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December 23, 2020 | Bounty On Egregious Predatory Traders – Rewards Up To $5 Million

Future bodes well for upcoming bull market. Video – OSC and IIROC $5,000,000 Bounty On Predatory Small Cap Short-Sellers Stems From Intense Lobbying Efforts Of Terry Lynch and “SCM”. Watch JCDREAM ElectroMobility Video.  See AMY Lithium-ion Recycling Technology.  See AMY Company Presentation. Watch AMY’s Video – “Our Revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Technology”. Watch AMY’s Video – “Introducing RecycLiCo™ – […]

December 18, 2020 | Sampling Completed on Wenden National Defense Stockpile for United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Shifting Sands Create Opportunities in Battery Recycling. Read the Latest News. Read GM Authority Article – “Study Finds 71 Percent Of U.S. Drivers Considering Electric Vehicle Purchase“. Read Inside EVs Article – “Toyota’s 2021 Solid State Battery: What You Need To Know“. Read Recycling Portal Article – “Commission’s Proposal for Regulation Concerning Batteries and Waste […]

December 11, 2020 | Benchmark Presentation by CTO Well Received

Market Rallies across the Board in 2021. Read the Latest News. Read Barron’s Article – “Meet the Creator of Lithium Ion Batteries: Exxon Mobil“. Read CleanTechnica Article – “Battery Law Can Help Europe Become Green Battery Powerhouse“. Read New Atlas Article – “Tests Show Why QuantumScape Solid-State Battery has Serious Backing“. Read Metal Tech News […]

November 27, 2020 | Commodities Markets are Booming – Recycling Market Beginning to Get More Attention

CEO Discusses Updates on the Cathode Precipitation Reactor and Proposed Spin-Out. Read the Latest News. Read Korea IT News Article – “European Electric Vehicle Market Expected to Be a Battlefield between South Korean and Chinese Battery Makers“. Read CleanTechnica Article – “Electric Vehicle Interest Surges 500% In UK On News Of 2030 Fossil Fuel Car […]

November 20, 2020 | CEO Discusses Recent Funding From NRC-IRAP For Recycling Project

American Manganese successfully closes $1,543,000 Placement. Read the Nov. 19th News. Read the Nov. 18th News. Read the Nov. 17th News. Read Article – “EV Metal Index Rockets to Record High on Cobalt, Nickel Price, Use“. Read Electric Autonomy Article – “Regional Collaboration Critical to North American EV Battery Recycling“. Read Article – […]

November 13, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Proposed Spin-out

Patented process for Recycling is solid. Read Core Consultants Group Article – “Manganese: No Longer Just For Steel“. Read Drive Article – “Greenpeace Targets China Over Electric-Car Battery Recycling“. Read Seeking Alpha Article – “Tesla Just Put The Accelerator Down On The EV And Battery Boom“. Watch JCDREAM ElectroMobility Video.  See AMY Lithium-ion Recycling Technology.  See AMY Company Presentation. […]

November 12, 2020 | Critical Metals Deal Brewing?

Big surprise at Lac Suprise

November 6, 2020 | American Manganese Inc and Kemetco Excited About Cathode Precipitation Reactor Acquisition

Brief Discussion of Market Reaction to US Election. Read the Latest News. Read Article – “Biden Campaign Tells Miners it Supports Domestic Production of EV Metals“. Read Auto Recycling  World Article – “The Underestimated Risks of Lithium-ion Batteries“. Read Best Mag Article – “Promising Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Results as Research Laboratory Completes Tests“. Read […]

October 30, 2020 | CEO Discusses NI 43-101 Report – Rocher Deboule High-Grade Gold Copper Project

American Manganese Inc. Closes Second Tranche $572,334.  Sedar Filed NI 43-101 Technical Report: Click Here. Read Oct. 30th News. Read Oct. 28th News. Read Forbes Article – “The Energy Transition Will Be Built With Metals“. Watch EV Stock Channel Interview with Zarko Meseldzija, Chief Technical Officer and  Director of American Manganese Inc. – “Tesla & Lithium […]

October 23, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses US Government Support For Producing Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Update on RecycLiCo™ and BC Mining Spinout. Read October 21st News. Read October 23rd News. Read Air Quality News Article – “The Importance of Recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries“. Read Re:Jerusalem Article – “Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM) Market –Detailed Analysis of Current Industry Figures with Forecasts Growth By 2026“. Read BNN Bloomberg Article – “Why Building […]

October 16, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Explains Canadian Secondary Battery R&D Mission to South Korea

Zarko Meseldzija, CTO to Present on October 21, 2020. Read the Latest News. Read PV Magazine Article – “Lithium-ion Gigafactory Breaks Ground in Australia“. Read Inside EVs Article – “Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Progress: October 9, 2020“. Read Driving Electric Article- “How Recyclable are Batteries From Electric Cars?“. Watch EV Stock Channel Interview with Zarko Meseldzija, Chief […]

October 9, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Continuous Pilot Plant Operation Results

Permitting, NDA’s, Competition, and More! Read the Latest News. Read Reuters Article – “Ex-Tesla Exec Straubel Aims To Build World’s Top Battery Recycler“. Read Teslarati Article – “Tesla Gigafactory Texas To Include Battery Cell Production, Filings Show“. Read Investing News Article – “Simon Moores: Insights on Tesla, EV Supply Chains and Battery Metals“. Read CleanTechnica […]

October 2, 2020 | Forbes Article Gives Credit To American Manganese’s Business Strategy

President Trump signed Executive Order to Expand Mining in Critical Minerals Supply Chain. Read Oct. 2nd News. Read Oct. 2nd News. Read Sept. Sept. 30th News. Read Sept. 28th News. Watch Zarko Meseldzija CTO of American Manganese Inc. –  National Drive Electric Week – EV Battery Recycling/Reuse Discussion (his section starts at the 20 minute […]

September 25, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Talks About Pilot Plant and Tier 1 Companies

Battery Day deflates the market. Read the Latest News. Read Green Car Reports Article – “California Will Ban The Sale of Gasoline Vehicles by 2035“. Read Article – “Cobalt Demand For 5G To Challenge Electric Vehicles“. Read The Driven Article – “Tesla Battery Day Deep Dive: What Two Battery and EV Experts Think“. Read […]

September 18, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Important Manganese Assets in Arizona

$2,000,000 Private Placement Well Over 50% Subscribed. Read the Sept. 17th News. Read the Sept. 14th News. Read Argonne National Laboratory Article – “Researchers Eye Manganese as Key to Safer, Cheaper Lithium-ion Batteries“. Read Digital Journal Article – “Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide Market Expected to Raise at CAGR of 7.2% by 2020-2027 : Top Companies – […]

September 4, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Update on Pilot Plant Optimization Increase

Discussion on Redwood Materials and Benchmark Minerals Intelligence. Read The Latest News. Read Inside EVs Article – “Tesla Co-Founder JB Straubel Discusses The Future Of Battery Recycling“. Read E-Scrape News Article – “Company Refines EV Battery Recycling Method Using E-Scrap”. Read Article – “EU Adds Lithium to Critical Raw Materials List“. Read VOA News […]

August 28, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Additional Information on Spin-Out of Gold and Copper Assets

Critical Materials Institute Webinar Recording Now Available with Company CTO, Zarko Meseldzija. Read the Latest News. Read PC Mag Article – “Elon Musk: Battery Energy Density to Increase 50 Percent by 2024“. Read Clean Technica Article – “Is Nickel The New Gold? Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Comments Inspire Interest In Nickel“. Read Article – […]

August 21, 2020 | CEO Discusses Tesla’s Battery Day and Redwood Materials’ Recycling Program

Predatory Trading, Eric Sprott, Save Canadian Mining. Read the Latest News. Read CNBC Article – “Tesla CTO JB Straubel Has a Stealthy Recycling Start-Up and It’s Expanding into Nevada“. Watch Investing News Interview – “Eric Sprott, Terry Lynch: Mining is Starting to Boom, Reinstate the Tick Test“. Read Green Citizen Article – “Lithium Ion Battery […]

August 14, 2020 | American Manganese Pilot Plant Update and Discussion on Recent Trading in AMY

Open Letter to Elon Musk on Nickel Mining Pollution in Russia. Read the Latest News. Read Clean Technica Article – “Dear Mr. Elon Musk: A Letter From Russian Indigenous Peoples About Nickel Mining Pollution“. Read Resource World Article – “Electric Vehicle Battery Market on a Tear“. Read Reuters Article – “European Battery Makers Power Up […]

August 7, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Carbon Neutral Recycling

American Manganese has 103,000 views on recent Manganese Op-Ed. Read Article – “Deep-Sea Minerals Could Meet The Demands of Battery Supply Chains – But Should They?“. Read Barchart Article – “Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market Explains Recent Trend, Share and Future Growth, Size, Feasibility, Regional Outlook“. Read Auto Car India Article – “UN Study […]

July 31, 2020 | American Manganese – Spinout of Gold Assets and Pilot Plant Optimization Restart

American Manganese has 95,000 views on recent Manganese Op-Ed. Read the Latest News. Read Clean Energy Wire Article – “Calls Grow for Improving Industrial Battery Recycling in Germany“. Read Investment U Article – “Energy Storage Is Rising in Popularity Despite COVID-19 Setbacks“. Read Open PR Article -“Europe Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market Will Generate Massive Revenue […]

July 24, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Spin Out Gold Assets into NewCo

Gold Price on a Rampage. Read the Latest News. Read Bloomberg Article – “Wall Street Is Throwing Billions at Once-Shunned Gold Miners“. Read  Getting Ahead with the Edge Article – “Precious Metals Sector Attracting More Investors on Wall Street Due to Covid-19 Crisis“. Read Daily Herald Article – “The Battery Billionaire Who’s Key to Tesla’s […]

July 17, 2020 | What Does Lack of Cobalt in Lithium-ion Batteries Mean for American Manganese’s Recycling?

Op Ed views hit 88,600, Short Rule and Predator Trading. Read Automotive News Article – “EV Startups Feel Squeeze From Tesla“. Read The University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering Article – “New Cobalt-Free Lithium-Ion Battery Reduces Costs Without Sacrificing Performance“. Read Save Canadian Mining Article – “Save Canadian Mining Encouraged by the […]

July 10, 2020 | Save Canadian Mining Group Distributes Predator Video

Update on Pilot Plant Optimization. Watch Save Canadian Mining Group Distributes – “The Wall Street Conspiracy“. Read Article – “Germany’s Plan to Exit Coal by 2038 Made Law“. Read Article – “Electric Vehicles are Starting to Buoy The Global Metals Market“. Read Sydney Morning Herald Article – “Alarm Bells Sound as China Strengthens […]

July 3, 2020 | American Manganese CEO Discusses Opportunities with Governments in the Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Arena

Manganese Op-Ed  hits 77,000 views. Read the Latest News. Watch EV Stock Channel Interview with Zarko Meseldzija, Chief Technical Officer and  Director of American Manganese Inc. – “Tesla & Lithium Ion Battery Recycling,The New Multi-Billion Dollar Industry“. Read Modern Diplomacy Article – “Urgent Need To Tackle Impact of Likely Electric Car Battery Production Boom“. Read CleanTechnica […]

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