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July 9, 2021 | Is Cash Trash? Fake Cryptos, Inflation

Bob Hoye has been in investment business for some 50 years, making him one of the more experienced researchers. His historical work has been thorough providing the first recognition of the fascinating transition from speculation in commodities to speculation in financial assets. It was controversial when Bob observed that “No matter how much the Fed prints, stocks will outperform commodities”. In January 2000, the research team concluded that the Dot-Com Bubble would peak in March 2000. In early 2007, the team outlined that the credit markets would reverse in May-June 2007. They did and the stock market followed. The latest was the call in early October for the Bitcoin Bubble to complete in December. Bob’s essays and speeches on political change and on actual climate change have been widely circulated.

Food Shortages, Liquidity, Insider Trading

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Archives July 9th, 2021

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  • Chris says:

    Hi Bob: Are you expecting the inflation worries to subside and deflation to set in? Do you have a timeline for that?

    So many experts are calling for hyperinflation– do you agree with this view? It seems hard to believe prices would ever decline on major goods– its never been my experience!!


  • Kathleen says:

    Hello Jim and Bob. I hope that all of our French-Canadians friends at had “un joyeux quatorze Juillet!” As I hummed “La Marseillaise” on July 14, I imagined in my mind the people of Main Street, after the next crash and through the voting booth, storm the ECB Bastille in Brussels and also politically close down the FED. Fed Chair Powell’s term ends in February 2022. Bob, is Fed Powell the equivalent of Louis the 15th or 16th? Maybe Fed Powell is saying to himself, “Apres moi le deluge”. Jim, all your viewers will certainly “Marchons! Marchons!” with you and your great guests as we hopefully approach the end of “les misères” of financial repression.

  • David says:

    Greeting Guys and thanks for a great show:

    Many experts are predicting a major down cycle in the commodities– as has started with lumber. Are gold and silver commodities too? Does this imply a down cycle in that sector as well? How will that play out?


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