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Stewart Muir is founder and executive director of the Resource Works Society, a Vancouver-based group open to participation by British Columbians from all walks of life who are concerned about their future economic opportunities. He is an author, journalist and historian with experience on three continents including a financial editor of The Vancouver Sun responsible for mining and markets coverage. Since Resource Works was established in 2014, the group has gained international recognition for its practical approach to the public challenges of responsible natural resource development and use.

Resource Works - Over 80% of Canadians, and an even greater percentage of British Columbians indicate that they are concerned or very concerned about climate change. Kim Lonsdale looks into how is this translating into how we get around. Such a high level of awareness and concern is the result of the ongoing efforts of environmental organizations, academics, politicians, and others […] Radio - Terrace BC First Nation pro-resource use

Resource Works -   Extracting added value from commodities like minerals, energy, paper and lumber is the most realistic option we have to create more high-tech jobs in an era when over 70 per cent of global trade is in intermediate goods and services and capital goods. Natural resources are a foundational element of British Columbia’s economy, resulting in high-paying […] Radio - Primary Industries Key to Canada’s Economic Health

Resource Works - One of the most important skill sets for current times is the ability to work with people we don’t necessary agree with or even trust. Finally there is a way to acquire this ability. It’s difficult to overestimate the complexity of the human brain and the way it drives our social relations. Check out this […]

Resource Works - Industry and government are paying the price for being tone deaf and numb to their obligations to First Nations and communities. Regulatory burden and uncertainty is another. Layer on top of that regulatory uncertainty and a lack of a real and clear commitment by governments, and it’s clear Canada is in trouble.  \ Ken Hughes […]

Resource Works - The world is just as dependent as ever on basic materials that need to be responsibly sourced from somewhere. This can be challenging to understand  for those who’ve heard the arguments that Canada is a post-resource economy. This material can help. The first thing to know is that over time, resources have actually been a […]

Resource Works - Every woman, man and child in Canada benefits from the oil industry through the billions it pays in royalties, corporate taxes and other levies. According to Jamie Carroll, that includes the women, men and children living in British Columbia and Quebec. This article by Jamie Carroll was originally published by iPolitics. TransCanada has announced that it […]

Resource Works - In our haste for energy perfection, we are overlooking the more important need to sustain, over the long term, supplies of energy sufficient to let us maintain our standard of living. Stewart Muir looks at what we can do about this emerging crisis. This article was originally published as an op-ed in the Winnipeg Free […] Radio - Why proportional representation may hurt BC’s resource industries

Resource Works - Electric vehicles? Solar panels? Wind turbines? None of the above. Educating girls and family planning in combination offer the greatest single opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   With huge efforts being put into alternative fuels, a surprising fact is that addressing other issues successfully would do far more for the global environment than many […]

Resource Works - Sobering thoughts from a retired energy regulator who has won accolades from all sides through contentious processes. Ron Wallace is the type of unbiased person that Canada needs to have on a regulator that is overseeing Canada’s energy industry, according to one scientist who worked with him over decades. Wallace, who hit retirement age recently and as […]

Resource Works - A court challenge paid for by British Columbia taxpayers claims that building safe energy infrastructure is not in the national interest. Could this be true? Most British Columbians instinctively understand the importance of critical energy infrastructure. A poll out last week from the Angus Reid Institute is only the most recent confirmation of this:   […]

Resource Works - Global demand for crude oil and natural gas is not credibly forecast to diminish over most of this century, but there is increasing pressure to change our energy systems. Some leading-edge thinkers examine the thorny issues that result. In this article, two prominent thinkers look at Canadian climate policy and how the country can avoid shooting […] Radio - Mining Vital to Vancouver’s Economic Health

Resource Works - “We continue to drag our feet about pipelines, we manage to discourage liquefied natural gas investments in BC…” Economist Philip Cross, who authored the groundbreaking High Impact study for Resource Works when we launched in 2014, offers a fresh analysis of where Canada finds itself in the third quarter of 2017. Not surprisingly, resource congestion is at […]

Resource Works - A fascinating new study from the Business Council of British Columbia reveals high level of mutual dependency between the neighbours. Not only is Alberta a bigger export destination for BC than China is. Alberta’s merchandise exports to BC are greater than its exports to Asia. CHECK OUT THE STUDY And it’s not just about stuff. The value […]

Resource Works - Resource commodities are nearly 80% of British Columbia’s exports today and continue to underpin hundreds of thousands of jobs. Wrong moves on carbon pricing can hurt those workers while doing nothing for climate. One of the major risks in climate policy for British Columbia is carbon leakage. Leakage is when an emitting activity is moved from […]

Resource Works - A trio of city policies amounts to a de facto ban on natural gas in pursuit of a “100% renewable energy” target. Moreover, the ban is based on insufficient renewable natural gas and could blunt more effective work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sept. 19, 2017 – Today Resource Works, with support from the BC Restaurant and […] Radio - BC Government scrapping financial reports, calls it transparency

Resource Works - While a small number of protesters get themselves on the news with emotionally charged displays, it turns out most British Columbia residents are practical green futurists who support new energy projects done right. When it comes to balancing British Columbia’s environment and economy, it’s not either-or. It’s both. That’s how most residents feel about the […]

Resource Works - How can we collaborate to protect workers and grow the economy? A roundtable conversation with Canada’s environment minister is a reminder that complex regulatory systems are not simple to manage. Stewart Muir (third from right) shared Resource Works perspectives with federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna (second from left) during her recent roundtable in Vancouver. The […]

Resource Works - Recent events prove that when resource investment is driven away from Canada, governments will have no choice but to raise taxes to get the funds they need. Billions of dollars in infrastructure investment is diverting to other jurisdictions. Many attribute this failure to our growing reputation as a country that cannot make timely decisions. In the struggle […]

September 5th, 2017 | Life of a Natural Gas Well

Resource Works - We’re often asked how natural gas, which occurs in great abundance in western Canada, can be extracted with minimal impact on land and water. This animation shows the steps involved. This article from JWN Energy was so informative, we just had to create an animated version. Share it to spread the knowledge! Based on actual practices […] Radio - How can a “Green” Government be against Hydro Power?
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