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February 24, 2020 | Central Banks Going Digital! Wall Street Journal!

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Today’s Wall Street Journal had a couple articles on digital currencies which point to change that is coming soon. Some 11 Central Banks already are gearing up for a digital currency. Some names are: Bahamas, Barbados, China, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, and India. My sense is that this trend will lead the U.S. Fed to pursue this option in a year or so. The environment is favorable for a global digital currency at some point down the road. Prophecy is 100% accurate as all events come under the control of our invisible/spiritual forces.

I am watching this trend as prophecy points to a global digital currency for the planet. Our system is now going digital and money must follow. All events are under the control of our Creator (with Satan being allowed to rule for now). This Satanic system of enslavement (called the Mark of the Beast) is coming to our planet and my sense is that it will happen within a couple of years (possibly sooner). Many economists are pushing for a Fed retail-account system as a way to abolish paper currencies. Paper currencies are no longer viewed as needed.

If our Fed sets up a digital currency then the entire world system of central banks will follow. After chaos develops from all this subjectivity in the marketplace, a single digital currency will be proposed to solve this chaos. As I write the markets are becoming more chaotic and distorted. This is natural as we now live with inner money (mostly) which is manipulated daily by select players (mostly our central banks). The system of global commerce can not work without a payments system that is fair and stable.

Outer money (paper, coins, checks) are gradually being eliminated for this cyber money which flows within our computer screens. We now live with a global marketplace of electronic currencies which operate mostly via algorithms. Will this system be abandoned? I don’t think so! Our authorities will build on the current system and gradually adopt a global digital currency for the planet. The evidence is overwhelming that this is happening at break-neck speed. If this coronavirus situation expands to a pandemic situation, the environment for change will grow exponentially.

Money rules this planet and those in control of our money maintain POWER for the elites in control. Power and money are necessary to rule the people. Enslavement will be desired by many as they do not challenge this corrupt system of fake money. Our leaders do not want to change this system as they benefit from it. Will Mr. Trump desire a new digital system which allows him to stay in POWER and maintain control over global commerce? I would think so! Any politician will desire this favorable situation.

Bernie Sanders could be the next real challenge to a Trump second administration. Bernie’s philosophy is BIG GOVERNMENT with a need for trillions of digital dollars to implement the system. It looks like our millennial generation will vote for Bernie’s Socialism (which he calls democratic Socialism). If he can engender 50.1% of the voting public to his collectivist system, then he could get elected in 2020. Events will determine what happens. But a real chaotic marketplace (due to Covid-19) could set the table for a Bernie election in November. Trump’s economy (of bubbles) is his only real salvation IMO.

Check out the articles on a digital central bank currency here: WSJ, Monday, February 24, section R3-5. I have written extensively over the years that we now live with Centralbankism. We do not have Capitalism as many claim. What we have today are unelected elites (within our central banks) who manipulate and manage our global economy. All commerce is under their ultimate control and the voting public have no input into their policies and decisions. Power is centralized and this points to a Bernie type environment for the coming election period.

If our economy crumbles from this coronavirus situation, then a Trump election in November is unlikely. A BIG GOVERNMENT guy, like Bernie Sanders, could emerge with the 50.1% needed to RULE America (and essentially the world). People do not understand that Capitalism is essentially OVER (the media does not inform today). The millennials, however, recognize that our system is corrupted and any real change that would temporarily help them (free everything) would create this political win for a Bernie type administration. Watch and see what happens this November. My sense is that real change will happen and this change will not be what I DESIRE. My days are essentially OVER.

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Kingdom Economics is based upon a new world of commerce which eliminates ALL MONEY from the planet. We do not need all this FAKE (imaginary) money ($$$$$) given our current technologies. A world without MONEY is my desire and this can only happen if my worldview is real. God Almighty would need to intervene for my worldview to emerge. Will our Creator intervene? My sense is that he will. But until this happens plan on more enslavement to money, elites in power, corruption, and more BIG GOVERNMENT. The Bernie mentality is growing given today’s corrupted marketplace! We must live with fake/phony/funny money for now! Have a great day! A global DIGITAL currency is coming. It’s called the MARK of the BEAST SYSTEM. I am:

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February 24th, 2020

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