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Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Kingdom Economics - Money used to be physical. Today, we live primarily with digital money ($$$) for our valuations/prices! The difference is HUGE! Let’s think about our financial system as composed of two forms of ‘wealth’. My car is an example of ‘physical’ wealth and the ‘value’ of my car is a form of ‘digital’ wealth. So how […]

Kingdom Economics - Today’s Wall Street Journal says “Economy Shrugs Off Storms’ Blows”. Neither hurricanes, volcano’s, earth quakes, or war destruction affects our computer driven stock markets today. Today, we witness another hurricane called Florence on our East coast. Prior hurricanes, such as Harvey, Marie, Irma, and Katrina also did not force a correction in our stock markets. […]

Kingdom Economics - My prior missive covered the many reasons why the next financial crisis is easy to predict.Today’s Wall Street Journal had another article entitled “Get Ready for the Next Financial Crisis”, page A15. This article explains why the post 2008 fixes did nothing to resolve the debt issues or many of our banking issues. All forms […]

Kingdom Economics - Listen to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (25 minute mark) as he explains how silver/gold prices are suppressed! Why will shorts not be covered in the physical metals? I have been reading all the pundits who now think that all the Comex short selling (these past few weeks) requires that these contracts must be ‘covered’. These […]

Kingdom Economics - Stockholm, Sweden (CNN) Sweden has been plunged into political uncertainty after both the main centrist coalitions failed to win a majority in general elections Sunday, and as the far-right anti-immigration party gained ground, further fracturing the vote. The word from Sweden is that ‘fragmentation’ has occurred. The Swedish elections did not produce a bombshell, but […]

Kingdom Economics - Today’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on silver, entitled: “Silver’s Skid Hints at Economic Weakness”. The writer maintains that the price of silver is determined by market forces and that the silver price is weak because investors desire the strong dollar. Is this a valid interpretation of what has happened to the silver price? […]

September 3rd, 2018 | Middle East to Blow-up Soon!

Kingdom Economics - The situation over in the Middle East is dire. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, and Israel are all at each others throats (to some degree). Economics is part of the problem as the currencies of Iran, Turkey, Yemen, and Libya are collapsing daily. The other issue is the motivation of Russia and […]

Kingdom Economics - All currencies are compared to our U.S. dollar! What is happening to many national currencies as Fed policies increase U.S. interest rates? Today’s Wall Street Journal had a couple of articles on currencies which are weak and getting weaker relative to our dollar. The Argentine currency has lost some 108.2% of its value relative to […]

Kingdom Economics - Events change but our markets are now mostly elevated to levels which seem like a bubble to me. I talked to an investor today who says he is shocked that our markets continue to go up with no sign of a correction. His view was that the markets should have corrected three years prior to today. […]

Kingdom Economics - Most of our trading today is done using algorithms as the means of execution. When I buy a stock an algorithm executes the trade in milliseconds and when I sell a stock an algorithm executes the trade automatically. Human market makers do not need to execute any trades today. Algorithms operate automatically as we trade and […]

Kingdom Economics - Our stock markets are key to how people think and feel. If the stock markets go up and up, then investors feel good (irrespective of political events or foreign policy issues). Have you noticed this reality? Our Dow Index is up some 19% in the past 12 months, the S & P index is up […]

Kingdom Economics - Today, I will address a number of issues to clear the air on what is happening around our planet. Let’s cover each issue briefly for your consideration: The elections over in Sweden occur on September 9 (16 days from now). What is likely to happen? My perception is that a chaotic situation will develop as […]

Kingdom Economics - What is money (in reality)? Today, our money consists of mere digits in the computer screen. This type of money is NOT official legal tender. This type of money can be deleted and erased…just as it was created via a typing decision. Bankers can delete all my money and erase my/your account to zero. This same […]

Kingdom Economics - Trump criticises Powell on the issue of higher interest rates! He needs low rates to get his cronies elected this fall! Putin needs his Central Banker to follow his wishes so he remains in power! Stefan’s support will be key to the politicians over in Sweden! The election is this September, 2018! President Nicolas Maduro […]

Kingdom Economics - Today, we live with some 180 fiat digital currencies on this planet. They are fiat as they get created by select Central Banks or proxy governments (out-of-nothing). They are digital because they circulate within cyberspace and appear as numbers (digits) within our computer screens. They have no anchor as they are mere units of consciousness […]

Kingdom Economics - I watched the spot price of silver decline to $14.32 today. This, to me, is shocking as a one ounce coin (480 grains of pure silver) is tangible and real. The price, however, is intangible and a fantasy. Today, we live with fantasy prices as most people can not discern the difference between VIRTUAL reality and […]

Kingdom Economics - oday’s electronic markets produce FAKE results and FAKE valuations. Over at the Caracas General electronic exchange in Venezuela this market is up some 19.47% TODAY. Think on this. An increase of 35.87% in five days. Today, our digital/electronic markets can be pumped up with fake digits (called money) by our banking system and their traders. […]

Kingdom Economics - We now have evidence that our banks with support from higher political operatives are counterfeiting $trillions of dollars to manipulate our economy, wealth, stock markets, and the military budget system. Washington and our Wall Street operatives are using counterfeit money units to destroy all credibility in our financial system. We all need to wake-up to what […]

Kingdom Economics - The price of 1 oz. of gold has reached 121 million rials. $1 now equals 101,000 rials (according to today’s WSJ). Iranians are discovering that their digital and paper rial is losing its comparative value rapidly. The rial was at 43,000 to $1 seven months prior. As it loses it’s credibility investors are discovering that a […]

Kingdom Economics - Money is what? Where does money derive from? Today, money can be created and then circulated via merely TYPING numbers into a computer account. Are you aware of this? Money is now a unit (a mental unit) derived from the THINKING of bankers (their mind) and then these NUMBERS get TYPED into a computer account. All […]

Kingdom Economics -   Fake money has pumped up our markets and asset prices for nearly 10 years. For the time being, I must admit that fake money has worked for all our cyber markets (to a degree). General prosperity has resulted, especially for the huge tech firms and for stock investors. All this, however, is temporary as ‘reality’ […]

Kingdom Economics -   Recently a friend of mine asked me to provide him with some terminology and descriptions for today’s digital markets. His education was from prior years of education (prior to the crisis of 2008). He asked that I update him on terminology and the changes which have evolved mostly since 2008. So here goes: Money has […]

Kingdom Economics - The dawn of a new age started with (and after) the financial crisis of 2008. Our Central Banks created digital money via their computers. This operation called QE became the tool which liquified our markets with new counterfeit legal tender. This action is now ubiquitous as most commercial banks can now create digital loans with no reserve […]

Kingdom Economics - American economics started with the settlements in Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. These settlers arrived in America from Europe and they started commerce without any official money. They traded with the Indians and also with other settlers who arrived from Europe. America did not have any official money until 1792 (some 185 years after the settlements […]

Kingdom Economics - How should we think of today’s currencies? The units are tied to nothing and derive from the human mind. The units are metaphysical. We witness our money units as numbers circulating in cyberspace. Cyberspace is this space which we witness as we look at our computer screen. Cyberspace has no matter or physical existence. The space […]
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