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September 21, 2020 | The Global Usurpation of Power Underway

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Hi Marty

I am sure you, like me, have expected without a doubt a move back into FALL lockdowns. It has been blatantly obvious here in the UK for months. The hype and overreaction is intentional and fear generation is being ramped through the roof. A school has one case of an asymptomatic boy and it closes with 447 kids sent home for 14 days!!?? Casedemic is alive and being driven into a frenzy, as they have nothing else. The only thing you can rely on daily from this government is FEAR.

Cases are 90% asymptomatic, those that get symptoms last a couple days. We ask for context, age breakdowns, severity, hospitalizations and deaths, both of which are non-existent and it is like pulling teeth. They simply cannot let the real information out as there would be revolt.

The pearler for today – we have just been told by PMs office, that serious consideration is taking place today to call a ‘Circuit Breaker’ 14 day lockdown, to nip the new cases in the bud before they turn into serious hospitalizations. Where have we heard ‘just 14 days’ before – flatten the curve, yip and now 6mths down the line, we are to believe that 14 days, will not run through, lets be honest elections and well into 2021, as then unrest will be very violent and everywhere. The obvious question if all cases are asymptomatic, they will not end up in hospital. But that will not stop our idiot of a prime minister claiming victory in March next year, as his actions will naturally be the reason there was no explosion in deaths and hospitalizations.

This has nothing to do with covid and everything to do with US elections. I believe before 5th October, UK and most of Western Europe will be in lockdown 2, to make the US democrat mayors and governors look less idiotic ahead of elections for the new wave of lockdowns coming shortly from them. They will just point to this is what the UK&EU is doing – follow the science.

Sad when you find out what is a supposedly conservative right wing government, is actually a Marxist, socialist utopia and Boris is just one of the global lap dogs.

Kind Regards


REPLY: The more I talk to reliable sources, the greater this seems to be a reaction in anticipation of what our model has been forecasting — The Monetary Crisis Cycle & Sovereign Debt Crisis. Granted, they may be doing this because of our models, but only because they are also trapped by their negative interest rates and cannot raise them anymore. The central banks are screaming behind the curtain, “Hey, this isn’t working!” I warned that Big Bang would begin 2015.75. Indeed, the ECB moved to negative interest rates in 2014. They never considered what would happen it that experiment failed.

There is a reasonable amount of coordinated circumstantial evidence to support that likelihood. However, that does not mean that they are looking at our solutions to maintain the continuity of a free society. Instead, they have chosen the authoritarian path and there is also a high probability that they are working with the Democrats to overthrow Trump, and hence their attempt to hand $3 trillion to the IMF to support this globalist agenda.

That all said, they may be looking at what is coming and are trying to solve the Sovereign Debt Crisis by moving to perpetual bonds where they only pay interest and will not be obligated to redeem them. They are moving to increase taxes dramatically and embrace the Marxist theory and thereby adopt an authoritarian government. In the EU, nobody in the European Commission stands for election and neither does the head of the EU. Europe has already stripped the right of the people to any democratic process. They vote for a Parliament that has no power. All smoke and mirrors. In the USA, they have been putting in career politicians or fools for presidents so the bureaucracy (Deep State) is really in control also on an unelected basis.

The English Bill of Rights (1689), states: “it is the right of the subjects to petition the king, and prosecutions for such petitioning are illegal.” Yet, by pretending these lockdowns are for your own protection instead of banning protests and thereby adopting the strategy of Julius Caesar, divide and conquer, they are taking all our freedoms and once such power is exercised, it is never relinquished without revolution.

Governments are simply incapable of proper management of society, for every action they take is to retain their own power. They will not act in the self-interest of the people or the nation. It is not that they may even do this in a knowing manner. They simply think they are preserving the nation when that to them is government.

Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” inspired the American Revolution. He wrote that government confounds the nation with themselves. There was never a more correct political statement ever said.

Governments that makes mistakes never admit them. Instead, they will blame someone else, or in this case the virus, to justify whatever actions they take.

Here is an English political token how they wanted to hang Paine for his words, and they sent a full army to try to capture Thomas Jefferson at his home.

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September 21st, 2020

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