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Keith Schaefer

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Keith Schaefer is editor and publisher of the Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin.

Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin - In a nutshell, they’ve done TWO incredibly smart things. One is that by timing their much publicized production cuts to start in January 2017—when oil demand starts a steep rise—they really don’t have to cut at all. As you can see on the chart, oil demand rises very steadily from February to August—each and every […] Radio - Industry Frustration over Latest Northern Gateway Pipeline Ruling Radio - Ontario’s unrealistic effort to eliminate use of natural gas Radio - Questions surround Trans-Canada pipeline conditional approval Radio - Nat Gas in strange and unusual territory Radio - Canadian oil rig count at record low Radio - Brain drain a concern for when oil patch picks up again Radio - Will oil producing countries cut production?

Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin - Iran has been very vocal about ramping up oil production by one million barrels a day. That’s a real threat to a global market already oversupplied. The Iranians are also talking a big game about increasing natural gas production. In two years Iran believes that it will take natural gas production in its South Pars […]