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Drew Zimmerman

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Investment & Futures Advisor. Drew has been a specialized Futures and Options broker for 5 years operating in Vancouver. His knowledge and experience is focused on trading currencies, stock indices, precious metals, base metals, energies, and agriculture.Drew has provided market analysis on Moneytalks Radio, BNN and Investment Conferences. Drew graduated with a B Com in International Business from the University of Victoria Radio - Gold, Interest Rates, Canadian Dollar Radio - More US Fed Rate Cuts Expected Radio - Interest Rates, Bitcoin Radio - Has there been enough of a correction to allow growth? Radio - Gold, Interest Rates and US Dollar Radio - American markets about to hit record highs Radio - Have Central Banks achieved “neutral”? Radio - Can the Fed hold off on anymore interest rate hikes? Radio - British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and US Dollar Radio - Will Oil climb in the New Year with planned production cuts? Radio - Gold and Crude Oil Radio - Bank of Canada raises interest rate Radio - How will the Canadian Dollar hold out? Radio - Currencies, Bonds, Interest Rates, and Marijuana Radio - Will Canada boost interest rates soon?

July 5th, 2018 | Oil, NAFTA and Tariffs Radio - US Dollar, Loonie, and Peso Radio - Should Canada forget about NAFTA and just negotiate a separate deal with the US? Radio - Will Canadian Dollar rise with Crude prices? Radio - Crude seeing best time in four years Radio - Divergent policies for US and Canadian interest rates Radio - Market Strategy Hard to Map Right Now Radio - Bitcoin plummets –  a warning to cybercurrency speculators Radio - Are interest rates tied strongly to Gold? Radio - Stock Markets, Crude Oil, and Canadian Dollar Radio - US Dollar likely to get stronger?
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