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April 2, 2020 | Mnuchin: Free Money for 30 Million Small Businesses! Starts April 3 (tomorrow)

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Tomorrow, Friday, April 3, our Treasury will implement a program to supply funds for some 30 million small businesses. 
Any small business (500 employees and less) can get this ‘forgivable’ (free) money for a period up to 10 weeks. Mnuchin says if more money is needed he has funds from the Fed up to $6 trillion for all his new programs. Amazing.

Mnuchin wants to deposit funds directly into personal and business accounts and this will happen (mostly) in the next two weeks. Digital money is now the process for getting dollars into the hands of the public quickly. No need to work and produce a product to earn any of these digital dollars. Funding will occur even as a business is shut down and producing next to nothing. Amazing.

Has digital money been approved as official ‘legal tender’ for Americans? I don’t think so! The Coinage Act of 1965 is still the official word on the ‘legal tender’ issue. But who cares? Our amoral authorities will do whatever they wish to fund their corrupt ideas. All this will eventually destroy Capitalism and our corrupt economy. All that is now happening is ‘illegal’ (Constitutionally) but our amoral elites have no conscience on issues of morality.

Will all this amoral behavior SAVE our economy and the American system of Capitalism? I can say, categorically, NO! All these freebies are a LAST DITCH effort to save a amoral/corrupt system that is DESTINED for destruction in a couple of years. As confidence crashes and corruption grows exponentially within this freebie program, the economy can not recover its prior prosperity. Forget any real prosperity as people scavenge the system over time.

Free money is a desperate attempt to save a collapsing system. Digital money is a desperate attempt to create money which has no ‘existence’ within space/time. Mere digits from the human mind of amoral politicians and their proxies is what I observe. All this is destined for collapse (in time). I give the system two years before the greatest DEPRESSION in human history arrives. Sorry for the blunt prognosis. But I can read the ‘tea leaves’ clearly!

America and the world is heading for a GREAT GREAT GREAT economic collapse (I give the system two years). The beginnings of this collapse have already started. We all will be AWARE of the economies destiny by the end of 2020 IMO. Illegal behavior and unconstitutional behavior is what I witness daily. A better word would be AMORAL behavior. Economics is a game of TRUST and HONESTY. Money is a game of CONFIDENCE. Our leaders follow none of these principles.

Watch the chaos develop starting tomorrow. Free money will flow from our Small Business Administration and the Banks to some 30 million small businesses. Illegal behavior and scams will develop starting tomorrow. A scramble for FREE money will create a demand beyond anything which has occurred within all of economic history. Price distortions will grow exponentially starting in a couple of weeks. The system is our problem along with amoral leaders. Think for yourself.

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April 2nd, 2020

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