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December 18, 2021 | This Week in Money

This Week in Money

This Week in Money presents leading financial news and market commentary from interesting, informative and profound guests. They are some of the financial world's most colorful and controversial thinkers, discussing the markets, economies and more! Hosted by radio veteran - Jim Goddard. New shows air Saturdays on Internet Radio. Archived online at

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This Week in Money Archives December 18th, 2021

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  • Steve Jones says:

    The orientation of the heavenly bodies to each other and/or to earth have absolutely no effect on human behavior on earth. This guest is promoting and using voodoo. And astrology in the occult sense. I can accept that SEASONS on earth can correlate with human activity – the summer to fall to winter to spring cycle undoubtably effects human behavior due to changes in temperature and length of day on earth. But stars, moon, and planets do not affect human behavior, and most certainly NOT markets. The astrology being promoted here is no different than witchcraft, sorcery, speaking with the dead – etc. All such things are Satanic, and condemned in the Bible, and by Western Christian nations throughout their histories.

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