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Is an American author of books and articles on economic and financial subjects. He is the founder and president of Agora Publishing, and author of the daily financial column, Diary of a Rogue Economist.

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – The Sunday papers raised the alarm about “Global Climate Change.” Apparently, people are sweltering almost everywhere – from Dubai to Canada. The newspapers showed frightening maps, with most of the Northern Hemisphere – like Hell itself – colored bright red. Some columnists claimed that large parts of the Earth could soon be […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL IRELAND – Yes, it’s the age of miracles. The Bubble Epoch. The silly season. And it just gets sillier and sillier. Christine Lagarde, who holds the top spot at the European Central Bank (ECB), announced that she’s going to continue pumping up the money supply by 17 billion euros per week. She says it is […]

Bill Bonner's Diary -   YOUGHAL, IRELAND – In the news yesterday was a report about a major real estate purchase. Blackstone Group bought Home Partners of America and thus acquired its 17,000 rental units. We don’t know the particulars of the deal. But the average monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment, for example, is about $1,200. That gives […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Midsummer has arrived! Yesterday was the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The farther north you are, the longer the day. Here, it was light until almost 11 p.m. We went over to the little seaside town of Ardmore, where the church has reopened for the summer season. “It’s […]

June 18th, 2021 | No Return to “Normal”

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Our subject today has a little of everything – ambition… betrayal… idealism… cynicism… democracy… revolution… corruption… you name it! But today’s setting is not the USA. Still, we will turn to the U.S. media for a big surprise, before taking up our parable. Here’s a rare event… where the reporter got the […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – We’re in a rush this morning. No time to write a short message. We’ll have to send you a long one. First, here’s Business Insider with a news update: Michael Burry said markets were in a bubble of unprecedented scale. The “Big Short” investor tweeted his dire warning after a 10-week break from Twitter. […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – That was fast! Already… the inflation threat is over. Bloomberg tells us more: With investors anxious to hear the Federal Reserve’s latest take on inflation after last week’s hot reading, certain corners of the market are already simmering down. Take lumber, one of the biggest gainers among commodities in the past year […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - Americans are getting stronger. Twenty years ago, it took two people to carry ten dollars’ worth of groceries. Today, a five-year-old can do it. – A Henny Youngman quote sent by a dear reader YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Newsflash from the G7 summit in Cornwall! Here’s the Financial Times: Biden wins backing from G7 leaders to “carry […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Well… yesterday we got the news. If we have $100,000 in cash today… at the present rate of inflation, it will be worth only $95,000 by this time next year. Keep it up for 14 years, and half your money will be wiped out. Barron’s has the details: On a year-over-year basis, […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He stared at the Pacific – and all his men Look’d at each other with a wild surmise – Silent, upon a peak in Darien. – On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer, by John Keats YOUGHAL, IRELAND – We ended yesterday’s Diary with a question: Who will tame inflation this time? You […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – “Pity the American small business owner… ” writes Dear Reader H.R.E.: “I’m dealing with it as a landlord. Can’t get parts and materials and can’t get labor. Both cost more than ever. Plumbers at $300 per hour. AC guys closer to $500 per.” Small Business Optimism Drops on Labor Shortage and Inflation […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – In matters of technology and material progress, we discover new things all the time. But in love, central banking, and the rest of life… we discover the same things over and over. And what Americans are likely to re-discover in the months ahead is the Quantity Theory of Money, or QTM. Quantity […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - I picked a hell of a day to quit drinkin’ – Russell Casse in Independence Day YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Today, we look at another institution that has been zombified by the feds – the stock market. The stock market is supposed to allow investors to exchange shares in profit-making, wealth-increasing, goods-and-services-producing businesses. Nobody […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – The super-rich must be the loneliest, most miserable people on the planet. They are in a class by themselves… separated from the masses by nearly $32 trillion. That’s the difference between what the top 1% of Americans own and the wealth of the bottom 50%. And the 1% knows something the rest […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – A dear reader described today’s money landscape in stark terms. Here’s Michael M.: Wait, you wouldn’t pay 10 cents for a 1,700% return?! Why am I reading you?!? Lol. I call BS. If I told you I invested a few sheckles in some goofy tech startup with a sexy story and it […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Oh my… look up. There it is. Our old, tattered Black & Blue… Our trusty “Crash Alert” flag, proudly signaling the alarm. Yesterday, we saw consumer prices moving up. And we saw how the supply of “money” is far outstripping the supply of goods and services you buy with it. So far this […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - Emma’s Note: Emma Walsh here, managing editor of the Diary. Bill and his colleague at The Bonner-Denning Letter, Dan Denning, are sounding the alarm about the imminent demise of the U.S. dollar. The results of the feds’ never-ending money-printing are evident in rising commodities prices, rising stock markets, and rising U.S. Treasury yields. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Yesterday, we saw that some investments inevitably go bad. People make mistakes. The private world of win-win deals routinely corrects them. Death, divorce, default, destitution – many are the ways it sets things right. But the public world… the world backed by tanks and armed police… the world of wars and sanctions… […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Poor Bill and Melinda. They are calling it quits. It’s all over but the long road and the sad songs. Apparently, the COVID-19 lockdowns are responsible for a lot of marriage break-ups. After spending so much time in close quarters, Bill and Melinda may have decided that they couldn’t stand each other […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Last week, Charles de Vaulx, a famous value investor, was apparently so depressed by the bad performance of his fund that he jumped from the 10th floor of his office building. The New York Post: Shortly before 1 p.m. Monday, Charles de Vaulx entered the posh Midtown tower at 717 Fifth Ave. […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - All governments use force and all assert that they are founded on reason. In fact, whether universal suffrage prevails or not, it is always an oligarchy that governs, finding ways to give to “the will of the people” that expression which the few desire. – Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto YOUGHAL, IRELAND – “We the People […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Finally, The Washington Post catches on… The Fed helped fuel a stock market boom that benefited wealthy Americans – and left behind everyone else Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the Federal Reserve has gotten plenty of kudos for moves that have helped stabilize the economy, kept house prices from tanking and supported the […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - Slip sliding away Slip sliding away You know the nearer your destination The more you’re slip sliding away – Slip Sliding Away, by Simon & Garfunkel YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Colleague Dan Denning says inflation is already very pronounced in financial assets… and coming on strong in the commodities market. In his latest update, which paid-up Bonner-Denning Letter subscribers will receive later this […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – What a jolly time. A boo… boo… ka-boom! JPMorgan Chase CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon sees it coming: I have little doubt that with excess savings, new stimulus savings, huge deficit spending, more QE, a new potential infrastructure bill, a successful vaccine, and euphoria around the end of the pandemic, the U.S. […]

Bill Bonner's Diary - YOUGHAL, IRELAND – When the money goes, everything goes. Today, we look at what went last week. Yes, Dear Reader, at this late, degenerate stage of the Bubble Epoch, nothing is so crazy… so absurd… or so appalling that it isn’t front-page news. And from Capitol Hill last week came the usual pernicious headlines. First, the […]
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