon complex could be so wrong about every aspect of this pandemic he caused and is still touted as a “health expert”, spending his days spouting false narratives on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. He has lied to Congress multiple times. He should be in a prison cell awaiting execution for mass murder but is poised to collect the largest government pension in history.

They lied to the American people and the liberal media covered it up - Imgflip

Mass murderer Fauci, along with the dementia patient (with Covid after 4 jabs) in the White House, lying shrew Walensky, backstabbing Birx, a slew of other Big Pharma medical expert prostitutes, and every low IQ media personality getting paid off by the plandemic posse, unequivocally declared these untested DNA altering concoctions to be “safe and effective”. These people have been lying from day one of this farce.

We are lost in a blizzard of lies and their response has been to double down and lie bigger. Let’s review the long and ongoing stream of bullshit our overlords have prorammed into the non-critical thinking brains of the ignorant masses, knowing their Bernays mind control methods of fear would mold, manipulate, and lead the majority to believe their provably false narratives.

  • Biden, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the left-wing coup cabal screeched in horror, calling Trump a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China, when that was the most rational, safe, and effective method to “slow the spread”. Destroying Trump was always the motive behind this plandemic and the mail-in ballot fraud couldn’t have happened without the China flu.

A 'coup in America?' Fox News escalates anti-Mueller rhetoric. - The Washington Post

  • Fauci and his co-conspirators immediately blamed bats from a Chinese wet market as the cause of the outbreak, knowing full well it came from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab that he was funding illegally through 3rd parties. The co-opted MSM and social media tyrants banned anyone (Zero Hedge) who even proposed the Wuhan lab as the source. Fauci initially told the public not to panic during January and February, appearing on 60 Minutes and scoffing at lockdowns and masks. It was only when it became clear his funding of the Wuhan lab through Peter Daszak created the disaster did he do an about face, pushing for lockdowns, masking, and all the other worthless hoopla to distract from his guilt in killing millions.

Zero Hedge Permanently Suspended From Twitter for 'Harassment' - Bloomberg

  • Every method of “stopping the spread” sold to the masses as effective has proven to 100% ineffective. They made up the 6-foot distancing based on some grade school kid’s class project. The idiocy of one-way aisles in retail stores was mind bogglingly stupid and useless. The perpetuation of the lie masks would or could stop the spread of a microscopic virus continues to this day. Mask mandates failed miserably. The CDC and Fauci knew masks didn’t work. We have studies and interviews with Fauci on tape saying so. Hard data from cities, states, and countries across the world prove beyond a doubt masks are useless. They were used as a control mechanism and virtue signaling technique to provoke fear in the sheep-like masses and make them easier to corral. Millions of brainless zombies across the land continue to mask every day, with no mandates requiring them to.


  • The fallacy that shutting down every business in the country would stop a virus was pure deception. The fact was our financial system started to seize up in September 2019 when overnight repo rates soared to 10%. The Fed knew a financial crisis was imminent and began cutting rates and restarted QE. This fake pandemic was the perfect cover for them to print trillions of dollars and for the government to hand out billions in freebees to freeloaders and those that couldn’t work due to their mandatory lockdowns. Lockdowns failed to stop the virus but did provide cover for a failing financial system. The raging inflation today is solely the fault of these central bankers printing trillions to support the spending by corrupt politicians. All built on lies.

Assets: Securities Held Outright: Mortgage-Backed Securities: Wednesday Level (WSHOMCB) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

  • Now we come to the supposed miracle vaccines, developed at warp speed by Big Pharma in a matter of months. This is where the back peddling and revisionist history has reached epic levels of disinformation and bold-faced lies. These experimental gene therapies were sold to the public as 95% effective in keeping you from getting Covid. This was proclaimed loudly and without a doubt by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Trump, Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Biden and all the feckless media prostitutes getting tens of millions from Big Pharma and Big Gov to do so. You were told if you got these vaxxes, you would not contract, spread, be hospitalized, or die from this virus. All lies. Birx has admitted to lying this week on Fox News. These supposed miracle cures have proven to be worthless. Then the story changed. If you got the booster, you would be protected. False claim. Then the second booster. Also, a huge fail. THEY DO NOT WORK. They will keep flogging boosters to eternity, because Big Pharma needs big profits to dole out to Fauci, the MSM, and politicians.

  • They said the mRNA vaccines did not alter your DNA. That was a lie. We now know they do. The spike protein causes all kinds of havoc in the human body.
  • They have lied about the number of Covid deaths in order to pump up fear and profits. They claim 1 million people have died from Covid. That is an outright lie and the CDC knows it’s a lie. They estimated that only 6% of the deaths were directly from Covid. The rest were really sick people who happened to die with a covid diagnosis. They know 1 million is a helluva lot scarier than 60,000. The actual overall fatality rate from this flu is on par with the annual flu and actually lower for anyone under 40 years old.

  • They said their clinical trials proved these mRNA potions were safe and effective. Pfizer and the FDA then tried to hide the trial data for 75 years. Why would they do that if their data proved their claims? Luckily a judge forced them to release the data. They needed to hide the data because it proves these vaccines are extremely dangerous and completely ineffective in stopping this virus or any virus. The animals tested with the poison kept dying, so they stopped testing them. Test subjects died or were injured by the vaxxes. These trial results should have shut the entire operation down, but billions in profits were on the line, so what were a few million deaths from the vaxxes. You have to break a few eggs to make a multi-billion-dollar omelet of profits for the ruling oligarchs and their minions.

Pfizer Inc. on Twitter: "The future looks brighter with science." / Twitter

  • The silence about the truth is even more damning than the flagrant lies. Unless you follow truth telling doctors, bloggers, or journalists, you would never know about the millions of vaccine injuries and deaths reported officially into the VAERs database. The legacy media, still sucking the teat of Big Pharma advertising dollars, do not report the unusually high numbers of deaths among athletes, young people, unborn babies, and a myriad of other perfectly healthy people who died suddenly. They are actually trying to normalize heart attacks and myocarditis in teenagers using fake reasons like cold showers and climate change. The vaccines are literally killing far more people than they have saved. The all-cause mortality rates are soaring, and life insurance companies are racking up huge losses, because young people are not supposed to die at these rates. And these are the immediate deaths. No one knows the long-term impact of these jabs, but you can be sure it isn’t positive.

vaers data vaccine injury july 22

  • A conspiracy minded person might even wonder whether this entire charade built upon a relatively non-lethal flu, unless you were old and already dying or grotesquely overweight, was created in order to inject billions with this dodgy, unproven, experimental, lethal brew, as part of a bigger agenda related to the Great Reset and promoted by everyone’s favorite de-population software billionaire/farmer – Bill Gates. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence both Gates & Fauci predicted a pandemic during Trump’s term, and both happened to be involved in the October 2019 pandemic simulation called Event 201. All of the parties benefitting from the pandemic were involved in staging the simulation. Also, just a coincidence Moderna’s patent for their mRNA was applied for in 2019 before Covid actually existed.

Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts

  • The WHO declared China to not be at fault when they knew full well China and the CCP were responsible for the release and covered up the release for at least a month as it spread across the globe. The WHO and Tedros are nothing but puppets of the CCP. Tedros’ job now is to spread fear about a monkeypox pandemic that only affects promiscuous gay men. The fear mongering and lies from this communist bureaucrat is blatant and inexcusable. There should be a Nuremberg 2 with all these sociopaths executed for crimes against humanity.
  • It’s amazing Klaus Schwab and his Davos cronies at the WEF seemed to be so prepared and ready to not let this crisis pass without taking advantage of it to institute their Great Reset agenda. I don’t believe in coincidences, so when the richest sociopaths in the world gather at Davos every year and have their Bilderberg powwows, they aren’t discussing the weather, unless it is to utilize the fake climate change gibberish to gather more wealth and power. The richest and most powerful men on earth try to figure out how to become more powerful and wealthier. And this engineered pandemic, taking advantage of a dumbed down, non-critical thinking, social media worshipping, fearful public, was the opportunity of a lifetime for Schwab and his cult of acolytes.

Now is the time for a 'great reset' of capitalism | World Economic Forum

  • Everything we’ve been told by governments, the media, medical “experts, central bankers, corporate executives, and religious leaders since late 2019 has been a Big Lie. The Great Reset has been the plan all along and they are methodically implementing it. The inflation, high gas prices, food shortages, bird flu, cattle dying, drought, Ukraine war, climate emergency, monkeypox, variant of the week, abortion ruling leak, mass shootings where police stand down and allow it to happen, J6 hearings until November, EU self-imposed energy crisis, proxy war against Putin, saber rattling against China, ceaseless promotion of perversion in grade schools, the military, and television, and declaring white supremacy an extreme risk while blacks slaughtering each other in democrat run cities is ignored, are all part of the Great Reset agenda. They want to burn the world down so they can rebuild it as an electronic gulag, where we own nothing and are told to be happy, or we will be dispatched from their economic system by electronic excommunication.

Ukraine: The United States are now fighting a proxy war with Russia - REBEL

  • The biggest and vilest lie of them all is that babies as young as 6 months old should be vaccinated against a virus that has a statistical death rate of ZERO for anyone under 12 years old. Why are they doing this? What is their motive? It certainly isn’t being done for health reasons. Have the sociopaths pulling the levers behind the scenes really implemented a long-term de-population scheme because they realized our petroleum-based world will eventually run out of easily extracted fossil fuels and lessening demand by killing off billions will keep their power and riches intact? If these mRNA gene therapies kill off people in a slow, almost indistinguishable manner, while lessening the fertility of young people, and deteriorating the immune systems of everyone who got the jab, the Great Reset will have achieved one of its major goals. You say to yourself how could someone like Bill Gates possibly be this evil, and then remind yourself he went to Epstein Island 36 times.

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New York Times

  • We now get evidence every day the vaccines are not safe or effective. The countries with the highest vaxx rates now have the highest number of covid cases. The vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among the vaxxed. Every day there are reports of athletes, young people, and perfectly healthy middle-aged people dying suddenly in their sleep. They’ve even made up a new fake malady called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”. OMG. What could be the cause? Still the media airs incessant propaganda commercials, paid for with your tax dollars, telling you to get vaxxed and boosted. And when you catch the virus anyway, be sure to take Pfizer’s Paxlovid, which is guaranteed to make your symptoms worse. Pfizer’s billions in profits need a boost.

UK donates another million doses of covid vaccine (AstraZeneca) to Bangladesh. They donated 4 million doses just a few months ago. : r/Canada_sub

  • How the millions of those who were misled and bullied into getting jabbed aren’t irate and lynching those who lied to them is incomprehensible to me. The levels of cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias among the masses is enough to fuel Musk’s mission to Mars. It’s a tribute to the effectiveness of their propaganda and mind control techniques that they still have more than 50% of the population convinced this was a dangerous virus and continues to be a threat to their lives. It saddens me that Americans are this gullible and unable to utilize their cerebral cortex to discern they have been used as pawns in a diabolical game of chess being played by unaccountable billionaire oligarchs. What a pitiful display by the citizens of this country.

I think it is undeniably clear it is not safe taking these vaccines, believing anything you are told by your bought off controlled politician bureaucrats, listening to advice by so called medical experts or media talking heads, trusting Jerome Powell has your best interests at heart while debasing what remains of our fiat currency, thinking Biden and his handlers are not leading us into World War 3 by fighting a proxy war against Putin through their puppet lackeys in the Ukraine, and counting on dementia Joe and cackling Kamala to not destroy our economic system before 2024. We are not safe. It’s time to run as fast as possible to escape from these raving lunatics.

The term effective has multiple connotations in light of our current situation. In my judgement, a vaccine would be considered effective if it actually kept you from contracting the virus and it had little or no side effects over the short term and long term, sort of like the polio vaccine and smallpox vaccine. I think most people would have been a little upset if they got a couple cases of smallpox after being vaccinated four times against smallpox. But I must be old fashioned in my belief of what a vaccine is supposed to do. These days, you just change the definition when something fails miserably at what it is supposed to do. These vaccines don’t even meet the dumbed down CDC (aka Ministry of Truth) 2021 definition of what a vaccine is supposed to do.

Thomas Massie on Twitter: "Check out @CDCgov's evolving definition of “ vaccination.” They've been busy at the Ministry of Truth:" / Twitter

If your definition of effective is that it provided the impetus for the Schwab, Gates, Soros, WEF Great Reset plan to begin to be rolled out and implemented on a global basis, then it has been tremendously effective. If your definition of effective is proving to themselves (the ruling elite) that fear propaganda and un-Constitutional threats mandating experimental drugs be pumped into human beings can clearly motivate over 5 billion people on the planet to cower in fear and allow themselves to become Big Pharma guinea pigs, then our overlords’ plan has been extremely effective.

If your definition of effective is $5 gasoline, 18% inflation, a broken supply chain, sanctions against Russia that hurt average Americans, home affordability at all-time lows, the purposeful destruction of farmers, and outlawing of energy exploration and pipelines to implement the green new deal, then Biden and his commie handlers have effectively destroyed our economy and the economies of Europe.

Why does Imam Khamenei believe the US will sink like the Titanic? -

The U.S. Titanic has already hit the iceberg and is rapidly taking on water. There are not nearly enough lifeboats or rescue ships close enough to help. Captain Biden meanders in the wheelhouse after shitting his pants, while his first mate Harris is producing a word salad while laughing hysterically at the situation. The band, led by Jerome Powell, continues to play by printing and buying back what they print in a futile effort to keep the ship of state afloat.

The American Empire was destined to fail, just as every empire before it. The only question now is whether we fail in a blaze of glory by initiating World War 3 and the end of civilization as we know it or go out with a whimper, sinking under a morass of debt, degeneracy, decay, and delusions of grandeur. The dreams of the globalist elites will be shattered, as modern society crumbles, civil war erupts across the globe, nations go to war, and the peasants rise up and overthrow the men who created this havoc. At least, this is my vision of the future. It’s better than waking each day and feeling like a drill is hitting a nerve in my tooth. It’s time to dispatch the Szell’s of this world with extreme prejudice.

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July 25th, 2022

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