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March 20, 2019 | A Message to the Gold Bulls: Relying on the CoT Gives You A False Sense of Security

Gold stocks have repeated their decline once again yesterday while gold and silver soldier on. When will the miners take gold and silver down with them? Underperformance is a critical sign of weakness, there’s no denying that. Would today’s Fed policy pronouncements provide the spark? These are valid questions that we answer for our subscribers […]

March 18, 2019 | The Confirmation of the Warning: Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part III)

After gold’s plunge on Thursday, it made a comeback attempt on Friday. But that erased only half of Thursday’s vigorous decline. The situation in silver and gold miners doesn’t provide much ground for optimism either. The silent scream we wrote about in the Wednesday’s Alert for our subscribers brought serious repercussions. Both immediately and step-by-step […]

March 15, 2019 | Final Warning: Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part II)

Gold has turned vigorously lower yesterday. And not only gold at that. Red, red, everywhere in precious metals you looked. The silent scream we wrote about in the Wednesday’s Alert for our subscribers brought serious repercussions. Immediately and just in time to reap the benefits. Today, we will devote extraordinary attention to the long-term view […]

March 14, 2019 | Warned You: Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part I)

Gold is turning vigorously lower. And not only gold at that. Red, red, everywhere in precious metals you look. The silent scream we wrote about yesterday brought serious repercussions. In this article, we devote extraordinary attention to the short-term picture throughout the PMs complex. Stay tuned as in the coming day(s) we’ll explain here how […]

March 11, 2019 | Gold Investors: All Eyes on the Striking Implications of the 2012-2013 to Now Link

Gold has apparently turned the corner and we were not surprised by the upside move. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. Today, we’ll interpret this upswing, the expectations it carries and set it all in the larger context. Yes, it’s time to discuss the striking similarity and implications of the 2012-2013 […]

March 6, 2019 | Gold to Soar on High Stock Volatility and Other Lies They Tell You

When the general stock market declined in the previous months, many people called for much higher gold prices, supposedly based on the allure of the safe-haven demand for the yellow metal. And while there is some truth to it as gold would be likely to rally if the US economy got into severe trouble, this […]

March 5, 2019 | Gold’s Upcoming Plunge: The Powerful Analogies, Confirmations and Reasoning

Gold, silver and mining stocks plunged on Friday and the yellow metal closed the week below the $1,300 barrier. The gold-silver ratio soared once again and it all happened in tune with our expectations, and despite the recent dovish comments from the Fed. And – believe it or not – we have something much more […]

February 27, 2019 | Suspicious Strength in the Miners: More Signs Emerging

Just like it was the case on Monday, gold and silver haven’t done much yesterday either, but we saw some interesting action in the miners – they formed a bullish reversal after testing the rising support line. The performance of the USD Index provides us with clues as well. It declined and this should have […]

February 25, 2019 | Gold Miners Underperform Even While Breaking Out

Gold miners soared in the last few weeks, broke above their declining medium-term resistance line. The picture is therefore clearly bearish, right? Not so fast – if the outlook was bullish, miners should be leading gold higher, just like they did in 2016, and this is definitely not the case. What gives? What are gold […]

February 13, 2019 | Where Is Gold’s Rally in Response to Yesterday’s USD Weakness?

Yesterday, the USD Index moved substantially lower while precious metals barely yawned. Why is gold not rallying? What does the gold-USD link tell us now, in combination with latest developments throughout the PMs sector? Let’s examine these and many more clues together. Almost nothing happened yesterday in gold and silver, while miners moved a bit […]

February 12, 2019 | Huge Volume & Tiny Volume – Meaningful Paradox for Gold Investors

Sometimes the clues one needs to make a very important decision are hidden and not visible at the first sight. Sometimes, they are right in front of one’s eyes. Interestingly, at times it’s more difficult to notice the obvious ones than the hidden ones, as one views them as something so obvious that it’s not […]

February 4, 2019 | …And That’s What a Reversal in Gold Looks Like

The combination of reversals that we are approaching is truly exceptional. Four different markets, many different lines and they all point to the same time-frame in which we should see a reversal of a huge importance. It seems that the markets almost can’t wait. Are these already the first baby steps of the huge move […]

January 22, 2019 | Gold’s Profound Breakdown. And Something Much More Important

Gold finally broke below the triangle pattern and confirmed multiple medium-term bearish signals that we previously saw. Gold is the flagship metal of the precious metals sector, so the above is an important indication for the short term. However, the most important development for gold and silver investors happened somewhere else. USD’s Breakout The USD […]

December 6, 2018 | Gold and Palladium Shake Hands

The price of palladium just exceeded the price of gold for the first time in 16 years. That’s an epic even. But what does it really mean? And why should gold, silver, and mining stock investors care about the small palladium market? In short, because this development can tell us something about the future performance […]

November 28, 2018 | Gold Joins the Decline – the Earth is Shaking

Gold, silver and mining stocks declined in a quite visible way yesterday, which is in tune with our previous expectations. In the previous days it was only silver and miners that declined in a meaningful manner, but yesterday gold joined them, making this a sector-wide decline. Is this the groundbreaking decline that we have been […]

November 19, 2018 | The Gold & Silver Corrective Rally is Almost Over

Strong words, aren’t they? And yet, we are not afraid to put them right in the title. The number of factors (and their importance) that point to a nearby reversal and continuation of the major decline is too significant to believe in the bullish case, even though gold, silver, and mining stocks moved higher in […]

November 12, 2018 | Warning: Precious Metals’ Prices are about to Collapse

Silver just moved to its 2018 bottom. Not somewhat above it, not relatively close to it – silver’s Friday’s close of $14.14 equals the previous lowest closing price of 2018 that was formed on September 14th. That’s not yet a breakdown, but the implications are severe. Silver’s Move to the 2018 Bottom Silver’s decline means […]

November 7, 2018 | Rallying Gold, Declining USDX, and the CoT Comments

The US elections are over and since the markets were not surprised by their outcome, there was no significant reaction. It seems that the markets can now return to their previous trends. But… the USD Index is down significantly today, while gold and silver are rallying. Does it mean that the trend in the precious […]

November 5, 2018 | USD’s Weekly Breakout and the Golden Spring

USDX’s Friday’s close was its highest weekly closing prices of 2018. This is an extremely significant confirmation of the bullish outlook for the US currency that followed the verification of the breakout above the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern. The implications are clearly bullish for the US dollar. But are they clearly bearish for gold? The yellow […]

October 29, 2018 | Inverse H&S Patterns and Something Even More Extreme

And so it happened. Gold stocks closed the week below the neck of their inverse head-and-shoulders pattern, while the USD Index closed it above its own inverse H&S. The implications thereof are strongly bearish for gold, silver, and mining stocks and we can say the same about gold’s shooting star candlestick that formed on Friday… […]

October 26, 2018 | Gold Stocks and the Sell Signal from the Inverse H&S Pattern

Wait, what?! Isn’t the inverse head-and-shoulders a bullish pattern that was supposed to take gold miners much higher? Indeed, it is. But it didn’t take gold miners much higher and all that the completion of the above-mentioned pattern generated was a corrective upswing that didn’t even take gold stocks back above their December 2016 lows. […]

October 24, 2018 | Clearest Reversal in Gold

Gold rallied yesterday, right before its turning point, and reversed its course before the end of the session. Precisely, even before the US session started. Miners reversed as well, after failing to move back above the late-2016 bottom. With the critical situation in the USD Index, and gold miners’ short-term underperformance (so far this week […]

October 22, 2018 | Little Changes and Many Signals in the PMs

There were not many changes in gold, silver and mining stocks on Friday, and not much has changed in terms of the weekly closing prices either. Gold and gold stocks closed modestly higher, and silver was up by $0.01 last week (after declining $0.01 in the previous week). Some data sources point to $0.02 movement […]

October 17, 2018 | Determining the Outlook for Mining Stocks? Look Deeper Than Others.

Gold miners completed the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern – it’s now a fact. And many analysts would have one believe that it’s the only fact that matters right now or that it’s of major importance. But just like focusing on one tree can make one miss the entire forest behind it, the above could make the […]

October 8, 2018 | Gold: Ready, Set, Go! Were You Really Ready?

The previous week is over and even though we haven’t seen any significant volatility in its final part, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen any meaningful signals. We did and one of them has important implications for the short term and a few others have much more important implications of the medium-term nature. Based […]

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