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Sean is the natural resource analyst. You can read his thoughts on gold, oil and other natural resources at

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - Do you think silver is poised to go higher? I sure do. That’s because I’m watching what is going on in the world’s silver ETFs. I’m also watching the mountain of forces that are piling up to push the metal higher. Look at this chart. It shows all the metal held by the world’s physical […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - This is a very bullish week for precious metals. And gold’s gain comes at the pain of the U.S. dollar. Now, that’s bad news if the U.S. dollar is your biggest investment. That’s because the value in those dollars is going to get shredded. The good news is you can hedge your risk with physical […] Radio - China Flooding Oil Futures with Yuan

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - The trading action in gold and silver has been bad in the past month. The action in miners and explorers has been worse. But now, miners and explorers are sending a different message: Hold on to your hats! We’re headed higher. Here’s a chart tracking the action in gold, silver, miners and explorers over the […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - Gold tried to bounce today, but instead contributed to its biggest weekly loss in six months. Silver, meanwhile, has been stuffed in a sack and beaten with hammers. Why are the metals under pressure? It looks like the establishment candidate will win the final round of French elections this weekend. That soothes some rattled nerves. […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - Gold is trading at its lowest level in a month. The bearish mood on the Street is palpable. Good! That, in turn, is dragging down the shares of otherwise great miners. I knew an old Wall Street trader, Charles Belida, now deceased. When he started his first job on Wall Street, he still had an […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - Gold is on a rollercoaster ride, and the next dip could be a doozy. Such a move would bring us to an incredible buying opportunity. But a lot of investors could end up with their hearts in their throats from this wild ride. They might get too scared to buy. That’s an opportunity for those […] Radio - Walmart giving Amazon online competition

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - Gold investors, forget Europe. Yeah, yeah, gold prices went down on the idea that France might vote for someone boring. Panic leaked out of the market like an old balloon. So, gold prices went down. That’s nice. I told you why this is actually good. Meanwhile, there is a tidal wave of demand building in […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - What an exciting time this has been for gold, silver, oil and more! As a result, more letters keep coming in. (You can check out our last Q-and-A issue here.) I always appreciate people who take the time to not only read my articles, but write in with questions. So today, I’d like to answer […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - My mom blames President John F. Kennedy for my Uncle Jimmy’s first marriage. It was October 1962. President Kennedy went on TV and told a stunned America that there were Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba. He explained he was going to blockade Cuba until the missiles were removed. And he made it clear the U.S. […]

April 18th, 2017 | Short Term Gold Radio - Quality of mined gold

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - India is back in the gold market, and in a big way, too. Now, we could chuckle at a potential pun about a golden elephant in the room. But this is serious. This could be one of the big drivers for gold prices in 2017. Is India already priced in? Three words: No! Heck, no! […]

April 6th, 2017 | Shortcut to Gold Riches

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - “I know a shortcut,” the guy driving the Ford Explorer said in his strong Australian accent. He yanked the wheel to the left and we turned off the grassy plateau we were on. The way ahead was down a steep, STEEP decline. STEEP! Far below us, we could see a dirt road that we wanted […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - The market has been cruising along for so long that many investors forget bad things can happen. Boy, they can happen. And before they do, you need to buy ONE THING. See, the market is like a big, beefy guy out mowing his lawn on a weekend morning. He carries a lot of weight, but […]

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - I like silver miners a lot. I strongly believe they could lead the next leg of the precious metals bull market. I laid out a bunch of reasons why on Tuesday, in “Silver is Poised to Take the Gold.” However, there is a dirty little secret in mining: Not all silver mines are really silver […]

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December 5th, 2016 | Natural Gas Pumps Higher Radio - Outlook bright for industrial metals
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