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April 10, 2020 | Resurrection

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Happy Easter.

The following needs to be stated.

In recent days a number of people have tried to coopt this blog for their own twisted agenda. You would have missed much of it, since the comments were trashed as I saw them stream by. There is a neo-Nazi wanker from Ontario repeatedly trying to get in. Yesterday another zealot posted the manifesto of a Colorado-based NRA nutcase on the death of civil liberties and the need for unrest. A number of our resident loonies and haters have linked the C19 smackdown to a grand globalist conspiracy. And there are a tide of socons and libertarians who decry the rapid advance of big government, claiming the virus is a perfect ruse for bureaucratic tyranny and despotic rule.

Why here?

Likely because this blog has lamented the shutting down of the economy; the fact 1.01 million people lost their jobs last month; that four million must now live on government handouts and hundreds of thousands of families can pay neither mortgages nor rents. This is tragic. So has been the loss of five or six hundred Canadian lives during this pandemic, of course. It is all intensely regrettable.

Have politicians handled the crisis as well as they could have? This week the prime minister suggested we’d be in the current state a year. Clearly a huge number of businesses will never reopen if that is the case. Unemployment will go from temporary to structural. The standard of living will drop substantially. Millions will be thrust back into poverty. Government budgets will be ballooned for a generation with inflated levels of tax and diminished opportunity for the young. That’s what a single year of this will mean, and more.

During the event governments, national and provincial, have passed emergency decrees, ordered people to stay home, dictated what businesses must shutter, closed borders and airports while directing police to charge, fine or arrest people who walk too near to others or traverse a park they declared closed. Unprecedented economic measures have been put into place, with clear consequences. Through the process, opposition leaders have been largely silent. Legislatures have been closed. Debate absent. Votes not held. And all this is worrisome.

But none of these points, questions or concerns should be construed by any social misfit as suggesting that society’s best option was to sit back and let the virus rip through the herd. Doing nothing was never an alternative. The bug needs to be squished and the health care system spared from melting down. The efforts people have put into social distancing, personal hygiene and altering their daily lives have been both impressive and effective. We are in far better shape for them. Together we want this thing to end. And we’re doing what we must to bring that about.

But we also need to work, support our families, school the kids, keep our houses, make money and spend it supporting others. The economic damage occurring daily is incalculable. Whole industries are disintegrating. Robust businesses are dying from lack of cash flow. An entire nation of people cannot stay confined at home, living off subsistence government payments – as much as politicians want to breed dependency.

We need hope. A roadmap. Leadership from the darkness back into the sun. Treating a population as if it were comprised of six-year-olds is unhelpful. Being talked down to and patronized by elected officials who are themselves trying to figure things out will eventually breed rebellion. We don’t need society’s malcontents to tell us that.

No, C19 is not the flu. It’s serious, deadly, new and scary. Hundreds have died. Thousands more will. But millions won’t. The virus is also wounding them in meaningful ways. Life will never be risk-free.

No action is no option. Indeterminate lockdown isn’t viable, either. In return for handing over our civil liberties, we deserve an agenda. We have been patient, compliant and dutiful. We have common purpose. We have obeyed. Now show us the plan.

This cannot continue…


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April 10th, 2020

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