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Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Kingdom Economics - America’s Gross Domestic Product (our measure of wealth) has declined by some $500 billion since the beginning of 2020. The numbers can be watched here: Debt to GDP is now 123.06%. Our current deficit has surpassed $3 trillion (official) and some $3.6 trillion (actual). Where is the concern? As I write our GDP is $20.89 trillion […]

Kingdom Economics - I have been aware for years that our virtual monetary system has produced ‘decoupled’ stock markets in recent years. Decoupled means that these virtual stock markets can go UP and UP even as the production economy tanks. Today, the Wall Street Journal covered the situation over in Iran. The Iranian Stock Market has doubled since March […]

Kingdom Economics - Our Smart Phones are a type of ‘virtual reality’ which uses ‘artificial intelligence for our experience Most of science has adopted this philosophy called Materialism. This philosophy is mostly based upon the law of physics which is also the core philosophy for chemistry and biology. The particles of materialism are what science has studied and […]

Kingdom Economics - The new evolution within monetary theory is called MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). It emerged along with our digital dollar after the last financial crisis (2008). Let’s detail the basics of this new theory which is allowing our Fed and Treasury to expand currency (dollars) ad infinitum. What are the details? 1. The theory involves America’s ability to […]

Kingdom Economics - The updated numbers reveal that America’s economy is crashing even as our stock markets go UP and UP. What gives? Is our Fed buying stocks? Why? Here are the new numbers which reveal a serious crash in our economy: 1. Total unemployment has reached: 42,203,613 people (this is 33.9% of our workforce…which is shrinking) 2. America’s workforce is […]

Kingdom Economics - Our esteemed leaders are now promoting a ‘tracking’ regime (selected groups are chosen by the State to control and monitor this virus called Covid-19) so that more folks can be ‘traced’ and then followed by the State system. It’s called identifying Covid-19 patients, tracing their disease to all their contacts, and then tracking all those who […]

Kingdom Economics - My risk of catching the coronavirus is only a fraction of 1% (0.0032). Does this small % of deaths justify the lock-down of the global economy? Could there be a different AGENDA at work behind the scenes? Our world population is now over 7 billion. Deaths from Covid-19 are 248,000. The number will increase some but […]

Kingdom Economics - The coronavirus situation has created an environment for a transition to a Socialist State for America and the World. Hysteria over potential deaths (mostly unfounded) resulted in a lock-down and a destruction of our global economy. The core document for this was the Imperial College report out of Great Britain. All this is now creating the […]

Kingdom Economics - I have been writing about our economy for some 50 years. So far there has been no serious crash that worries investors and traders. But is a crash coming in 2020? I think so! Let’s review the issues. 1. Unemployment in America is now reaching levels which I have never witnessed these past 50 years. At […]

Kingdom Economics - America’s financial situation gets more dire by the day. The stock markets reject all the real numbers (see below) and this fools those who can not think for themselves. As I have said countless times, our virtual/electronic stock markets have ‘decoupled’ from physical production. This means that these virtual/electronic markets can be manipulated Up even as […]

Kingdom Economics - This Model has now expired and a New Model is needed for our Future! Today’s Wall Street Journal points out that America’s economy is expected to decline some 8% in 2020 and Europe some 12%. The numbers come from the article “IMF Aims for Unified Crisis Response”. My view is that this number is much too […]

Kingdom Economics - Dynamic price ‘Circuit Breakers’ (DCB) monitor for significant price movements during a trading session. DCBs define an upper and lower limit of how far an instrument (say gold) is allowed to move in a configured time interval. All this is accomplished via computer algorithms. Historical human price negotiation is no longer valid. All price movements are […]

Kingdom Economics - It’s amazing that the top pundits on CNBC and Fox Business can not discern what is happening within our markets. Jim Cramer and David Tepper (billionaire) talk to clients and end up with the thinking that all is not kosher with our markets. This was reported today on CNBC. Yet, these stock markets go Up and […]

Kingdom Economics - It is obvious, to me, that our central bank traders are choosing to manipulate our electronic/virtual markets up via their algorithms. Since our central bank traders have ‘unlimited’ trading dollars (to play with) this type of manipulation works (temporarily). But all this manipulation is a temporary phenomena. At some point all this manipulation will be rejected […]

Kingdom Economics - Tomorrow, Friday, April 3, our Treasury will implement a program to supply funds for some 30 million small businesses. Any small business (500 employees and less) can get this ‘forgivable’ (free) money for a period up to 10 weeks. Mnuchin says if more money is needed he has funds from the Fed up to $6 trillion […]

Kingdom Economics - What I witness now in government (our Fed and Treasury mostly) is a serious form of ‘amorality’ and lack of Constitutional credibility. Let’s define this word for this missive: Amorality | Definition of Amorality at › having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong: a […]

Kingdom Economics - This policymaker says he has unlimited ammunition (going forward). REALLY? This policymaker says our economy will return to its former self in 2020? REALLY? This is an image for where we are going. The debt game will create this result within a couple of years! As an economist who has followed our economy for years, […]

Kingdom Economics - It now appears that our Central Bank (called the Fed) will flood the markets with new liquidity and simultaneously take ownership of most debt assets as virtual dollars flood the markets. Let’s think about our situation at this moment. Debt is so huge that America is totally bankrupt from debt which can not be repaid. Consumers […]

Kingdom Economics - I have been writing about our ‘fake’ economy for years. We are now at the end game for our Keynesian economy of debt. This economy started after the last Great Depression (1934) and it ended (effectively) today (2020). Debt is at a level which is beyond repayment. We all know it. The numbers reflect our economic […]

Kingdom Economics - The American economy is now in free-fall as the Covid-19 financial system has caused a Recession. This free-fall situation is unlikely to change as America is essentially bankrupt. Two hundred and and forty-four years of Capitalism is now over. The numbers SPEAK. Check out the numbers here: What is happening in real-time to our economy: […]

Kingdom Economics - The financial environment is now ideal for our central planners to construct a global Reset of our monetary system. I have been expecting this event for years. I now think that sometime this year (2020) would be logical for our central planners to initiate this global event called the Mark of the Beast. It will not […]

Kingdom Economics - Today, at the clubhouse my investor friends and I talked about the counterfeiting operations of our Fed (called QE) and also the issues of what is ‘official legal tender’ for monetary transactions (based upon prior Congressional legislation). Is a virtual dollar equivalent or identical to a paper or coin dollar? Ans. NO. Has our Congress reviewed […]

Kingdom Economics -   Our criminal Fed and most Keynesian economists view money symbols ($$$$$) as our wealth. Our Fed pumps in $trillions of new counterfeit symbols to buy assets. Is any of this activity helping our economy longer-term? Is any of this activity in accordance with our justice/legal/constitutional principles? I don’t think so! Pumping in trillions of ‘imaginary’ […]

Kingdom Economics - Our markets are slowing to a crawl. The big issue is the ‘velocity’ of money. What is velocity of money? I spend a dollar and the recipient spends my dollar. The game continues as a dollar gets spent from spender to recipient. What is now happening in spades is that the ‘velocity’ of money is declining […]

Kingdom Economics - Some 10 trillion of value has been wiped out from our bubble stock markets here in the USA these past two weeks. Globally, the number is close to $15 trillion. Where did the money (value) go? Did it vanish and disappear? I think so. The trillions in value are mere mental abstractions (virtual units of consciousness). […]
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