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Lobo Tiggre, aka Louis James, is the founder and CEO of Louis James LLC, and the principal analyst and editor of the Independent Speculator. He researched and recommended speculative opportunities in Casey Research publications from 2004 to 2018, writing under the name “Louis James.” While with Casey Research, he learned the ins and outs of resource speculation from the legendary speculator Doug Casey. Although frequently mistaken for one, Mr. Tiggre is not a professional geologist. However, his long tutelage under world-class geologists, writers, and investors resulted in an exceptional track record. The average of the yearly gains published for the flagship Casey publication, the International Speculator, was 18.5% per year during Tiggre’s time with the publication. A fully transparent, documented, and verifiable track record is a central feature of services going forward. Another key feature is that Mr. Tiggre will put his own money into the speculations he writes about, so his readers will always know he has “skin in the game” with them

April 8th, 2020 | Technical Trap

Louis James - History is not linear. Financial history doubly so. Investors should beware of thinking they know what will happen next. It’s precisely because I don’t know—and I don’t think anyone knows—what will happen next that I’m massing as much cash as I can. Of course, we do well to look to history for guidance. As the […]

Louis James - Many uranium stocks have rallied since the March meltdown in global markets. I’d argue that they aren’t just rebounding with the markets, but because uranium itself is up sharply. This has important investment implications.     If uranium stocks were simply “enjoying” a dead-cat bounce alongside mainstream equities, I’d say that was a clear warning […]

Louis James - An unsurprising consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting flood of easy money (dwarfing even that of 2008) is a surge in demand for physical gold and silver. The spike in demand for bullion coins is so strong, some mints sold their entire inventories in record time. This has happened before, but this time, […]

Louis James - I look out my window and see that the streets below remain silent. Shops and cafés remain closed. Only essential businesses are open, and even those are curtailed to core functions. This is obviously devastating for the economy—and for the resource sector that provides it with raw materials. But there’s less obvious damage that goes […]

Louis James - A statistic that’s getting a lot of airtime these days is that 40% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense. We also hear constantly about people living from paycheck to paycheck. And now those paychecks have been interrupted for 2% of the US workforce—in just one week. That’s based on the 3.28 million new […]

Louis James - This morning, one-quarter of the entire human population of our planet is reportedly on lockdown. As per yesterday’s article on a possible global economic depression, this comes at a huge human cost and I’m sure it will leave permanent scars. I started warning this could happen last January. What I didn’t think through—and should have—is the […]

Louis James -   My friend Doug Casey has long predicted what he says will become known as The Greater Depression. In 2008 when I worked for him, we thought it had arrived. We didn’t think such a fatally wounded economy could be revived, and yet that’s what happened. Then, since the powers that be (TPTB) did so […]

March 20th, 2020 | John Galt’s Strike is On

Louis James - The governors of both California and New York announced statewide lockdowns this morning. Entire countries are going into hibernation. Outside my window, the beaches are empty and the streets are silent. We’re witnessing an historic event: the human tragedy is deepening, and the economic engine of the world is stopping. Millions of people are being […]

March 19th, 2020 | Laissez Faire!

Louis James - Back in the 1990s, a former cabinet minister from New Zealand named Maurice McTigue went on a world speaking tour. His topic was how subsidies keep farmers poor. When subsidies and regulations were cut, sheep farmers were forced to innovate. They stepped up to the plate and ended up becoming much more prosperous. The really interesting part […]

March 18th, 2020 | Are We There Yet?

Louis James - With another epic meltdown under way on Wall Street today, a lot of people are asking me if it’s time to start scooping up the great bargains already available in some of the very best gold and silver stocks. It’s a fair question. And make no mistake; I’m more bullish than ever on gold—and silver!—presenting […]

Louis James - A common metric many gold investors monitor is the gold-oil ratio. Why compare two commodities? Because they both can be seen as economic indicators, and divergences between them can be telling. But is this really useful in terms of offering us insight into whether prices of one or the other are likely to rise or […]

Louis James - I have a simple but critical point to make today. The best time to buy gold stocks in my entire career so far was after the crash of 2008… This historic opportunity is repeating itself. Consider yesterday’s decline in gold prices.       We’ve seen this before. Gold gapped down on October 13, 2008, […]

March 11th, 2020 | Corona Virus, Market Crash Radio - Gold, Uranium, Geopolitics

March 10th, 2020 | Where’s the Bottom?

Louis James - The massive volatility in stock markets around the world over these last weeks has stocks in many great companies on sale. And yet, I’ve been warning that I think things will get worse before they get better. I’ve also been saying that while everyone knows it’s dangerous to try to time a market bottom, it’s […]

Louis James - Most investors hate volatility. It usually stems from sudden, unpredicted change, which is often bad for mainstream assets. For that very reason, however, volatility is good for safe-haven assets like gold and silver. And it can be even better for gold and silver stocks. The key here is simple: volatility is great for building positions […]

Louis James -   Gold and silver are, without a doubt, the best assets for weathering the storm the COVID-19 outbreak is visibly starting to unleash. Silver is both the better bargain and the one that has offered the most upside volatility in the past. Plus, silver has antimicrobial properties that could boost demand during the global pandemic […]

Louis James - Stock markets around the world suffered a major meltdown last week. This week, there’s a rebound. But is that just a temporary “dead cat bounce” rally? None of the things that caused the correction have changed. If the global financial bubble has been well and truly popped, most asset classes will see much lower prices […]

Louis James - Wall Street indices fell off another cliff this morning, officially entering correction territory. Gold, I’m happy to say, rebounded at the same time, doing its job as a safe haven. But most gold stocks are down… what’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, actually. Not in terms of normal market action. Gold is a safe-haven asset—gold […]

Louis James - When I started in this business 16 years ago, my mentors taught me that geologists rarely make good miners. The two have completely different skills, education, and ways of seeing things. A geologist looks at beautiful rocks and wonders at the mystery of how nature formed them. A mine engineer just wants to know how […]

Louis James - Gold shot up to within kissing distance of $1,700 this morning. I wish it were for different reasons, but it is what it is, and we have to ask what’s next. And that means asking if gold might be due for a correction. I suspect that most people would rather hear me make clever-sounding arguments […]

Louis James - Short of a nuclear war or similar cataclysm sending the world back to the Stone Age, mining will continue far into the future. It might even continue then—and someone will make money producing the minerals people need. This will happen whether commodity prices go up, down, or sideways this year and beyond. And that makes […]

Louis James - People who think that gold is underperforming are missing the forest for staring at one tree. Sure, gold is priced in US dollars, in which it’s still recovering. At over $1,600 per ounce in USD, that’s hardly a shabby performance over the last year. But it’s important to look at the bigger picture here. Gold just […]

Louis James - I found something new in my latest pre-production sweet spot (PPSS) research. The idea has long been that there’s a high probability of share-price gains as companies transition from spending money building a mine to making money from that mine. What I discovered some years ago was that this gain is much more reliable—and much […]

Louis James -   If you want a shot at 10x, 20x, or even 100x winners over the next year or two, you have to look into speculating in the junior uranium sector. I’m not saying that it’s safe, easy, or even likely. The question you have to ask is: “Am I willing to risk significant losses in […]

Louis James - There are many precious things in the world, but almost none of them are used as money. Natural diamonds have long been more valuable per gram than gold, but they’re inconsistent. No two of the same weight have the exact same clarity, color, etc.—and hence the value differs. Pure metallic iron is consistent, and useful […]
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