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May 1, 2022 | We have Enemies Within Our Own Governments Seeking War & Agenda 2030

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

There is a discussion now to ban Russia from the G20 meeting. Whatever can be done to create World War III is in full motion. Meanwhile, Biden wants to not just seize the private property of Russian individuals like yachts, homes, and anything else he can just seize, he wants to sell off the assets he has stolen from private individuals setting a precedent following the actions of Iran when they seized all assets of foreigners. Biden is completely destroying the world economy and burning down the very foundation of international law. This is destroying global investment for this action by the United States is not only unprecedented in the history of civilization, but it will send a warning signal to even the Chinese – sell everything and get out before Biden robs you blind.


Then the British Defense Secretary said that he would not be “surprised” if Putin used the May 9 celebrations in Russia, which mark the day the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, to “mobilize the Russian people en masse” against the West. It is just unimaginable how these leaders are doing EVERYTHING they can possibly do to create World War III. In all honesty, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would launch a first strike and take out all the capital cities in a matter of minutes.

There is no way to EVER return to normal! Biden appears to be following the Agenda 2030 of Klaus Schwab. There are no peacemakers here. This appears to be a strategic maneuver to make the United Nations emerge as the great peacemaker and in the process, fulfill the idea of handing all sovereignty to the United Nations and a one-world government. It has been alleged that Soros is funding migrants to invade the United States and the Democrats will suddenly grant them all citizenship and fill out the mail-in votes for them since they are unfamiliar with the fine print of why they are allowed in during a period of rising food shortages to make it worse for real Americans.

This is now about raw power – and the Agenda 2030 is in full swing. These people will reduce the world population, but they will be using war to clean house.

Strategically, the people behind Putin would love to see him nuke Kyiv at this point as a warning to the West – is this what you really want? Putin is far more cautious than the people behind him just as we have reckless people writing the scripts for Biden. It is one thing to study how society functions, it is another when these people want to play God. I would not live near any of the capitals nor in Geneva. These people will fail. They do not understand what they are unleashing.

Never since World War II have we ever seen such reckless people in power. Every American President since FDR has strived for world peace. Today, all we have is total insanity. This is DELIBERATE – it cannot possibly be because of stupidity. The military swore an oath to defend the country against both foreign and domestic enemies. I think we have people who have seized control of governments worldwide who are both domestic and foreign.

The Oath of Enlistment (for enlisted):

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

When Nero (54-68AD) died, Rome fell into another civil war. Of the four main generals to issue coins declaring themselves to be Emperor, history warns that the military could split and we will find those supporting the LEFT and RIGHT actually fight for power. Those behind the Biden Administration are completely tearing the country in two and the division that they have created will never be smoothed over.

Even when Commodus was assassinated leaving no heir, once again we see the Roman Empire divide and the military choosing sides. Once more, there were four generals moving for power.

Over the course of the next 10 years into 2032, we will see the United States split. There will emerge a division in the military once they come to actually see that this is no conspiracy theory by Agenda 2030 is in full swing. Even in Canada, Trudeau has openly confirmed that he has committed Canada to Agenda 2030. Of course, he is a Schwab indoctrinated Young Global Leader.

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May 1st, 2022

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