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Ross Kay

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Founder of Ross Kay Realty Consultants “Canada's Authority on Homeownership” Chief Strategist Prior to leaving the real estate brokerage industry Ross was part of a family team of sales professionals that had ranked #1 in team sales for seven consecutive years worldwide with an above the crowd brand and had worked with over 5000 families buying, owning and selling their family homes. Ross has studied over 40 years of real estate transactional data (RETD) including millions of individual transactions completed since 1988. From what later became acknowledged as the largest study on homeownership ever completed an new data driven approach to homeownership became possible. “Homeownership is the foundation that all world's wealth is built upon and because that wealth dominates our lives treating Homeownership with the respect it deserves guides every decision my firm encourages you to make.” Radio - Did B20 Save Canadian Home Buyers? Radio - Canadian Housing Slow Down Worse Than Late 80’s Early 90’s Radio - How to survive a correcting Real Estate Market Radio - Home Buyers, not listings is what matters. Radio - Why are Canadians still expecting house prices to rise? Radio - Fake News lead to Bad Decisions Radio - Mortgage Debt is our friend not enemy Radio - Does the colour of you door affect your home’s value? Radio - Chronology of a Housing Bubble Radio - The Deleveraging Myth is already making Headlines Radio - New NAFTA could set off Recession Radio - Foreign Owners get huge gift from Mayor Robertson Radio - Canadian Home Buyers bought fewer homes in August Radio - Real Estate Board Presidents looking like Pinocchio Radio - Millennial home buyers make it happen with a plan. Radio - Blame Politicians for High Rents Radio - Families face different worlds in Vancouver versus Toronto Real Estate Radio - Organized Real Estate turns it’s back on home buyers. Radio - If your paying more than 3/4% commission it’s too much in 2018. Radio - Canadian Home Builders profit from falling Real Estate Market Radio - China’s Real Estate Bubble Radio - Foreign Buyers, Immigration, and Housing Supply Radio - Why Canadians are not stressed by the new stress test Radio - Choices, Whining, and Propaganda
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