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July 7, 2021 | Gold, Genocide Project, Vaccibonerosis

Golden Jackass is the site of numerous important mega-forecasts related to the degradation and destruction of the global financial system, the diverse forecasts range from the housing bust in 2007, the mortgage bond bust that followed, the insolvent US banking system, the Dubai debt bust, the Southern European sovereign bond bust, the USTreasury false rally, the extended QE to Infinity policy, and the spread between the COMEX gold price and the real world physical Price of Gold, next the Petro-Dollar demise and the Gold Trade Settlement platform arrival, with the new BRICS Gold Central Bank, and climax USGovt debt default.

Rigged Markets, Military Tribunals, US Dollar

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Archives July 7th, 2021

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  • l Jess says:

    Jim should look at twatter @nia3in for the niacin protocols

  • carlos tavares says:

    when y listen to jim willie the irritation to the ears is soon overcome by the content he delivers. thank you jim. and thank y for the years of work.
    every interview deals w stupidity aptly. what is the cause of this? jim tells us of demonic instances in his life. could the stupidity be induced?
    for example, washington, dc was dedicated to the goddess columbia if this is an occult figure could we be in a cloud of an illusion? would that explain why our scholars cannot correctly define the document titled: the constitution of the united states let alone what it means and to what effect it is. while at the same time cannot define what the document titled: the ——- whatever state constitution is.
    one is a document forming a republic the other is a union agreement. which is which?
    the failure to define these documents correctly has caused oir very mis governance. thus the stupidity of even the ‘smartest’ amongst us.
    i think your troubles with the demonic are our troubles as well. Godspeed jim and thank y miners for the interview

  • Carlos Velazco says:

    Jim is always ahead of the time, I have been following him for years and at the beginning I didn’t believe him much but the time has proved he was right more than 80% of the time.

  • Bill Hennessy says:

    Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada is planning door to door vaccination teams.


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