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March 8, 2020 | Global RESET coming within weeks/months! Why?

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The markets are now creating mass deflation and this will result in the need for a global reset of all our currencies. Digital chaos is happening as I write with oil prices crashing and stock markets crashing. There is no solution to this mess without a global RESET. The Mark of the Beast financial system must happen and all this is prophesied to happen. Expect a global RESET of our financial markets within a few weeks or a couple of months.

What is a global RESET? It is a time when global elites (our central banks) create a new model for our markets. Based on history and our situation this means that a new digital currency for the planet is likely. Our markets are now crashing and this instability can only create a greater crash as derivatives implode. The derivative market exceeds one quadrillion in notional value and when this market resets then the entire global market will need a RESET.

All this could happen in a few weeks or it might take longer. I would expect this global RESET to happen by the end of 2020 at the latest. To create some stability in trade and prices our elites will need to create a currency which can be accepted as a stable medium for trade. Gold is one option but our elites do not like gold. The likely alternative will be a global digital currency with some FAKE backing to give the markets the impression of stability.

Watch what happens on March 18 as our Fed meets to discuss the global situation. Also watch what happens at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. This website is now important: My sense is that our central planners will devise a new global currency that will be acceptable to the BIG players. It may take until the end of 2020 to get this off the ground. But some action could start by March 18 as thinking has probably already started.

Digital currencies are unstable when there are over one hundred digital currencies being traded. At some point our elites will need to select a revised digital currency for the international markets. It may not be the dollar. Or it might be a NEW digital dollar. It could be a new digital currency with a new ‘name’ (say the Phoenix). I am sure that discussions are already happening on this issue. The BIS could be the institution which initiates this new Digital Currency for the planet.

Prophecy is mostly absolute. Prophecy does suggest that a Mark of the Beast financial system will emerge during these last days. I assume this system will be global and digital. This means that a global digital currency must be in the mill already. A new currency for the planet makes sense if one desires to RULE the world (economically). The time is now ripe for new thinking and new changes to our international system of commerce.

Tomorrow will reveal the chaos in our markets. Oil is crashing. The Dow is crashing. The Nikki exchange is crashing. And deflation is emerging. Deflation means falling prices. Falling prices means bankruptcies and liquidations. All this points to a RESET for all our international markets. We could witness all this change in 2020. Think about the MACRO market going forward. We now live in an interconnected global society. A CASHLESS WORLD is emerging for all of us.

The Biblical name for this NEW system which is emerging is called the MARK OF THE BEAST financial system. Numbers will determine who can buy and sell. At some point this brings chaos as believers REJECT this system. I will reject this system. I suggest that you also reject this coming system of control and enslavement. Think for yourself and watch the events that get implemented this year by our central planners. Have a good day! I am:

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March 8th, 2020

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  • Guillaumé says:

    It will not be only be a ‘financial’ reset.
    The entire western world is going to collapse and we will all return to peasantry.
    Value will be that which you, personally can produce and nothing else.
    Food will be high on the list.

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