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August 4, 2020 | Cycles Point to Chaos for America

Sean Brodrick

Sean is the natural resource analyst for Weiss Ratings. You can read his thoughts on gold, oil, cannabis, uranium and other natural resources at

America is undergoing upheaval. It isn’t just the pandemic and its resulting economic fallout. The nightly news is filled with images of protesters battling police in major cities. These started as protests over police brutality, but anger is reaching the boiling point on other issues as well. President Trump and others worry about “a left-wing cultural revolution.”

One thing is for sure. Our cycles research has uncovered a host of different kinds of cycles over the years, and many of them point to unrest getting worse before it gets better.

We already told you about our War Cycles model. Here’s something else you should be aware of:

Cycles of Revolution.    

We saw how the longest such cycle — lasting upwards of a thousand years — determined the rise and fall of the world’s epic civilizations.

This chart shows global temperatures (blue line) over the past 4,000 years. Each time there’s a temperature peak (red arrows), a major civilization peaks and then falls. “JC1” refers to Julius Caesar, “JC2” to Jesus Christ and the start of Christianity. The Islamic religion also began at a climate peak around A.D. 600.

History also shows how international (world) wars occur as the climate warms and there is abundance …

… while as each cycle peaks and turns over, we see civil wars, revolutions, pandemics and often a reset of the entire economic schema.

In addition, a 500-year cycle demonstrates shifts in power between the West (Europe) and the East (Asia).

The 250-Year Revolutionary Cycle last hit in the 1760s with the American Revolution … coinciding with the start of the Industrial Revolution and modern free-market capitalism.

250 years prior we had Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation … a broad social and political revolution against medieval feudalism and laying the foundation for modern democracy and freedom of religion.

In the late 1200s, we had the voyages of Marco Polo.

Maps based on Polo’s travels to East Asia inspired Christopher Columbus to search for a western sea route to India and China.

Do you see a pattern?

Each revolution builds on the last one.

Plus, three 84-Year “Populist” Cycles fit neatly inside the 250-year cycle. This one is obvious today, with demonstrations — peaceful and otherwise — happening on a daily basis.

It started with Brexit and the election of President Trump in 2016.

Devastated by one crisis after another — while watching the top 1% run away with 50% of the money — the middle class was ripe for revolt.

In fact, it’s uncanny how this cycle tracks populist movements.

Dr. Raymond Wheeler sums up the major cycle tops:

As the warm-wet phases terminates, climate becomes drier and hotter. As it does, other phenomena manifest themselves: creativity declines; reaction and decadence set in; governments become despotic; minorities are persecuted; general health declines along with the birth rate; economic systems collapse; socialistic and communistic regimes rise under an epidemic of dictators; individual freedoms vanish and the moral tone and society reaches a low level. Toward the end of this period comes another series of wars we call nation-falling wars because many of the governments initiating them during this period are either tottering or about to collapse internally.

I’d say this is a pretty good description of the last century, wouldn’t you?

In fact, experiments with white rats at the University of Kansas show just how neurotic warm-blooded creatures — including humans — can get when global temperatures rise. Here’s an excerpt from Wheeler’s “Climate: The Key to Understanding Business Cycles”:

[The hot-room rats] were touchy and irritable; in humans we might call such behavior “hot tempered” or emotionally unstable …

In general, the hot-room rats revealed many ”neurotic” tendencies. They were far less docile than the cold-room rats and objected to being handled. Frequently they bit their keeper, something the cold-room rats never did unless handled too roughly. When placed in the maze, the hot-room rats were frequently upset and their frustration resulted in many ”fits” or “tantrums.”

Think about it. We’re at the top of a warm-dry cycle and humans are exhibiting the very same traits as these hot-room rats. Anger is boiling over across the world with riots and murders hitting all-time highs in many cities.

But wait, here’s yet another cycle we’re dealing with …

Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky also wrote about the “excitability factor” in humans, which he found exhibited itself with every solar cycle of approximately 11.2 years. (Woodstock and the September 11  attacks were at the tops of these cycles.)

And here’s the thing …

ALL THESE CYCLES are hitting us now.

It’s a “perfect storm” of social, political, and economic convulsions at every level of society:

  • We’re already seeing the signs of a major economic depression.
  • We’re already seeing mass civil unrest.
  • We’re already seeing a political civil war like no other time in our nation’s history … with left and right more polarized than ever.
  • We’re now living through a period that mimics the top of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. It’s also quite similar to the major cycle high of one thousand years ago … and even 500 years ago when the age of feudalism died and the modern financial era began.

Bottom line: We’re heading toward a global revolution and financial upheaval.

But here’s the good news…

The “gloom-and-doomers” are wrong. This ISN’T the “end of the world” … just the end of the world as we know it!

Here’s more from Dr. Wheeler: “Socialistic trends — any form of shift from individualism toward greater state control and ownership — are warm-phase phenomena.”

If the doctor is right, we can expect a shift away from socialism back towards free-markets and democracy.

As Bob Dylan crooned, “The times, they are a-changin’.”

When you’re aware of these historic shifts, you can take steps to survive and prosper as these revolutionary forces roll over us.

All the best,


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August 4th, 2020

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