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November 17, 2020 | Base Metal Mania

You may have noticed precious metals have been in somewhat of a funk over the last several weeks. What you may not know is that industrial metals — like steel and copper — have been tearing higher. Why? One word: Infrastructure! The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued a warning: The U.S. needs to […]

October 20, 2020 | The Big Cycle That Can Make You Poor … or Rich!

His name was Nikolai Kondratieff. He wrote a 23-page tract called “The Long Waves in Economic Life.”   It contained an idea so incendiary, he was sent to the gulag … before being shot by firing squad in September of 1938. Why was Stalin so furious? Because Nikolai predicted communism would fail and be replaced […]

October 15, 2020 | ‘Prepping’ Your Business for Imminent Deflation

It bears repeating: We’re heading into a new “Dark Ages” of deflation. Last week, we saw how this will impact you, your family and your community on a personal level. Today, I want to address how this will impact you if you own or run a business. Because a “typical” reaction to a downturn could, quite […]

October 8, 2020 | 3 Bullish Gold Charts for New Orleans

Next week, I’ll be speaking at the New Orleans Investment Conference. It’s always a great conference with lots of interesting people and companies. Today, I’m giving you a sneak preview of my presentation — three must-see charts with big implications for gold. Chart 1: M2 Money Supply Let’s start with money supply …     This […]

October 7, 2020 | ‘Prepping’ for Deflation

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” That whimsical saying is attributed to baseball great Yogi Berra. It might make you chuckle, but Yogi was right. Predictions are tough, and accurate predictions doubly so. Still, we never hurt ourselves by preparing for the worst, even as we hope for the best. So, what […]

October 4, 2020 | 3 Reasons Why U.S. Cannabis Stocks Get the Green Light

The not-so-good news is that marijuana stocks are snoozing while many other industries are heading higher. But I don’t expect this to last for long. That’s because hot money loves to flow into marijuana stocks. It’s just that for now, the industry is consolidating. So, I’m in no hurry to buy. Let me put that […]

October 1, 2020 | The 21st Century Is the Century of Gold

We often hear from Wall Street that “you can’t beat the S&P 500.” I guess it depends on your time frame, though, because now, at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, and there is an asset kicking the S&P 500 in the rear. We may still be working the kinks out […]

September 29, 2020 | Inflation … Deflation … Inflation

One of the results of the Fed’s monetary manipulations is an exacerbation of the cycle of inflation and deflation … or the “Boom-Bust” cycle. While the Fed has been trying to support inflation — supposedly to support economic growth … the COVID-19 crisis is keeping our economy under its thumb. On the other hand, human […]

September 17, 2020 | The Fed Sounds the Starting Gun for Gold

Did you see the announcement from the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) yesterday? Basically, Fed Chair Jerome Powell and his cohorts stabbed daggers through the idea of raising rates anytime soon. This has all sorts of implications. But one thing it does is sound the starting gun for is gold’s next run higher. That’s […]

September 15, 2020 | Fed ‘Sink Hole’ No. 3

Why are the markets running around like actors in a “B”-rated horror flick? Because investors know something is lurking out there. Growing. Spreading. This thing is like The Blob … all consuming. I’m talking about the rot behind the walls of the credit markets. You see, before the coronavirus crisis struck, even the lousiest, highest-risk companies were […]

September 8, 2020 | Fed ‘Sink Hole’ No. 2

Last week, I told you about the greatest wealth gap of all time. That was Fed “Sink Hole” No. 1. The second “sink hole” — courtesy of your U.S. Federal Reserve — is (drum roll please) … The Greatest Government Debt of All Time   Enabled by the Fed’s epic money printing binges, the U.S. government went on a series […]

September 6, 2020 | Is Gold a Good Investment?

Is gold still a good investment? That’s a question that I get from lots of subscribers. My short answer is “yes.” But I’d like to give you a longer explanation — and an investing idea. First, this has been a wild, rollercoaster year for investing, right? What with the pandemic, the liquidity crisis back in […]

September 3, 2020 | The Uranium Supply/Demand Squeeze Gets Worse

There is a supply/demand squeeze going in uranium right now. The funny thing is, it’s not being reflected in the latest action in the spot market for the energy metal. Why? Maybe some fund is rotating out of uranium to chase bubble-icious Nasdaq stocks. But that’s incredibly short-sighted. I last talked about uranium in July. Since […]

September 1, 2020 | The Fed’s ‘Sink Holes’

First it was Minneapolis. Then Atlanta, Portland, Ore. and almost every other major American city. Then, last week, even sleepy Kenosha, Wis. boiled over. The unrest spreading across America has multiple drivers. And one is an economic “sink hole” — like the ones I mentioned last week — courtesy of your beloved U.S. Federal Reserve … The […]

August 25, 2020 | The Real Story Behind the Fed

Last week we saw how the “banksters” (i.e. central banks) do all they can to keep the herd under their spell … creating a world of illusion where a tiny segment of society takes advantage of everyone else by … 1) The booms and busts they create to pad their wallets and … 2) Via our […]

August 20, 2020 | Has Big Money FINALLY Discovered Gold & Miners?

Gold took it on the chin on Wednesday, after the FOMC minutes came out. The Fed seemed to take a yield curve control program off the table, though it re-emphasized that it could “reassess in the future” and that the central bank is ready to act if the economy continues to slow. I think the […]

August 18, 2020 | Gold, Real Money & the Wizard of Oz

The Fed’s money-printing presses are running at ludicrous speeds. And what the government doesn’t print, it just borrows on credit and spends. The Federal debt is approaching $27 trillion at ballistic speeds. By 2028, it is projected to rise to $78 trillion! How does any civilization keep going like this for long? As I mentioned […]

August 16, 2020 | The Next Buying Opportunity in Gold?

What a wild couple of weeks it’s been for gold. First, the yellow metal pushed over its previous all-time high of $1,923, and, on Aug. 7, it clocked an intraday high of $2,089 per ounce. Then gold folded its wings and swan-dived back below $1,900 before finally closing above $1,940. New highs are bullish. Big […]

August 13, 2020 | The Cycle that Begot the Panic

Last October was the 90th anniversary of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 … which was roughly 90 years after the Panic of 1837 … which was … OK, here I go again. Yeah, there’s a well-known cycle that predicts … you guessed it … financial panics. This cycle was noticed by William Delbert (W.D.) […]

August 11, 2020 | When the Metals Run, Bet on Silve

We’re in bull markets for gold and silver, and I like both metals. But if you put a gun to my head, and asked which would outperform, I’d say silver — silver miners even more so. Part of this is history. I’m old enough to have been through multiple precious metals bear markets. Silver wins […]

August 9, 2020 | Are You Ready for the Coming Oil Boom?

Since this horrific pandemic started, the oil & gas industry has gotten hammered. Could things be about to turn? I think so. First of all, this year’s swoon in oil and gas is the end of a bearish chapter — part of a longer-term big bear for oil & gas, which has seen about seven […]

August 6, 2020 | Why Gold and Silver Will Keep Roaring Higher

Gold and silver both rampaged to record highs on Wednesday. Gold is well over $2,000 an ounce, and silver bolted past $27. Now, many are ready to call the top. To which I say “fat chance!” Gold is going higher, miners are undervalued and silver will lead the way. That doesn’t mean both metals and […]

August 4, 2020 | Cycles Point to Chaos for America

America is undergoing upheaval. It isn’t just the pandemic and its resulting economic fallout. The nightly news is filled with images of protesters battling police in major cities. These started as protests over police brutality, but anger is reaching the boiling point on other issues as well. President Trump and others worry about “a left-wing […]

August 2, 2020 | Wealth Wave 3 More Charts for Gold Bulls

Happy weekend! It’s been another wild week for gold. What’s the next move for smart investors? I have a few ideas. First, we should look at some charts. Chart No. 1: The New Bull Market Wall Street is finally, FINALLY waking up to the fact that gold is in a new bull market. Still, the […]

July 30, 2020 | 3 Charts Show Smart Money Is Buying Gold

I’ve been pounding the table about how negative real interest rates are firing up gold. The reason is that with bonds yielding so little — and less than zero when you figure in inflation — it makes gold a lot more appealing. And right now, the amount of negative yielding debt in the world is […]

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