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May 27, 2020 | Vaccine Related Pump and Dump Warning

David Skarica

David Skarica Founder of Addicted To Profits. Our niche is in the resource sector of investments. If you are interested in this sector, Addicted to Profits offers an unprecedented perspective of precious metals. Addicted to Profits takes a unique contrarian approach to market prediction. Our linchpin is in the fundamental analysis of stocks. We search depreciated commodities, conduct honest research and make successful predictions which often results in explosive investments.

So called re-opening of economy really isn’t much

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Archives May 27th, 2020

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  • dan says:

    usually like to listen to David but if he’s going to throw out debt jubilee ideas then at least have a specific preferred plan and rationale instead of stating things of such enormity with out any detail. I.e. should we then going out and finnance a 2 million$ property because the feds will pick up the tab… what about homeless or renters with no debt or with consumer debt? will i receive a free home from Uncle Sam as a homeless person that hasn’t received a 1200$ stimulus. Too many questions.

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