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July 8, 2020 | The Manual for Tyrants to Take Over

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

QUESTION: Hello Martin

When will the madness stop!
I am Scottish and our first minister is mandating face masks in all shops from July 10th. Even though the virus peaked in April. Interesting that her advisor is an American professor at Edinburgh University who also co-authored a book with Chelsea Clinton. She (first minister) is also an ardent supporter of Hilary Clinton and Macron. God help us!
We are strong people but many people are so deeply asleep and believe the rhetoric being pumped out.
I am aware that you must be working all the hours you can but is there any way that you would produce reports on the fate of individual countries? Got a gut feeling that we are heading straight into a Marxist regime.
Cannot thank you enough for all you do and your blog every day. The world has to wake up soon and combat what these bastards have unleashed. (sorry for the swearing)
all the best to you

ANSWER: I am doing my best and will try to put together reports on various countries. The markets are incredible forecasters on their own for they reflect both domestic and international capital flow movements. This is clearly a political coup, and of course, the press will not report that fact. Even the Economist came out and said Trump has only a 10% chance of winning. The polls are so distorted, as they were for 2016 and Brexit, but this time it is on steroids. This is really an all-out battle for our future that they are trying to construct in their own image. This is very much the same as the Marxist revolution of 1848 and 1917.

This is straight out of the historical manual on how to take over a government — the FIRST thing you must do is divide the people so they beg for protection from the government. They will always divide the people into groups that can be determined by ethnicity, race, religion, or political philosophy (left v right) which serve to divide the country making one group afraid of the other.

  • a) Create laws that are unfair and favor one group over another which builds resentment
  • b) The protests will begin to complain about what becomes political correctness where everyone becomes offended by the slightest comment
  • c) The media constantly exposes this situation to ensure it remains on the front pages telling people they are wrong to diminish their security
  • d) This leads to the breakdown of society turning families against one another and breaking friendships

SECOND: The second phase is where the groups begin to isolate themselves and mass protests typically follow.

  • a) this phase will always unleash some violence which then only emboldens each group against each other.
  • b) violence is accelerated usually by some incident where a person is killed by one group which invited retaliation

THIRD: The groups will typically create their own safe zones which can often become city against city or region against region.

  • a) people will begin to arm themselves for protection against each other
  • b) the police are not viewed as trustworthy or stand down and as long as they support the government, they are seen as the enemy
  • c) this is typically when cleansing takes place – the elimination of members of the opposing group within their safe zone

FOURTH: When the people are sufficiently divided and at each others’ throats, this is when the tyrants come to the rescue with promises of peace but they imposed absolute rule. The people will surrender all liberty at this point to obtain security.

This is how every tyrant takes over an empire, nation, or city-state and the people will beg them for peace and calm.

This is why I have been saying my fear is what comes AFTER Trump — not Trump. Most people remain oblivious to the patterns and we can see already this play is in full motion. The last 8.6 years between 2024 and 2032 will be politically unstable.

I do believe if enough people understand this scheme, we can win. What is very clear coming from the computer remains that they will fail and their great dream of a New Green Marxist World Order will implode – it is not economically sustainable.

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July 8th, 2020

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  • Jeremy Caddy says:

    My comment is this: Trump resign and Pence will take over as president. Pence will pardon Trump thus trumping the Dems who still hate the fact their half baked impeachment effort, the Trump base will all be happy and the independents will join in the fray thus beating old uncle Jo.

  • Holly Hallston says:

    For years I’ve been reading Armstrong who continually claimed there were no such thing as conspiracies. Now the guy has gone into overdrive in the opposite direction. Don’t take it personal Armstrong, but those of us who have worked in intelligence always knew you didn’t know jack. Too much attention glued to the fantasy of your “all knowing” computer.
    So now it’s a global collapse to save socialism? Wrong! The collapse is so the old elite fascist can monitor their human chattel 24/7, 365. They don’t and never have given a rat’s rip about “socialism”. It’s always been a scam.
    Trump has been prying open the lid so the world can see the truth of what these degenerate miscreants really are and his reward is every elitist plutocrat and plebeian on the planet has ganged up on him for fear of being exposed. They use these useful idiot protestor punks as their smoke screen, along with charlatans like Faucci and the MSM to keep the abysmally stupid narrative going. Wake up people, 1984 is at your doorstep.

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