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August 27, 2020 | Us Ten Year Treasury Yield

The US 10 and 30-Year Treasury yields continue to build a base.

August 27, 2020 | Trudeau using COVID to push his Green Agenda in Canada

The National Post headline: “Trudeau’s ‘brutal’ attempt to use COVID to push his green agenda” is confirming that this is not about COVID where 175,000 deaths out of 328 million in the United States is a death rate of 0.000535%. You do not destroy the economy and people’s futures, pensions, and employment for such a […]

August 27, 2020 | DiMartino Booth on a ‘Generation of Painful Liquidations’

Thinking people know that present financial conditions are a train wreck in motion and controlling our own behaviour is the most valuable risk management available. An excellent essay from former Fed-insider, now independent analyst, Danielle DiMartino Booth, is a helpful fact check in a mad time, see Monetary Policy Gone Wild.  A Lost Generation of US […]

August 27, 2020 | Freeconomics

In 1993 I completely lost it and ran for the leadership of the federal Progressive Conservative party. That’s back when being a Con meant you worried more about finances than diddling. Socially liberal. Fiscally conservative. Worked for me. Well, there was a big convention in Ottawa. Ten thousand people. And while my chances of winning […]

August 27, 2020 | Traders Freak Out Over…Well, We’re Not Actually Sure

Thursday’s psychotic price action showed what’s on the tiny, fevered brains of traders as they continue to drive the broad averages to ridiculous heights. Supposedly, the wack-jobs wanted Powell to say more than he did in his keynote address Thursday morning at the Jackson Hole conference.  Here’s the Fed chairman in his own words. Judge […]

August 27, 2020 | Is California Over?

By now it’s painfully obvious that we humans tend to ruin our favorite places by overrunning them. And no place makes this point better than California. An absolute paradise 25 million people ago, parts of it are now a hellscape of Mad Maxian proportions. Consider: Rolling blackouts due in part to bad planning and in […]

August 27, 2020 | Long Term Rates Ignoring Fed

Still bullish on Gold even though US Dollar rallying?

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August 27, 2020 | Have Gold and Silver Topped Out?

Commodities in general on the rise

August 27, 2020 | Will Fed Policy Change, Change Anything?

Why low interest rates are not a stimulus

August 27, 2020 | Marijuana, Gold, Uranium

Crude Oil, Lumber

August 26, 2020 | Look For Platinum To Rally – Following Gold

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Incredible Opportunities In Precious Metals Right Now Platinum Sets Up For A Big Breakout Gold Poised To Continue Rally Silver Is Still In The “Super-Hero” Setup Rally Hinges On The Platinum Breakout Above $1,050.50 Platinum may be setting up in a technical pattern that is similar to the end of 2001/early 2002.  At […]

August 26, 2020 | Election Chaos & Civil War

QUESTION: Hi Marty, if i am not mistaken Socrates has predicted civil unrest regardless of who stands as president when the election is over. Is Socrates able to predict if its gonna be Trump or Biden? Or can it even predict an unexpected turn like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama stepping in the last minute? […]

August 26, 2020 | Roach: America’s Coming Double Dip

Economist Stephen Roach’s latest piece in Project Syndicate is worth reading, see America’s coming double-dip. The fallout will not be contained in America.  Here’s a taste: The daunting history of the US business cycle warns against complacency. Double dips – defined simply as a decline in quarterly real GDP following a temporary rebound – have occurred […]

August 26, 2020 | News You Can Use

Go Prefs! When the virus came to town central banks crashed interest rates, crushing bond yields and preferred share values. Bond prices jumped, but prefs tanked. And what did this pathetic blog suggest? You bet – buy some preferreds. They’re cheap, we enthused, they chuck a handsome dividend, are tax-efficient and pretty much guaranteed to […]

August 26, 2020 | Gold Losing Some Canadian Insider Weight

Can Erin O’Toole get Canada Energy East pipeline built?

August 26, 2020 | Is the Gold Bull Market Still Intact?

Is there more to a higher Canadian dollar than just a weak US dollar?

August 26, 2020 | Is Gold Still the Shiniest Object on the Investment Shelf?

Recovery Stalled – Consumer Confidence Ultra Low

August 25, 2020 | Gold, Silver Not So Easy to Bully Lately

Bullion bulls should be enjoying the show even though silver an gold futures have gone nowhere for the last couple of weeks. Comex Gold has been pounding on a midpoint Hidden Pivot support of intermediate degree almost daily, and although it has traded slightly beneath the support a couple of times, most of the action […]

August 25, 2020 | The Threat to Gold

QUESTION:  In regards to your last post about Bitcoin and your comment that there may be a “threat regarding gold”, as well. What kind of threat do you think? If you own precious metals as a store of value and assume at some point you may need to use it to pay for things, they […]

August 25, 2020 | Why They Buy

  This week the cowboy running our federal housing outfit raged on Twitter against a twit realtor. Well, to be fair, Owen Bigland actually has an outsized opinion of himself. The Vancouver agent has a blog, a book, a degree and boasts he’s been a successful life-long real estate investor. But that don’t impress Evan […]

August 25, 2020 | The Real Story Behind the Fed

Last week we saw how the “banksters” (i.e. central banks) do all they can to keep the herd under their spell … creating a world of illusion where a tiny segment of society takes advantage of everyone else by … 1) The booms and busts they create to pad their wallets and … 2) Via our […]

August 25, 2020 | Tyranny is Indistinguishable when used by Kings or Career Politicians

What is going on in New Zealand and Melbourne is the complete rejection of every principle of liberty, which has degenerated into a tyrannical coup. These are the very same actions by those governments that sparked the American Revolution. We have to wonder about this forecast of Socrates about rising civil unrest on a global […]

August 25, 2020 | “Pent-up Supply” in San Francisco Turns into Record Glut of Houses & Condos for Sale. Prices Weaken

We’re going to look at San Francisco’s housing market in two ways: The Case-Shiller Home Price Index released today, which lags months behind but provides good price-movement data for houses and condos; and near-real-time indicators. First the near-real-time indicators: “Active listings” in San Francisco skyrocketed by 137% year-over-year to 1,995 homes for sale in the […]

August 25, 2020 | From Lockdown to Police State: the “Great Reset” Rolls Out

Mayhem in Melbourne On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: “People are entitled to think there is an ‘agenda to destroy western society.’” The gist of an August 13th article on the Melbourne lockdown is captured in the […]

August 25, 2020 | Natural Gas Rally Nearing $2.95 Resistance – May Target $3.75 or higher

Quietly, as we’ve been focused on Gold, Silver, and other symbols, Natural Gas has rallied above the $2.00 level and is starting to break higher again targeting the $2.95 level.  The very deep “rounded bottom” pattern that set up in early 2020 presented a very real opportunity for skilled technical traders by setting up multiple, […]

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