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Ross Kay

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Ross is currently Canada's only authority on Real Estate Transactional Data (RETD) in Canada and through this expertise and the relationships he has built with 100's of licensed to trade practitioners, is the only person in Canada to have reviewed and analyzed millions of real estate trades from 1990 onward. His understanding of the power held within RETD, combined with a personal involvement of over 1500 real estate transactions opened opportunities for insight that are unique in North America today. Radio - Choices, Whining, and Propaganda Radio - It’s now back to buyer beware in Ontario home purchases Radio - Vancouver Real Estate Update –¬† Foreign and First Time Buyers Radio - Does Ontario’s housing market trigger recession? Radio - Should Parents Help Their Children Buy Homes? Radio - Canada setting up for biggest Real Estate loss ever Radio - Government interventions rarely solve Real Estate problems Radio - Are Canadians “foolhardy” to believe their home will increase in value? Radio - Will carbon taxes translate into home energy projects? Radio - Housing Market Handcuffs Bank of Canada. Radio - How much have home prices really fallen? Radio - Any data released by a bank likely inaccurate and biased? Radio - Dangers of a pro-tenant city council Radio - Ottawa admits it doesn’t know how income to debt ratio works Radio - Governments relying on home transfer taxes are about to be disappointed Radio - Why is Toronto Real Estate Board delaying the release of their latest numbers? Radio - Why marriage robs women of retirement wealth Radio - Millennials vs Boomers РWho wins as the housing market changes? Radio - When is the best time to buy a home? Radio - Does the US job market impact Canadian Real Estate? Radio - Higher Mortgage Rates, Stress Test, and Market Impact Radio - Household debt to GDP forecast to decline Radio - Millennials abandon any hope of buying a house in Vancouver Radio - Banks shift conversation to business debt as mortgage debt begins to decline Radio - No one mentions Canadians are making record mortgage debt pay-downs
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