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January 6, 2021 | Radical Left: Crazy

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By Tacitus 2021

Until Wednesday, Trump rallies have been convivial—enjoyed by happy but anxious patriots who knew they were winning. A wonderful way to restore accountable and limited government.  Inspired by too many in-your-face and in-your-wallet bureaucrats. In openly criticizing unrelenting intrusion by authoritarians this has been a refreshing attempt at much needed reform. With the key step winning another term for DJT as well as gaining seats everywhere.

On November 3rd, Trump had a landslide. On November 4th, Biden was declared winner.

There has been nothing like this since the  benign uprising in 1989 when unarmed people took on an armed and murderous police state. Hitherto, death was the punishment for citizens in going from one part of Germany to another.

However, this week’s raid on the Capital is out of character for Trump supporters and could have been staged. When on a roll, the Left is capable of any scheme or atrocity.

With the dreadful news about protestors “storming the barricades outside Congress”, the MSM went ballistic. But the event was definitely of a different character than the riots, arson and looting that were professionally staged by uniformed thugs in Democrat cities. When police were advised not to quell the offences. Most of those apprehended were released the next day. By sympathetic district attorneys with little regard for law and order. Some funded by wealthy but nefarious operators.

In the main, Trump’s rallies have been enjoyed by ordinary folk seeking both freedom and relief from devastation by authoritarian bureaucrats. They have never stormed barricades, nor broken into buildings. And always cleaned up candy wrappers afterwards.

This writer has been wondering if authoritarians would stage the equivalent to burning the Reichstag in 1933. A critical step as the minority Nazis overwhelmed the formidable  Communist presence in Germany. National Socialists committed arson and blamed International Socialists.

And the media went for it.

Quite likely this week’s outrage is Antifa in ordinary clothes and without their shields, bricks and Molotov cocktails. Coordinated with the  Tech companies shutting down Trump’s social communications, it is being seen as an organized insurrection,

Terrible action with profound implications. It could discourage attempts by the benign popular uprising to restore accountable government. And to protect freedom of speech and assembly.

If so, stealing the election will not be prosecuted. And with no legal or ethical recourse to constraining today’s political furies, America’s unprecedented political storm will get worse. The Left’s ambition knows no limits.

With elections so readily stolen now, there will be little future recourse. And the political nightmare that the Left lives in will be more violently imposed upon ordinary folk, even in ordinary neighborhoods.

The administration could use force to defend Constitutional protections.

Altogether, the storm is setting up conditions for potentially one of the greatest destructions of wealth and prosperity in history.

Unfortunately, successful reforms have occurred when ordinary folk suffer severe hardship as the governing classes live well and promise well.

But in looking ahead, more widespread economic hardship with continuing authoritarian provocations could inspire a more serious reform movement. Perhaps like 1776, but without war.

In having carried reform this far and against an increasingly absurd opposition it is unlikely that Trump will quit. Rather than consider the latest outrage as a result of America’s inadequate electoral system, people in all democracies should be studying it as a threat to their orderly societies.


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January 6th, 2021

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  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    I have to agree with you. The media was so hoping to stir the pot of violence that the people were very orderly in leaving the US Parliament instead of destroying and burning down the building which the left would have done.
    I expected more restrictions of the internet to fill in the gaps of free speech as these crazy people will never lose their governance power with control of computers and the elections process.

  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    Here is an interesting document which describes how to use “silent weapons” that the left uses to try and control people.
    This document is so depressing.
    And it was created in May 1979.

    Our government certainly is following very closely to this document.

  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    Our co-ordinated politicians have a defined societal box which have defined boundaries which keeps our society in control to what our governments want us to do. Even the Pope is on board as it keeps our society ignorant to fact based science and fact based mathematics that would show religion is based on faith and not facts that can destroy all religious faith’s.
    I couldn’t figure why the hundreds of emails over the decades were ignored from NASA, to Universities, to government politicians, all ignored.
    My fact based research was showing how our Sun’s orbital exhausted gases shapes our orb and traps its atmosphere and keeps us in a stable orbit.
    When I found that document on our societal boundaries, I understood.

  • John Collins says:

    It does appear “we are not going take it anymore” from corrupt governments around the globe. MMT, ,”you own nothing & be happy” ,while killing Small business..the place job growth begins…this does not seem to be a leading to a happy place. Some say this leads to a economic Depression….how’s that going to go over with the Masses ?…..the seeds have been planted for Civil wars rising.

  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    The left has a huge problem with President Trump that he may accidentally let more silent weapon secrets out in the future when not so much security is guarding him and they need him silenced. Like some of his speeches before when he accidentally told the world that we were in the Middle East for the oil and not the Humanitarian Reasons the media was pushing. He had that “Deer in the Headlights” look of being threatened and retacted his speech.
    His last video speech on smooth transition, he has that same look and posture. There have been 2 Congressmen and 1 Senator who past away in the last 5 days along with many people who have quit in the last couple of days as well. The Democrats are well known to be professional house cleaners of people who they have a problem with.
    I just had that awful creeping feeling that President Trump will no longer be with us…

  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    I have this feeling that we all are being Played by the media and politicians on this Pandemic and the US Reserve Currency is about to change off the US dollar.
    The Chinese have told their citizens to be ready for War at any time.
    Canadians are defenseless by design by our government.
    And we are in lockdowns…
    Pretty creepy feeling as the President changes hands to one that is Chinese friendly.

  • Jojodogfacedboy says:

    President Trump is closing his trap of corruption in the US Capital including his Vice President.
    I believe he will be doing a Declaration of War against China as all other avenues in the voter fraud have been exhausted.
    There is a massive amount of evidence of Chinese products and ballots that the media has not reported on.
    I have seen the many videos of evidence that the media and justice system refuses to acknowledge.

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